There was a rift. Maybe it was metaphorical, perhaps it was actual, after a few trips with the Doctor, Stiles wasn't really sure anymore. What he was sure about was the ache that had plagued him horribly day in and day out. It wouldn't let him sleep or eat or focus. He'd gone quiet, though there wasn't really anyone around to notice.

Scott was either hung up on Allison or hanging out with Isaac. After everything they've been through, Stiles felt like the security baby blanket Scott had traded in for big kid toys. All that he'd done to protect and help his friend seemed to be forgotten and it was all seen as a mile stone sort of thing so no one seemed to blame him. Or notice how lonely Stiles had become.

His dad now knew though it didn't grant him the relief he thought he'd feel. Knowing hadn't change all the times Stiles had lied to him, had betrayed his trust, gone behind his back, and nearly got killed getting involved in things the Sheriff was sure didn't involve Stiles. And maybe it was the wording of that conversation that really bothered Stiles.

How just because he was human against these supernatural beings, didn't make him a resident of Beacon Hills, and therefore gave him any type of right to try and help defend his home and those he loved.

The rest of the pack just ignored him unless he was needed for something...and it was almost like a last resort. Not in the good way like being an Ace in the hole and more like 'You're the only left who isn't busy, will answer his phone, and knows about the supernatural so I don't have another choice but to come to you' way.

Derek seemed to be the worse though. He knew that he and the Alpha didn't get along, but lately it seemed like Derek went out of his way to make it clear that Stiles was not, in fact, pack. And all the while using the most hostile animosity Stiles has ever seen, sometimes worse than anything Jackson can come up with.

The point is...Stiles was feeling like the least important person in the universe right now, so when driving his jeep and he nearly crashed into a flying, spinning, phone booth thing that was actually a 1940's Police Call Box that was actually actually a time traveling machine and space ship with someone who talked faster than he did and had a thing for Chuck Taylor's and suits, he didn't really think twice with what happened next.


Stiles, ever the curious one and not one to back down from anything even if scared, approached the smoking telephone booth (Later he'll be corrected and know it's a Police Call Box). When a man in a blue suit and a trench coat jumped out of the booth with a huge puff of smoke behind him as he coughed and waved it away, Stiles took a cautious step back.

"Blimey! That...what was not supposed to happen! Why did it happen? How did it happen?" The man ranted in a British accent with a very confused tone as he walked around the blue box, then went in (seemed to walk around but that would be impossible, right?), jumped out with gusto and pouted as he racked his head, puzzled. Then he looked up and locked eyes with Stiles before a huge grin appeared on his face and he walked up, took Stiles hand, and shook it happily. With a huge grin he introduce himself and promptly changed Stiles life in a way he never thought could be changed(his best...ex? Best friend was a werewolf for God's sake!) "'Ello! I'm the Doctor!...where are we?"

"...Uh...outskirts of Beacon Hills...?" Stiles said in an unsure tone. He had his fair share of weird but this was...weirdly weird.

"American! I'm in America! That's interesting...wonder why I'm here though...anything weird happening around here...I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name." the man was looking at Stiles expectantly and it took a moment for Stiles to realize what for.

He had a thought for a moment, given all the man before him had said, to lie or use an alias. You never really know who anyone is these days. But he was too out of a loop to go with his own thinking and replied honestly instead...or as honestly for someone who doesn't share his real name, "Stiles. I go by Stiles."

The man, the Doctor, looked at him for a moment, really looked at him before smiling at Stiles with this weird smile. It was one he used to share with his mom a long time ago when his dad wouldn't just understand something and she looked at him and he at her and they'd share this moment of...understanding. And maybe with a name like The Doctor...maybe he understood Stiles more than anyone ever could.

"That is a brilliant name," he said earnestly and Stiles believed him.


The smoke had cleared from the box and The Doctor walked back inside. His voiced sounded like a echo and so Stiles couldn't help himself as he took a peek inside. And when he did...his jaw dropped. He circled the outside of the box, then stepped inside, spun around, before mutter "Whoa."

When he finished his full circle spin, he turned to see The Doctor looking at him with these big brown eyes and smile. He caressed the console and said, "Beautiful, isn't she?"

"I...Wha...yeah...Bigger on the inside," he said in a whisper.

The Doctor's smile got even bigger if possible as he jumped in front of Stiles and said, "I love it when they say that. This is my Tardis. Time and Relative Dimension in Space."

"...A time machine and Space ship?" Stiles asked like an excited kid on Christmas morning when the words registered in his mind. He wasn't a sci-fi geek for nothing after all.

"Exactly! You're clever, Stiles. Maybe it was the Tardis' intention to land me here. Maybe I was supposed to find you. Never taking me where I want to go but always where I need to be. So tell me Stiles...what's the buzz of Beacon Hills?" The Doctor asked excitedly.


They were seated outside of this small cafe in some small pueblo in Mexico. They'd left around 6pm Beacon Hills time but in seconds were in Mexico around 11am. At the cafe The Doctor had ordered them some hot chocolate and traditional Mexican bread that complimented their hot beverage nicely. It was warm and comfortable and made Stiles feel safe.

After the Doctor had asked him if he's noticed anything odd (Like some random out of nowhere organization popping out of seemingly nothing to sneaky, lurky, shady people that screamed 'up to no good'). Stiles took a moment before he decided that with all the Doctor had shown him (and though it was only the Tardis, come on! That beauty was worth over 1000 secrets.) and began to tell him everything.

But what started out as Stiles dragging his best friend to find a dead body in the woods that became this whole werewolf journey, Stiles got off topic. Well, no, he covered everything! All of the events but didn't just stay on facts. For once he talked about his feelings. Feelings he couldn't tell his dad, feelings he couldn't bring up to Scott, and feelings he himself hadn't really knew he had.

By the end of it he was crying and breathing erratically and having a panic attack. The Doctor being clever and ready for anything, especially in a crisis, acted quickly and got Stiles under control...with a hug. Normally Stiles would hate to be touched in a moment like that but it was okay. The Doctor's hug was...protective and warm. As if the Doctor had brought to literal life what it meant to be parental and all the good things that came with it, and enveloped Stiles with it in a hug.

Being who he was, being the human, that he was, Stiles tried so hard to prove himself. Prove himself to be old enough, strong enough, durable enough. But really...he was still a child. A child who had to take care of his remaining parent, be a huge support system for his best friend before and after the werewolf business, and...whatever the hell he was for the pack.

Once he'd calm down some, the Doctor moved away and wiped Stiles' tears with his thumbs. He smiled softly at him and said in a quiet tone, "'s alright. Come on...I think some hot chocolate will be really nice right about now."

Stiles didn't know how to find his voice so he just nodded. The Doctor walked up to the console and began to pull levers, push buttons, and twist knobs. He got a more exited smile and told Stiles to hang on and even though he tried, Stiles still fumbled a bit as the Tardis came to life and he assumed they were on the move.

When they emerge, though he knew it was going to happen, it still was totally amazing when he realized they had moved.

The Doctor ordered their drinks and treats and they just sat there enjoying themselves. The hot chocolate was flavorful, the bread was delicious, the day was warm with a gentle cooling breeze passing by every so often. It was calm. It was peaceful.

"There is so much out there," the Doctor began. He was looking at his cup of hot chocolate with an intense gaze but his mind was somewhere else. Then he looked up to Stiles with just an intense gaze. The eyes looking at him were of someone who had seen so much. Both so much wonder but also so much horror, and held much more promise.

"Werewolves are but the beginning. There's the past to learn from, the future to discover, the constellations of this world and the ones from worlds far beyond this galaxy. All of that and everything in between...and I want to show it to you, Stiles."

Stiles eyes had grown wide and were glistening with unshed tears. It was...too important. Especially for someone like him. "I...why me? I'm...I'm just human. I'm...I'm not important enough for something this awesome..."

The Doctor reached over and took Stiles' hands in his and looked at him dead in the eyes and said in a voice that was impossible not to believe, "Never in my 900 years have I met someone who wasn't important. Being human is positively brilliant! can be clever and good or cruel and horrid. And from what I heard from you, Stiles, is that you care. You've got only one heart and it's full of caring." the Doctor stands up and dusts off his suit before he offers a hand to Stiles, "Now, I've got a universe to see...would you like to see it with me?"

" dad...?" he asked in a confused dazed as he fought back tears, though he still took the Doctor's hand.

"Stiles...I've got a time machine. We can be gone for as long as we want and still be back in time for dinner."


Three months. That's how long he spent with the Doctor.

He met Shakespeare and Casanova and Napoleon. He saw New Earth and planets he couldn't even pronounce no matter how hard he tried. He ran with the Doctor and he saved lives...him! Stiles Stilinski! He was actually a hero to people he would probably never see again but were more thankful than anyone in Beacon Hills ever has been.

But as much as he loved his time with the Doctor, both the easy fun times as well as the dangerous escapades, he knew he had to head back.

The Doctor nodded, though sadly, and asked if he could visit Stiles and take him for adventures from time to time.

Stiles hugged him tight and nodded vigorously into the Time Lord's chest.

The Tardis landed with it's Vworp Vworp Vworp noise it makes right where Stiles' jeep was left behind.

"I guess this is it?...for now?" Stiles asked hesitantly.

The Doctor had his hands in his pocket as he stared at Stiles as he always had, like if he were a treasure, and nodded in agreement. "For now." then as if he remembered he extended his hand, "Give me your phone."

Stiles looked at him oddly but passed over the device he was sure was dead. He'd taken his red hoody with him but had taken it off and left it off for the three months he was with the Doctor(the Tardis' wardrobe always providing him with the proper clothes he needed). His phone staying in his hoody pocket. Who did he have to call in 1645? or in 2556? or now?

He watched as the Doctor aimed his Sonic Screwdriver and soniced Stiles' phone then passed it back when he was done.

Stiles flipped the phone in his hand and saw that the phone had full battery, which if he remembered correctly, was not the case when he began this adventure. "Uh...thanks?" he said, really unsure why that was needed.

Sensing the confusion, the Doctor chuckled. "Well...aside from charging it, I also placed in my number. You won't see actual numbers but you'll be able to call me if you need me. And really...don't hesitate to need me, even if it's for something as simple as a hug, okay, Stiles?"

His throat swelled up with emotion but he nodded and hugged the Doctor one more time before they parted. As Stiles started his jeep and began to drive back home, he watched the Tardis dematerialize in his rear view mirror.


The thing is...when you sit outside the Tardis as it floats in space, over the earth and the moon, next to all those stars and just watch for hours, you sort of get this...feeling. It's hard to describe but it's take a step back and you're no longer watching the world as an actor in a play but watching it as a member of the audience.

And that's how Stiles watched the events unfold. The original reason the Doctor had come to but didn't see to, was still there. But he didn't find out about it until two weeks later after it had been taken care of.

Without him.

No one had called to tell him a new threat was in town. No one had asked him to help with anything. No one came to make sure he was okay. And no one came to him to tell him they were in the clear and just continued to go on with their lives without him. Scott was dividing his time between his job at the vet, to Allison, to Isaac. Jackson was with Lydia and whatever their posh live styles was outside the pack. Erica and Boyd did what they did that didn't include him, and Derek...well he knew just as much of Derek now as he did any other time.

So how did he find out?

His father yelling at him about lying to him again. Stiles was honestly confused but his father thought he was just trying to cover up for someone.

"Dad I swear I didn't know!" Stiles insisted.

"Enough!...just...enough. I thought we had an understanding but I guess...I guess we don't. Go to your room...I...I can't do this right now." and without letting Stiles add in anything, he turned and went outside.

Stiles stood there numbly as he heard his father's cruiser leave the drive way. The clock ticked on for minutes before Stiles realized that he had ran up to his room. He stood in the middle of it for a moment, panting heavily, before he acted. He just let go of it all. Unlike when he let it out with the Doctor, there was no pain and sorrow as much as there was pain and agony. He shoved everything on his desk onto the floor, computer included. He threw his lamp across the room, followed by the pillow. He grabbed at anything he could and threw them. Books, photo frames, merchandise. He heard thuds, clashes, rips and other noises of destruction but couldn't care less.

He grabbed his phone and then his keys as he ran out the door, not bothering to close it, and hopped into his jeep. He drove as fast as he dared down the familiar road that would lead him to where he had first met the Doctor. As he drove an idea formed in his mind and he made up his mind. He drove past the point of where he met the Doctor and until two towns over; stopping for gas three times. Finding a path towards the mountains he drove...and drove, and kept on driving. Once he was at a high enough place he put his jeep in park and stepped out.

Taking out his phone he dialed for the Doctor. Before the other man could give a greeting, Stiles' broken voice rang out, begging, "C-come find m-me...please...please come find me."

There was a moment of silence and Stiles was beginning to think maybe it was the wrong number. Then he heard the infamous Vworp Vworp Vworp. He looked up, eyes red, cheeks stained with tears, and throat clogged with emotion. But there he was, his savior and confidant, his saving grace.

The Doctor didn't say anything just held open his arms and like instinct, Stiles ran into them. In the hug he felt unbroken. He felt safe. He felt like he was home.

"I want to go home...please let me come home...let me stay..." Stiles begged in a whisper.

The Doctor stiffened a bit and Stiles feared he may have asked the wrong thing, but then the arms around him tightened and the Doctor replied with a firm, "Stay."

Stiles nodded and stood there for a good while before he stepped back and turned to his jeep. He slowly walked toward it and put it in drive and watched with a stoic face as it drove off the cliff. He closed his eyes as he waited for the crash. When it did he took a shattering breath, then wiped his eyes and turned to the Doctor. "No turning back...the universe awaits."

"Alons-y." the Doctor smiles softly as he nudged his head towards the Tardis. When they were both inside, without the Doctor touching anything, the Tardis seemingly came to life, as if welcoming Stiles home.