The Malfoy guy left and we all settled back into our desks. There was an awkward silence before Remus began to talk.

"There was something weird about that night." He had a strange look upon his face.

"Not this again." Sirius said

"Just listen, I remember everything."

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Usually when I change I lose myself. I don't know what I am doing or what will happen but this time I remember waking up in my mind. I couldn't control the wolf but I remember you standing there. You looked so scared. The wolf attacked you and I couldn't stop it but James caught me. It tried to attack James and Sirius took it. You told them to stop making it angry. Sirius said something and then you got down on your knees and the wolf came up to you slowly. When we were nose to nose I could control myself. I felt so grateful that I tried to hug you. I couldn't believe I had control over the wolf. Something about you, Bella, gave me control." He looked so surprised

"How could I give you control over your wolf?" I asked in surprise

"I don't know but it was so amazing." He looked at his own hands as if he had never been able to use them before.

"That's really great, Remus." Lily said smiling at Remus.

"Can we go back to the field?" Peter asked bored

"Yeah, let's go." James stood and the boys followed him out the room. Lily and I sat staring at each other.

"Bella, Severus is sweet but there is a dark side to him." Lily had a serious expression

"You obviously don't know him well if you really believe that." I stood and stormed out. Lily caught my arm just as I was out the door.

"You have to believe me." She said. I pulled my arm from her and walked away.

I stopped talking to Lily all together and instead spent my time being tutored by Severus. He told me that I would start off learning the basics but I would move quickly if I learned fast.

One day when Severus was busy creating lesson plans I had been studying alone when Peter came up to me.

"The dark lord wants to meet with us." He sat in front of me and whispered while looking around.

"I don't want to meet the Dark Lord." I said glaring at Peter

"That's too bad. We meet him after the sorting."

I tried to put it from my mind by sitting in the teacher's lounge with the boys. They had all finished their lessons and had nothing else to do after flying all summer.

"What house do you think I'll be in?" I asked

"Ravenclaw." Sirius said without thinking

"Nah, she'd be Gryffindor." James said tossing a qauffle to Sirius

"Slytherine." Peter said

Everyone turned to look at him.

"Why would you say that?" Sirius asked

"She likes Snape." He said yawning

"We're friends." I defended

"He likes dark magic and all his friends are creepy." James said catching the quaffle from Sirius

"Do you have any proof that he plays with dark magic?" I asked raising an eyebrow

"No, but its not like he walks around doing it in the halls." Sirius said

"Then how do you know he does it?" Before they could answer Lily entered the room

"Who does what?" She asked sitting across the couch from me

The boys all looked at each other and at Lily.

"Severus and dark magic."

"Oh," she said awkwardly "Slytherine is a dark place. It has bad influences and bad people."

"You all really think you know everything don't you?"

"What?" Sirius said dropping the qauffle to the floor

"You act like you know everyone in Slytherine. Who do you think you are?" I asked standing up and looking at all of them

"And you think you know everyone in Slytherine?" Sirius asked. His face had the most serious expression I had ever seen. He stepped close to me but not in the good way.

"Better than you do, apparently." I pointed at Sirius. He caught my wrist in his hand and squeezed it. Under my sleeve his fingers tightened around the dark tattoo I knew was there.

"Sirius, let go." James pulled Sirius away and I immediately put my wrist close to myself. James began to pull Sirius from the room and at first he went willingly but after a second he turned around and walked toward me quickly.

I thought he was going to hit me and I backed away but he grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me before I even knew what happened. His lips were so soft and perfect and even when he was kissing me as harshly as he was now I loved his lips and his touch.

"Bella!" I hadn't thought much about Edward in the last few days but his voice broke me from my Sirius-obsessed thoughts. I pushed Sirius away and ran from the room.

For the rest of the week I stayed in my room. Away from the kiss and from Severus even.

Welcome Welcome to Hogwarts

I am the sorting hat

Please know this is a place of learning sorts

With that

I was created by the founders of this fair school

You might do well in Gryffindor

Where the strong brave and courageous rule

You might be a Hufflepuff

The kind and Loyal

And all the best stuff

You might be a Ravenclaw

Where there is never toil

You will never need withdraw

You might be a slytherine

Where you will always find a grin

Where you and your true friends belong

I stood with a group of eleven year olds as the hat began to sing. When it was over McGonagall stood and read names off the list. The first boy put the hat on. After a few seconds it yelled

"GRYFFINDOR!" the Gryffindor table erupted into applause

The next girl was called. She sat on the stool and put the hat on

"HUFFLEPUFF!" the hufflepuffs began to clap loudly.

"Isabella Swan!"

I jumped and felt my face turn red. The group divided to let me walk. The whole hall seemed to stare. I could imagine they were whispering about the giant eleven year old. The witch who was too stupid to do magic at eleven years old.

I sat on the stool and McGonagall put the hat on my head. It went just over my eyebrows but my ears managed to hold it up.

"You have a strong will." A voice said

"You're talking. You are a talking hat." I looked around to see if anyone else had heard but they only stared at me.

"I can see you are fearful but you are strong. You belong in Slytherine." The hat seemed so sure

"My friends keep telling me that Slytherine is dangerous. If I were in Slytherine they would only worry."

"When has that ever stopped you? Didn't you fall in love with a vampire even though it risked your life? Even though you were almost killed you still loved this vampire and you still love this vampire."

I felt angry, really angry. This hat thought it knew me.

"That is none of your business!"

"SLYTHERINE!" the hat shouted