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Harry groaned, stretching his arms out a bit. Though he was still sleepy he could tell that he was lying on his stomach. He was warm and whatever he was laying on was soft and cozy. Also, there was something large and warm covering on him, keeping him in place. Heavier than a blanket and significantly warmer too.

He moved a little more and felt something strange.

A sliding feeling? What was that? He repeated the motion and hissed. It felt good, but he didn't know what it was.

"Hm…" a masculine voice hummed in his ear.

He stiffened, hair raising. Who the bloody hell was that? This unknown man was lying on him!

"Mon petit amour, tu as été parfait hier soir. Si chaud et prêt pour moi.{My darling, you were perfect last night. So hot and ready for me.}"

French. The man was French and despite his slight fear, Harry found himself growing hard at the sound of the language just flowing out of the stranger. Language of love and all that romantic shite. Dammit!

"Ton coeur bat si vite, chéri. Tu es prêt pour moi?{Your heart beats so fast, darling. Are you ready for me?}"

The sliding feeling returned and Harry could hold in his gasp. What was that?! It felt good, but he didn't know what it was!

A hand slithered over his side, gripping his hip and pulling. The weight on his back shifted and Harry whined at the loss of the warmth. His body was jerked up suddenly and he was placed on his hands and knees.

Shaking his head, he opened his eyes to look around.

It was a dark room and he was on a large rounded bed with black silken sheets. With another shake, he noticed that he did not have his glasses on and he could see just fine. Was this a dream? If so, then he was one perverted teen!

"Je vais te prendre lentement, mon petit amant.{I'll take you slowly, my little lover.}"

Petit amant? Little lover?

Harry looked over his shoulder in confusion and his eyes went wide. Everything made sense now.

He had somehow ended up shagging a bloody Frenchman and fell asleep with the man buried in him! That was what was going on. His 'lover' was thrusting himself into Harry and that was what the slippery, good feeling was.

Harry was shocked that his arse wasn't hurting since he fell asleep with a very large cock in it.

"Gémis pour moi.{Moan for me.}"

A then it began. The man was pulling out slowly, making Harry hiss again. Then he snapped his hips forward and Harry let out a small scream. Repetitive actions as his hands slid up and down Harry's sides. His hand reached around and grasped Harry's erect cock and began stroking it in rhythm with his thrusts.

It became a pattern. A slow retreat and then a swift plunge followed by a stroke of the hand. Harry couldn't help himself. He was moaning and grinding back against the man. He wanted more and there just wasn't enough.

At the moment, he didn't care that he didn't know who this man was, he just wanted more.

"Si divin. Si délicieux. Si parfait. Tu es à moi.{So divine. So delicious. So perfect. You are mine.}"

Before Harry could even wonder what was said, a sharp piercing pain shot through his neck. But a warm feeling came right up behind it and pushed him over the edge. It was so good! It was what he had been begging for. He didn't know what it was but it was perfect!

As he reached his end, he could feel the liquid warmth filling him and knew that his lover had climaxed along with him.

"Dors, mon bel amour.{Sleep, my beautiful love.}"

His vision darkened again and he knew no more.

Harry awoke to a delicious warmth surrounding his cock. It was amazing and he opened his eyes to see a head of silvery blonde hair resting on his lap.

There was a sucking motion and he moaned loudly. Whoever this was, he knew what he was doing and Harry couldn't object. It was too good!

The heat was gone the next second and his lips were occupied.

His arms latched onto the man above him, wrapping around his shoulders and neck, hands dipping into that hair.

He felt a prodding at his entrance and lifted his hips slightly, allowing his lover to enter him easier.

The man hissed and ran his tongue over Harry's pulse. The boy shivered as something sharp ran across his skin.

The man pushed forward and a piercing feeling similar to the one from before, filled Harry. Not too far behind, was that warmth again and Harry gasped, back arching as the pleasure intensified.

He felt a sucking at his neck and suddenly, he was filled with a hunger. His mind clouded over and he couldn't remember what was going on.

Something sweet scented reached his nose and that was it. He had to have it, now!

Leaning forward, Harry latched onto whatever was giving off such a delicious aroma, not knowing that he had just bitten his lover in return, or that he had done it with fangs and was currently sucking the blood from his companion's body.

A muddled voice reached him somewhat through the fog, but it wasn't enough. He couldn't stop. And the pleasure of everything added together, just made it better.

He clutched the source of the delicious taste closer and moaned as his orgasm reached him.

The taste tapered off and his mind cleared slightly. Above him, the blonde man was staring down at him, breathing heavily.

"I made a mistake, little one. I should have taught you about our kind before continuing our relations. I apologize. Take... this."

Something cold was slipped onto his left ring finger and Harry jumped when the man collapsed onto his chest.

"My name is…. Sinclaire. Do not... forget it. Keep the... ring. It will... assist you... when in need. Merci beaucoup, for... a lovely….."

The man went limp and Harry jerked upward, heaving the body off him. Did the man just die?! On him?!

He sat beside the body, wondering what had happened. Looking down, he took note of the ring on his middle left hand finger. It was old-looking and seemed to be made of silver. There was an Emerald stone in the center, surrounded by fancy designs.

Looking up, he moved to turn the man over and gasped. There was blood on his mouth!

Reaching up, Harry could feel the wetness on his hand. His blood was flowing. A closer look, revealed that the man had fangs!

He had lost his virginity to a French vampire named Sinclaire!

On the side of Sinclaire's neck, were two holes and Harry could feel something sharp in his mouth.


Fangs. He had fangs. And the vampire was dead. Or was he already dead? He shook himself. It didn't matter! The man wasn't moving or breathing now, which meant that he was fully dead. But how?

Was it Harry? Did he do it?


A sweet scent. It was Sinclaire's blood. That was the sweet thing he had been drinking!

Oh no! He drank blood! From a vampire! And liked it! And apparently killed the guy while drinking too! Dammit! He was in trouble, wasn't he?! He could barely get over the fact that he was now a vampire. A vampire that drank the blood of another vampire and ended up killing him!

"Why is it always me?!" he wailed, lying back on the bed.

Turning over, he ran a hand over the man's arm. His skin felt cold. Were vampires naturally cold or was it because of death? Death that Harry had caused. He sniffed a bit.

"My lord?"

A red haired man opened the door on the far side of the room and Harry moved to quickly pull the blanket over his nakedness. He did have some amount of modesty after all.

He pointed to Sinclaire, "I swear I didn't mean it!"

The man looked at the body and gasped. Rushing forward, he ran his hands over Sinclaire and sighed. With a look in Harry's direction, he seemed to be searching the boy over. "What did my lord say to you before this happened?"

Harry shrugged, still looking worried. "He said something about a mistake, he should have taught me something and then gave me this ring. And said it would help me and then told me his name was Sinclaire. He then thanked me for something. He never got the rest out. I swear I didn't mean to. I have no idea what happened, where I am, how I'm a vampire and somehow still alive, at least I think I am, and I'm worried about whether this will interfere with my magic."

The man's brows furrowed. "My lord gave you his ring? Can you remove it?"

Harry looked down and grasped the ring, but it wouldn't move. "I can't get it off. Can you?" he asked, holding his hand out.

The man shook his head. "If it refuses to move, then it means my lord has chosen you to succeed him. As for other things, are you a wizard, sir?"

"Yes. I still attend Hogwarts, so I'm not finished with school yet and I'm underage."

The man gently took his hand and looked over his palm. "Your magic is fine. In fact, the transformation seems to have doubled your core from what I can sense. You must be very powerful for that to happen because most magicals who are turned, lose their own magic in exchange for Vampire Magic, if they aren't strong enough. Your power is immense and now to add the Vampire Magic along with it, amazing. May I know your name, my lord?"

Harry felt uncomfortable. This was all too strange. Why was this man calling him 'lord'?

"You don't have to call me 'lord'. I'm not old enough to take on lordship of my House. And I'm Harry Potter. May I know your name?"

The man's eyes went wide. "Harry Potter? As in, the Boy-Who-Lived?"

Harry nodded uncertainly, wondering why that was such a big deal to a Frenchman.

"Oh my!"

He dropped to his knees. "I apologize for my familiarity, sir. I am Samuel. Lord Sinclaire was the king, sir. He passed on his lordship to you by giving you that ring. He made you a vampire and his successor. The fact that you are Harry Potter, will make this easier. Some will not be pleased to hear that you are the new lord, but you have the most power in one being that I have ever felt. You can put them all in their places. You are new to this life and if he gifted you with the ring, that means he forgave you for your slip. And really sir, you can't be blamed. You are simply a childe. You did not know what you were doing. But fear not, I shall guide you! I am your steward and am here to assist you, my lord."

Harry winced, "Please don't call me, 'my lord'? Voldemort's followers call him that. I don't want any similarities between us. I'm just Harry."

Samuel's eyes widened, but he nodded.

"What are we going to do about him? And did you say king?!"

Samuel nodded. "Lord Sinclaire was the king, but he passed leadership on to you. And I will handle the cremation, worry not… Harry."

Harry frowned, "I just feel bad. I killed a guy and yet he made me his successor? Why? Shouldn't I be imprisoned and tried for this?"

"No. He marked you by your jugular, with a courtship mark. Meaning he was planning on making you his mate. The mark will remain there for the rest of your life, even though he is no longer alive. If you do not remember the past evening, then I regret to inform you that he may have taken you without consent."

"Oh, I consented alright. At least, when I woke up I did."

"No sir, I mean he may have taken you from your home or off the street or something along those lines. You are in France right now. However, I can tell that you are British. Your confusion over everything only solidifies the theory."

With a sigh, Harry flopped back onto the bed. This was all too much. And he couldn't even make himself be angry at the man. Why? Because he ended up killing the poor bloke and getting shagged perfectly at the same moment. And of course the deliciousness of his blood added on to it.

"Sam," he said softly, startling the man. "I have to go home. I have to finish my schooling. I have to kill the Dark Lord. There are so many things I have to take care of. How can I be this leader you're talking of, when I have so many other responsibilities? And what are Britain's vampire laws? Because I know of one woman in the Ministry who will try to crucify me. She hates werewolves, centaurs, goblins, and pretty much every sort of magical creäture out there. The laws and bills she passes are ridiculous! I don't know how to be a vampire! And I can't afford imprisonment for being one!"

He was panicked and ranting, but it didn't matter at the moment. He was so confused over everything revealed to him in the last hour.

"And a man whom I consider to be my godfather is a werewolf. Is this going to hinder our relationship in any way?"

A hand on his had him looking up. Sam was smiling kindly, "I will help you. Worry not, Harry."

It was July thirty-first. Harry had been away from Privet Drive for two weeks.

Sam had put him through the most brutal training sessions in history. As a vampire, Harry learned that his body had filled out. He was a lot stronger and faster. Almost too fast for the human eye to see. He could lift several hundred pounds without issue and found out that he could manipulate people. Like, using the Imperious without an actual spell and it was a lot stronger too. He also had a new form of magic that allowed him to manipulate the elements. According to Sam, that sort of talent was only blessed to the most powerful of vampires. Also, vampires retained the ability to learn vast amounts of knowledge almost effortlessly.

In those two weeks, the lessons the poor teen was put through, were unbearable. At least... they felt that way.

Apparently, Harry was of a rare breed of vampire. The ones who are still alive. He wasn't dead or undead one would say. He was still living, breathing and blood was pumping through his veins. Most undead vampires lose their hair, become severely pale, have red eyes, long saber tooth like fangs and terrifyingly cold skin. The vampires who were born as what they are, look like extremely beautiful humans. They also were immortal, compared to the undead vampires. Harry was a special case. He was a wizard who had been changed. His magic had doubled and then he gained even more magic by becoming a vampire.

His hair had grown slightly, a little longer than it was in his fourth year. His eyes were a brighter shade of green. Reminiscent of the killing curse in his opinion. He was pale but not cold. His skin was perfect now and his scars were gone. All except his lightning bolt and the Basilisk fang scar. Finally, he grew two inches and his fangs only appeared when he wanted to feed.

Ah, feeding. That was an uncomfortable affair. He felt like a creep as Sam instructed how to properly bite someone. How to make it feel good or how to make it absolutely painful.

Also, there weren't any laws concerning vampires in Wizarding Britain. Vampires were mentioned in the Guidelines for the Treatment of Non-Wizard Part-Humans. Paragraph Twelve stated that vampires could not be killed or imprisoned arbitrarily. There was nothing else in Britain's laws about vampires, which he was grateful for. He didn't have to register that he was a vampire either.

Harry was still a wizard, but he was also a vampire. According to Sam, a situation like his hadn't happened in many centuries, so there weren't any records for him to learn from.

He was instructed on how to speak to other vampires and those of a power station below him. He still didn't know why he had to be the 'king'. Giving someone a ring didn't seem to mean much in his opinion. How could a simple act put all of these things into place? He wasn't king material.

And how the bloody hell did he manage to catch the attention of the king of vampires?! Thinking back to that night two weeks ago, he really couldn't remember what had happened. Nothing at all. Only from when he woke up the first time and onward.

Although, having the best shag ever as his first memory since the incident wasn't all that bad. He just was worried about what things were like back at his pseudo home. The Dursleys did not care for him in the least and the feeling was mutually returned.

Sam would be joining him on his way back. Under the man's orders, he was to go to Gringotts Britain Branch first thing. Then he could do whatever he wanted after that. But the Goblins would have to know about his new status. And since Harry was now 'king', he had full control of all of Sinclaire's vaults, all over the world.

So, with his quick and painful training over with, it was time for Harry to return to Britain. Any business that would have to be conducted between Harry and any other vampires, would be brought to him by Sam, since their political lessons hadn't ended yet. Politicians were a bunch of stingy, lying, cheating, no good, barmy bastards. He made an effort to not be like that.

Being a king sucked. It really did. Many thought it was all about money and doing whatever you wanted but that was not the case. One, Harry was already wealthy. Two, he would already have a lot of responsibilities as the Lord of the House of Potter but now he had being a king to add to the mix. Three, the paperwork was horrendous! And four, money wasn't everything. Harry would prefer to have friends that money but unfortunately he had a lot of money and very few friends.

How pathetic.

Looking up at the doors of Gringotts, Harry gave a low sigh. Sam smiled, "Don't worry, Harry. It won't be as bad as you think."

"The Goblins are bit of a snarky lot. They rarely respect wizards."

"Yes, but you are Harry Potter and you are now a vampire as well as a king. Things will be different."

With a shrug, the two entered the building. Harry saw every Goblin on the current floor, freeze. They all looked at him in awe as he and Sam moved down the center, to the high podium in the back.

The High Goblin looked down at him and he stared back.

After a quick glance in Sam's direction, Harry cleared s throat.

"My name is Harry James Potter and I am here to take the Lineage Appraisal Exam and to get a new key for my trust vault, since I don't have the original currently on my person. I am also here to conduct business with the Goblins concerning my new status as a vampire."

Sam stepped up to his left side for a second, "He is the new lord, Master Goblin. The king."

"That too," Harry added, feeling ridiculous.

"Present the Ring of Kingship, Mr. Potter," the Goblin ordered with a scowl.

"Yes sir," Harry answered, lifting his left hand and letting the Goblin look over the metal.

With wide eyes, the Goblin nodded. "It is real. And refuses to leave your hand, which proves your claims, sir. However, we still must determine if you are truly Harry Potter. Come, the Lineage Appraisal Exam is conducted in a room further down the hall. It costs ten Galleons."

Harry shrugged in response. That wasn't much in his opinion.

Another Goblin took the Head's place and Harry and Sam followed him down the corridor of the bank.

"Now, cut your hand with this silver stiletto and pour it into the silver chalice," the Goblin stated, offering up and cross-like blade.

"And what will happen to the blood?" he asked, uncertain.

A nasty smirked worked its way over the Goblin's face. "It will evaporate and leave behind all the heir rings of your Houses. Then a parchment will appear with all your magical and blood ties on it. Do continue."

Harry shrugged and took the proffered blade, making a slash across his left palm. The blood welled up and dripped over the sides of his hand and through his fingers, covering the ring as it dropped into the chalice. The wound closed up and he let Sam lick the blood away, since for some reason, a vampire's own blood tasted disgusting to the person.

Spirals of smoke rose from the chalice and the Goblin sighed, in disappointment it seemed.

Grabbing the chalice with long fingers, the Goblin peered into the goblet and let out a small whistle that Harry could only hear due to his improved hearing.

"My, my, aren't you an interesting wizard, Mr. Potter-Black, Magical Vampire and King of the Vampire Realm. We have much to discuss."

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-Mon petit amour, tu as été parfait hier soir. Si chaud et prêt pour moi. -My darling, you were perfect last night. So hot and ready for me.

-Ton coeur bat si vite, chéri. Tu es prêt pour moi?-Your heart beats so fast, darling. Are you ready for me?

-Je vais te prendre lentement, mon petit amant.-I'll take you slowly, my little lover.

-Gémis pour moi. -Moan for me.

-Si divin. Si délicieux. Si parfait. Tu es à moi.-So divine. So delicious. So perfect. You are mine.

-Dors, mon bel amour. - Sleep, my beautiful love.

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