Hi there! This story is a modern take on the HTTYD and RotG movies while using the characters many have grown to love. However, as word of caution. There is a romantic trio (not a triangle) between three boys, as well as violence, sexual violence, graphic language, and hopefully a buttload of feels. If some/all of that is not your thing than this may not be the story for you. I appreciate constructive criticism or opinions.

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If you cannot tell by the first chapter, this was inspired by Runaways by Sahreah. Although, it goes off in a different direction pretty quickly. I received the author's permission before I wrote this.

Kapitel 1

Unlike other stories Hiccup Haddock had read, he didn't seem to fall into the normal pattern of, "I've known all my life". He knew he was socially awkward and didn't seem to make friends at his school easily, he knew he had a knack for drawing, and he knew he never lived up to his father's expectations of the role model son. But he never expected it to turn out like this.

Hiccup's first realization that he was gay happened at a school basketball game. He never had a strong affinity for sports, but it was the only activity his father would take time from work to engage in with Hiccup. Since Hiccup didn't play sports personally, he would invite his father to a game with him. At this particular basketball game, Hiccup could hear the other guys around him chatting about the cheerleaders' appearances and their colorful descriptors of what it would be like to be with girls like them. Hiccup stared at the girls and noted that they were attractive, but his gaze couldn't help focusing instead on the male players' physiques. The way their muscles wrapped tightly around their frames, the broadness of their chests, and the hard lines of their jaws... It was at that point in his freshman year that he accepted he wasn't attracted to girls.

Hiccup tried to bury his feelings for the following three years. Hell, he even tried to convince himself again and again that he could definitely see himself with certain girls. One girl, Astrid, was very pretty and took a liking to Hiccup early on despite the fact that he was considered an outcast. Coincidentally, their fathers became friends as well and would often joke that the two of them would hit it off one day. Hiccup's father, Stoick, would constantly ask Hiccup if he and Astrid were an item yet, to which Hiccup always frustratingly responded, "No dad, we're just friends," Which was the honest truth. Astrid and Hiccup only ever developed a strong friendship with one another. She was the only person whom Hiccup trusted out of everyone in Berk. She was also the first person Hiccup ever confessed his identity to. He knew she would accept him right away, because she was more open-minded than most of the people in their suburban city. But the real fear came when she urged him to come out to his dad. Somehow she had convinced him to do it the summer after their final year of high school, which didn't end as Hiccup had hoped.

"No, you're not gay. I never raised you to be that way," Stoick raged at his son after Hiccup had finally worked up the courage to be honest with his father.

"L-Like w-what dad?" Hiccup asked as he tried his absolute best to keep a straight face. Stoick had always dwarfed Hiccup with his size and bulk, but never had Hiccup felt so minuscule and helpless before his dad as he did now.

"I never raised my son to be some pussy-footed faggot."

The feeling only increased as the torrent of hateful slurs flowed so effortlessly from his father's mouth. Hiccup had no idea his father felt this way.

He started to plead with Stoick while trying to choke back sobs, "Dad...please just listen to me..."

"No. I've had it. I accepted a lot of disappointment from you over the years, Hiccup, but I won't accept THIS!" Stoick spit out that final word out as he gestured to his son's figure. "No son of mine will be a part of that lifestyle."

Hiccup had no idea his father would react this way. He knew his dad was more traditional, but over the years he always seemed tolerant.

"So this is it?" Hiccup asked, his voice catching as he erratically sucked in air. "You know… You never listen to me. You'd rather pretend I was the perfect son instead of actually talking to me." Hiccup saw his father turn away from him, furthering the wall that separated them, and it made Hiccup irate. "FINE!" he yelled, "If you can't even get over your own pride enough to look at me, fine. I'm out of here. It's no wonder mom left you-" and before Hiccup knew it, he felt something collide with the side of his face that swiftly knocked his head to one side. His father had slapped him. Never in his seventeen years had his father slapped his face. And he did it hard.

Hiccup bit his lip and fought back tears as he grabbed his backpack and left the house. His hopes of being able to have a good relationship with his dad were completely shattered. He knew that Stoick had always dreamed to have a son that was a shining reflection of himself. But instead he got Hiccup. After his mother died, Hiccup was Stoick's only chance to have a family member take over the repair shop that he and Hiccup's grandfather had started. Stoick didn't see the point in sending Hiccup to university because of that, not that they necessarily had the funds to pay for it anyway. But even that last shred of a life was ruined, and Hiccup was the one who caused it to blow up in his face.

With his backpack over one shoulder and tears silently running down his face, Hiccup walked aimlessly through the suburb of Berk. It was already fairly late and most people had gone to bed. Fresh tears broke through as Hiccup realized that he no longer had a bed. He couldn't go to Astrid's because Hiccup didn't want her dad to learn that Stoick had disowned him, not that he would let a teenage boy spend the night anyway. He doubted that Astrid's father would be any more understanding than his own. Lost in thought, Hiccup wandered for hours until he passed by an old park and noticed a wooden playset with a tunnel. At the moment, he didn't really care where he went as long as he could fall asleep and temporarily forget what had just transpired. He dragged his feet over to the playset and threw his backpack into the tunnel. The tunnel was made for small children so Hiccup had to really bend down and scrunch to fit into it. The night had been too emotionally draining for him. After the stream of tears had dried on Hiccup's face, his mind settled into a shallow sleep...

So that is the introductory chapter. I have a plot laid out, but I am always accepting of comments, ideas, and tips. The story I was inspired by can be found at this link:


It's a very good read, but I wanted to adapt it and take it in a different direction. I have the author's permission to do so and most of what I am taking are skeletal plot points. But definitely check the story above out as well if you haven't already.