There's a planet
Somewhere, out there,
Where nobody has any eyes
They get along fine with all the other senses
But what happens when they die?

And here in this world
I am
I have trouble being gentle or kind
The question is, will I gain those abilities
When the time comes for me to die?

Now back to the planet with no eyes
When they die, will they learn to see?
And here on Earth, I lay
When I am gone, will I achieve my wish?

Until I am gone, who can say?
Bubbles fly above me—
Each a planet of kindness—
But when I try, I'm not gentle enough
Grasping kindness without the trait
Is like grasping sight without eyes—much too tough

There's a planet
Right here, our very own Earth,
Where nobody has it all
Though whether we will when our lives have passed
Is a mystery until we hear Heaven's call

Okay, sis, I hope you like it. In A Wrinkle in Time, Meg Murry visits a planet where nobody has any eyes, and she tries to explain what sight is, but no one can understand it. And in A Ring of Endless Light, Rob Austin muses with his sister Vicky on what life would be like on a planet where nobody has eyes. He wondered if when the people of that planet die, did they receive sight. And he went on to wonder what would happen to humans. When we die, do we receive something as beautiful as sight? "…But because we don't know what it is, nobody could tell us about it now, any more than we could explain sight to the people on a planet with no eyes," he says.