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Harry knew that his visit to Gringotts would be interesting but not this interesting.

"Excuse me Master Goblin, but did you say Potter-Black?" he asked in shock. Why was Sirius's last name added to his?

The Goblin's eyes widened. "Mr. Potter-Black, were you not told about the reading of Lord Black's Will?"

"Wait a moment! Sirius had a Will? I didn't know about that! And when was it read, because I was never told about this!"

The Goblin looked to be holding himself back. His sharp and pointed teeth were showing in a very nasty snarl and the look on Sam's face spelled murder. Painful murder with no mercy.

"Lord Black's Will was read in front of those pertaining to it, last week on the twenty-sixth of July. We were informed that you were too aggrieved and distressed over his passing to attend the reading."

Sam let loose a growl. "My lord has been in France the last two weeks under a strict training regimen devised by yours truly. He hasn't been in Britain since the seventeenth of this month! Who dared lie about my lord, I'll rip their throat out!"

Harry reached out and pulled Sam back into his seat. "Calm down. Though I am grateful that you are willing to risk yourself for my sake, I don't want you to get into trouble. We'll get this settled, don't worry."

Harry fixed the High Goblin with a curious look. "Master Goblin, will you please tell me who it was that informed you of my 'distress'?"

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, your Magical Guardian. He came in with a note from you saying that you wished him to remain in your place."

The Goblin snapped his fingers and another Goblin appeared in the room.

"This is Ragnarok, Goblin Manager of the Black accounts. He was the one to read the Will and collected the note from Chief Warlock Dumbledore."

Ragnarok looked at Harry and bowed at the waist. "Head Ragnok is correct, Mr. Potter-Black. I have the note right here."

Opening a portfolio that was in his hands, he produced a piece of parchment and handed it to him. Harry gave it a look over.

"Sir, I have not spoken to Albus Dumbledore since the end of term. Also, I do not have access to my things for school until I am either taken to the Burrow, the Black Residence, or am being driven to the train station. My uncle locks all of my things away because he doesn't want my freakishness to infect him and his family. I don't know who wrote that letter, but it was not me. Also, the writing is too sloppy. Despite what many think, I actually have good script because I used to practice calligraphy in my old child minder's house."

Both Goblins looked feral by now. It was unnerving.

Ragnarok took a deep breath. "Can you verify for us that you have had no contact with him since Hogwarts?"

"How many memories do you need, because there are a few things that happened at the beginning of my two weeks in France that I don't feel comfortable with people seeing."

Sam let out a snort, making Harry to glare at him.

"Pardon me for not wanting my sex life aired to the public."

Sam just smiled. "Master Goblin, I can give memories proving that he was in France the past two weeks. I trained him. He cangive memories of anything before that."

The Goblins nodded and Harry had to sort through his mind, which was a lot easier now that he was a vampire, and sift past the everything to start off at where he was on the first day of the summer holiday. From then up until he woke up for the first time in France. The part of how he got there was still blank.

After reviewing the memories in their very expensive looking gold Pensieve, they faced him.

"Mr. Potter-Black, we have noticed a recurring theme in your day to day life. We also noticed that while you work as if you are a House Elf, you are rarely given food and reside in a small bedroom with several locks, a barred window and a hole in the bottom of the door. How long has such treatment been happening, Mr. Potter-Black?" the Head Goblin asked.

"Well the bedroom was given to me when I got my Hogwarts letter, because it was addressed to, 'The Cupboard Under the Stairs' and my uncle thought they, meaning the magical community, were watching them and how they treated me. I lived in a broom cupboard under the stairs until I was eleven. The chores and not eating have been going on since I was five. Luckily, I didn't do anything this summer to warrant a beating. Those came frequently as well, because I did accidental magic all the time. Though I didn't know it was magic, but they did. And they never told me. They just punished me for no reason."

Sam was growling as he fidgeted in his chair. The Goblins were looking displeased and Harry could only wonder what this had to do with anything.

"We have concluded that you have not been in contact with the Headmaster of Hogwarts at all this summer," the Head Goblin stated.

Ragnarok nodded, "And we have also derived from your memories, that your muggle relatives have abused you. The magical community as a whole, was informed that you were sent to live in a comfortable home with a loving family. Chief Warlock Dumbledore was the one to do this. Finding out that the Savior of the Wizarding World was abused as a child, shows that the Chief Warlock wasn't very truthful. And the fact that he fabricated a note just to sit in on the reading of Lord Black's Will, when he was not mentioned within it, verifies his duplicitous actions."

With another deep breath, Ragnarok continued. "I will have Lord Black's Will read to you right now."

Pulling something out of the portfolio, he waved his hand.

A long piece of parchment opened up from it folded form and a voice Harry knew all too well, rang through the room.

"Is this thing on?"

Harry let out a small snort. Of course Sirius would make a joke out of his Will.

"Alright! I solemnly swear that I am up to no good! This is the last Will and Testament of Sirius Orion Black, Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black. I am in no way, confunded, imperiused, or otherwise being controlled by any outside force. Everything in this Will is completely accurate and unaffected by foreign assistance nor has it been tampered with, as I have declared it, so mote it be."

That was the first time Harry heard Sirius be so… well... serious. Very poor joke.

"To Andromeda Tonks nee` Black, I welcome you back into House Black. You and Nymphadora, ha ha I can say it now, are now under the protection of the new Lord Black. You both deserve the best and I hope your futures shine brightly. The new Lord Black shall discuss any further happenings with you. So I have declared it, so mote it be.

To Narcissa Malfoy nee` Black and Bellatrix Lestrange nee` Black, you both have been removed from the Black Family Tree and are henceforth banned from being even considered a part of House Black. Any children you both have-have been removed from the tree and none of your possible future offspring and their offspring and so on, shall ever be graced with the name Black. So I have declared it, so mote it be.

To Remus John Lupin, Moony, I'm giving you 100,000 Galleons to do whatever you want with. You will also be getting Worpopple's Cottage in you know where. I want to give you more my friend, but your selflessness won't let me do you any more than this. Thank you for being such a good friend, please look after Harry in my stead. So I have declared it, so mote it be.

To Severus Snape, yes I put you in here. First, I would like to apologize for my less than couth attitude toward you when we were in school. I will admit to being jealous of you. You were everything my mother wanted me to be. Everything I wasn't and for that, I attacked you relentlessly. I know that the things I have personally done to you, cannot be forgiven, but I want to try to make it right. So I am leaving you the second copy of Black Magicks. The tome itself is centuries old, even though it is only a copy. My hope is that you will find much use for the potions and defense sections, since I know how much you love both subjects. I would also like to extend to you, my gratitude for protecting Harry when you didn't have to. I means so much, Severus. You will also be receiving 100,000 Galleons for your help. Thank you. So I have declared it, so mote it be.

To Ronald Billius Weasley, I leave a copy of Black Strategy. May your tactical mind enjoy itself. I also leave you 50,000 Galleons. Thank you for being there for Harry. So I have declared it, so mote it be.

To Hermione Jean Granger, I leave the copy of the complete works of Black Law and a copy of House Elves in Dark Times. May these aid you in your fight for the House Elves rights. I also leave you 50,000 Galleons to assist you in anything you wish. Thank you for being there for Harry and helping me out of that one sticky situation. So I have declared it, so mote it be.

To Arthur Weasley and Molly Weasley nee` Prewitt, first, I would like to thank you for taking care of Harry. He really needed a good example of a family and you gave it to him. I leave you the contents of vault 777 and my summer home in Scotland. Ragnarok will give you the information needed. Thank you for your kindness. So I have declared it, so mote it be.

To Fred and George Weasley, I leave 100,000 Galleons. May your shop forever flourish as you teach the younger generations how to become the best of pranksters! Thank you for sticking with Harry through everything and giving him the map. So I have declared it, so mote it be.

To William Weasley, I leave a copy of Black Curses. May it help you in your work and make life easier. So I have declared it, so mote it be.

To Charles Weasley, I leave copies of Dragons of the Ages and Taming the Inner Fire. Hopefully, they will help you. So I have declared it, so mote it be.

And finally, to Harry James Potter, I leave everything else. As my Heir, you will be the lord some day and that day is today. As per the rules of the Triwizard Tournament of 1994 and the Disciplinary Hearing of Harry James Potter of 1995, along with my own signature of the necessary documents, these actions declare you fully emancipated. Since the Wizarding World recognized you as an adult twice in the aforementioned instances, I can emancipate you immediately with only my signature. You are now Lord Potter-Black and you have full control of the remaining Black accounts and any other accounts you would have had to wait till your coming of age for. Pup, I love you very much and I am so proud of all you have accomplished so far. Your parents loved you just as much if not more and they would have been proud of you as well. Stay with Moony, because he cares for you too and keep following your heart and instincts, since they've never led you wrong before. Thank you for helping me so much and for believing in me when no one else did. So I have declared it, so mote it be.

Messrs. Padfoot and Prongs await Messr. Moony. But don't join us too quickly. We aren't that eager to be reunited yet.

Mischief Managed."

He didn't understand why, but those last two words were probably the most heartbreaking of the entire Will. Maybe it was because it sounded like the mischief was managed for good?

He had to blink back tears, because bawling like a child in front of the Goblins of Gringotts was not cool in any form.

"That explains why Black was added to your name, Mr. Potter-Black. All transactions have been taken care of already. You are legally within your rights to use magic whenever you so wish and the Trace has been removed from you. You are now the Lord of House Potter and Black. However, there are a couple other Houses you must assume the lordship of."

"More?!" Harry asked, using this as a distraction from the painful tightening in his throat.

"You are a descendant of the Peverell line, however, you are not the oldest. Another lives, but he has not taken the lordship. He may not even know he could take over the lordship, but that is not our problem. He did not want to take the Lineage Appraisal when he was here. He just demanded to prove he was the heir of Slytherin and nothing more."

"Wait! I'm related to Tom Riddle?!"

The Goblin's eyes went wide, but he nodded nonetheless. "Distantly, but yes you are. Anyway, you must assume lordship for Peverell and Gryffindor, which had married into the Peverell line of Ignotus, who was your Peverell descendant. From the Ignotus Peverell came the Potters. You are the Heir Apparent for the Peverell line, but seeing as you are already a Lord of a Most Ancient and Noble House, you have the ability to bypass the heirship duel with the other possible heir and just claim the lordship."

So he was a true Gryffindor and a Slytherin. How bizarre and ironic.

"And how do I become the lord of these Houses?" he asked.

The Head Goblin held out four rings. "These are the rings of House Potter, House Black, House Peverell and House Gryffindor. Place them on a chosen finger of your right hand and if they accept you as the lord, they will glow silver. If not, they will burn your hand."

With that wonderful thought in mind, Harry graciously accepted the rings and slid them on his right middle finger. One by one, they all glowed silver, a wave of magic rushing through him each time. The Black ring was the darkest. It was warm and inviting to his magic and yet chilling to the soul. There was a lot of power behind that ring. A lot. And he could admit, to himself anyway, that it was addicting and he wanted more of it.

"Very well then, Lord Potter-Black-Peverell-Gryffindor, King of the Vampire Realm, we have concluded the business regarding your lordships. We must move on to other matters."

The Head Goblin strengthened himself as Ragnarok bowed and popped from the room, taking the Will with him.

"I would suggest that you hire a solicitor to deal with your muggle relatives. Not only have they broken several Wizarding Laws, but have pretty much stolen from you as the money given to them to keep you fed and clothed, doesn't seem to be used on you. Gringotts has a very vast selection of solicitors to choose from, for a certain fee that is."

The smirk on the Goblin's face was all Harry needed to see. Whether it was just for the money or not, he would totally get their help.

"Whatever you need to do to make them suffer for all these years, do it. Money doesn't worry me at the moment, Master Goblin."

With a nod, the Head Goblin summoned a piece of parchment and wrote a few things down.

"The matter will be handled post-haste."

"Thank you."

"Now, as for Dumbledore…"

"Okay, I'm just going in to retrieve my stuff. Then we'll go to 12 Grimmauld Place."

Sam shrugged and knocked on the door of 4 Privet Drive, standing in front of Harry to hide him from view.

Harry heard the door open.

"Excuse me ma'am, but may I spare a few moments of your time?"

"Certainly. What can I help you with?" Petunia Dursley asked in a false sweet tone. Her act was appalling.

Sam stepped aside to give Harry a full view of his aunt.

"I'm here to take my things and leave. I will not be returning next year or any time after that, I assure you."

The woman's mouth was wide open, gaping at him in what looked to be shock.

Harry stepped into the house and moved to the cupboard where his things were locked away. After freeing his belongings and shrinking them to fit them in his pocket, he moved upstairs to get his remaining things, which he had hidden under the floorboards.

Once everything was taken care of, he gave a nod to himself and said farewell to the small dingy room forever.

Before leaving the house, he paused to given Petunia a nasty, scornful sneer. "My solicitor will be by within the week."

With those last words, he strode past her and out the door, Sam following at a leisurely pace.

"Where to now, my lord?"

"Take my hand."

Once they were connected, Harry whisked them away - like Apparition apparently, but easier to do since it was a vampire power and vampires had better equilibrium - to Islington in London. Particularily, the street the Black Ancestral Home resided on.

"Look up at the houses," he instructed.

Sam watched as the building began moving in two different directions, splitting apart to reveal a number twelve and a door. Sam looked around to see that the muggles in their homes weren't aware of anything. They just didn't know!

Harry stepped up to the blue door and knocked twice before whispered, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

The door swung open and Harry whipped out his hand in time to halt a curse thrown in his direction.

At the end of the hall, stood Moody, wand raised.

"Potter? What did I teach you on my first day as Defense professor?"

"Nothing," Harry answered automatically. "You were locked in a trunk. Barty Crouch Jr. was the one to teach us as he was polyjuiced as you."

Moody nodded and put his wand down. "Good. Not many people know that. Anyhow, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!"

Sam jumped at the shout and latched onto Harry's coat.

"He's a bit unhinged, I gather?" Sam whispered to Harry questioningly.

"They don't call him Mad-Eye for nothing," Harry answered.

Moody clunked over, peering over Harry's shoulder to look at Sam, his eyes spinning madly.

"Who is your friend, Potter? Can he be trusted?"

"Believe me sir, I trust him with my life."

Moody nodded, "Very well then. Come to the kitchen. Albus and some of the Order are here. It's best you explain just what you've been up to these past few weeks and who your friend is."

He clunked back down the hall, leaving Harry and Sam to watch as he disappeared in the kitchen.

"Am I safe here, Harry?"

"Yes. If anyone tries something they'll be dealing with me. Also, Moony may be here and as I said, he is a werewolf so it may be a bit of a rocky start between you since you're a stranger and all."

Sam nodded, but made sure to cling to Harry's coat as he walked down the long hall, toward the kitchen.

Pushing the door open, he saw Dumbledore and Snape seated at the table, toward the head. Snape was at Dumbledore's right hand. Not too far down the table were Mrs. Weasley and Kingsley. Moody was across the room, leaning against the counter.

Upon opening the door, all attention was fixated on him and Sam.

"It's him. I've already checked," Moody grunted.

Harry smiled at Mrs. Weasley, who stood immediately and moved around the table to thrown her arms around him.

"Harry! I was so worried about you! Dumbledore said you had been taking Sirius's passing so hard!"

Harry's mouth twitched, but he said nothing. So Dumbledore didn't tell anyone he was missing. Interesting.

She stepped back and began checking his temperature and feeling his stomach.

"You've filled out quite a bit and have gotten taller. You look healthy. Are you okay?" she asked with motherly concern.

He smiled, "I'm alright. And I am a lot healthier. I met a French wizard and got very acquainted with him. We've been together the last few weeks. The wards around his home are strong and kept me safe. As for the health, he was a bit of a health nut."

Most of it was a lie, but he wasn't about to announce to the world that he was a vampire.

"Is this your friend?"

Harry gestured to Sam, pulling him out from behind him.

"This is Samuel Sauveterre. He decided to accompany me back to Britain. He was a steward of my friend but chose to follow me instead. I consider him a good friend, please be kind."

Sam gave Mrs. Weasley a formal bow, "Enchanté, madam."

Harry briefly noticed that Snape's eyes were trained on Sam like an adhesive. There was a knowing look in the man's eyes and Harry didn't know what to make of it.

Mrs. Weasley was smiling brightly. "It's very nice to meet you, dear. OH! Harry, it's your birthday and I don't have time to prepare anything!"

"It's alright Mrs. Weasley."

"No it is not, young man! I have planning to do! I'll go talk to the children."

She bustled from the room, murmuring about cake and food.

Harry and Sam were left in a room with Harry's Hogwarts professor, his less than honest Headmaster and two Aurors.

With a frown, he fixed Dumbledore with a look. "So, Headmaster," he purred darkly. "Care to tell me why you lied to the Goblins about my whereabouts last week? Why you fabricated a note for them? Why you lied to the Wizarding World as a whole, telling them I was happy and healthy, living with a loving family? Why you did not inform me that you were my Magical Guardian? Why I was not informed until today that Sirius had made me his heir? So many other whys professor and I am extremely curious to hear the answers."

Snape, Kingsley and Moody fixed Dumbledore with expectant looks. Each of them just getting over their shock at Harry's words.

Said man looked pale now. Apparently, Harry wasn't supposed to know any of that.

"My dear boy," the man began.

"Don't try that with me, sir. I am sixteen as of today and fully emancipated. I already have a solicitor from Gringotts dealing with Petunia and her husband and son after their repeated breaking of the law by abusing me. Do I need to get one after you? Because I will go to the Daily Prophet and alert the Wizarding World of everything. Though it would be embarrassing for people to truly know what my life was like before I was told about magic, I think the repercussions of your actions would be payment enough and make up for any embarrassment I might suffer. I do not appreciate when someone lies to me when something concerns me directly. I've finally grown a backbone and I will use it, believe me."

Sam was smirking. Snape looked slightly ill and angry, for whatever reason Harry knew not. Moody and Kingsley were expressionless.

"You put him with Petunia?! What in the name of Merlin's saggy pants made you put him there?!" Snape hissed, looking feral.

Before Harry could wonder how Snape knew his aunt, Dumbledore sighed.

"Blood wards. Lily's sacrifice extended to Petunia. As long as Harry remained under the protection of the place Petunia called home, he would be safe from Voldemort and his Death Eaters."

"Oh yes, because Tuney is the epitome of 'love'," said Snape sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Harry frowned at Dumbledore and said, "You made a mistake though, professor. It'll only continue to work if I consider that place my home. Privet Drive has never been a home to me. And as soon as I stepped foot into Hogwarts, the castle became my home in every sense of the word. This means those wards probably haven't worked since I was coherent enough to started cooking and cleaning for my pseudo family. Even at the age of five, I knew very well that I was an unwanted orphan and in return, I didn't want or need them either."

Another glance in Snape's direction, showed him the guiltiest expression he had ever seen. The man looked so downtrodden, it was sad.

After his gallivanting through the man's memories the previous year, Harry knew that Snape was friends with his mother at one point. Maybe the man felt like he betrayed her in some way, by letting him go to Petunia. Because he obviously knew what a horrid horse of a woman she was.

Dumbledore frowned and looked down. This action drew Harry's attention to the man's hand. It was black!

Thanks to his new abilities as a vampire, he could sense a dark curse surrounding it. It was deadly and Harry knew just from the feel of the magic, that whatever the curse was, was killing the old man.


Later on after the very long and explanatory talk was over, Harry was cornered on his way to the restroom by Snape of all people.

The man had literally dragged him into the Black Library and then set up a few privacy wards.

"How on Earth, did you manage to become a vampire, Mr. Potter?"

"How did you…" Harry trailed off, taking a deep breath and smelled something spicy.

Or musky or some other word he couldn't think of. Whatever it was, it made him think of Sam, only it was a little weaker than Sam's scent.

He leaned forward and realized that the scent was coming from Snape.

He looked up at the man in shock. "So, not only were we correct in thinking you were reading our minds but you really are a dungeon bat?"

A brief, all too brief smirk, smoothed over the man's features, before it was gone.

"Quite. Only, I'm half. The Prince line was full of vampires and creäture blood makes someone just as good as any pureblood. Now, how did you come to this, Mr. Potter?"

"Are you going to tell Dumbledore or Voldemort? Because if so, I will demand and Unspeakable Vow before hand."

"Is it really that important?" the man asked.

"'The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches, born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies. And the dark lord shall mark him as his equal, but he will have power the dark lord knows not. And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord will be born as the seventh month dies…' Sir, the most important part of the prophecy is how it talks about me having the power to defeat Voldemort. However, it said, 'will have'. If it said, 'has power the dark lord knows not', it would have meant that I was able to kill him even back then. But I didn't. I believe now, that I do have the power. Because the prophecy was spoken completely in future tense. If I can keep this a secret and strengthen myself, by then end he won't be alive, I can assure you of that."

The look in Snape's dark eyes said it all. There was a small amount of hope, which led Harry to believe that Snape wasn't really working for Voldemort. That he wanted out from under the man's oppressive thumb.

"You do not have to tell me. I think I would like to be surprised in the future. Have a good evening, Mr. Potter."

And with that, Snape swept from the room, billowing robes and all.

Harry realized that-that was the most civil conversation he had ever had with the man. Merlin!

He left the Library and continued on his way to the restroom. This time however, he was stopped by a low screeching noise.

He followed where it was coming from and opened a door to a room he didn't know.

Compared to the rest of the house, it was very well taken care of. The initials R.A.B. were on the door. Kreacher obviously liked whomever used to live in it.

The screeching was a lot louder in there and it led him to a bureau on the other side of the room. In the drawer on the very bottom, was a collection of shawls. Moving them aside, he uncovered what was making the wretched screeching.

A necklace. A golden necklace with an emerald 'S' on it.

He could feel, without touching it, that there was some very dark magic layering it. And it wasn't pleasant either. He decided to go show it to Sam and see what he said.

After finally stopping in the restroom, he went back to his and Sam's room.

"What is that? That's the most evil thing I've ever felt."

Looking up, Harry shrugged. "I can feel dark magic surrounding it. It won't open though."

"Maybe it has to be done in another language, or maybe a spell of some sort," Sam suggested, looking at the 'S'.

Jokingly, Harry hissed, "Open."

He didn't expect for it to actually open! But it did!

"Who are you?" came an accusing voice.

Looking down, Harry could see a portrait of an older looking Tom Riddle.

The bloody hell?

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