Chapter Six: And I Heard As I've Never Heard Before

"You found him," Cordelia said, as Angel dragged Spike into the hotel. "Where was he?"

"Wesley had him," Angel explained. He lead Spike to the round couch and sat him down. Spike just stared dully ahead. Angel was gratefull for that but he knew it wouldn't be long before Spike started babbling again.

"How did Wesley got ahold of him?" Gunn asked.

"Found him wondering the streets," Angel said, going into the office and coming back out with a set of chains.

"What are those for?" Cordelia asked.

"I'm going to have to chain him up," Angel explained. "He might have a soul but he still could get violent and I don't want to risk anyone getting hurt."

"I thought he was chipped," Lorne said.

Angel shooked his head and fitted the chains on Spike's wrists, "It only works on pure humans, so that means only Fred and Gunn are safe from him."

Cordelia looked at Spike, "Yeah, I can see he's real dangerous." She said sarcastically.

"He is," Angel warned. "He's dangerous and insane."

"He has a soul," Cordelia pointed out. "Won't that keep him from hurting anyone?"

"No," Angel said. "He might still attack someone or he might try to run again." He pulled on the chains, "And he's not going anywhere until I find out exactly what's going on." Angel pulled Spike into the office, made sure he was chained to the wall and slammed the door shut. "Okay Spike," Angel said. "Now you're going to tell me everything. Why are you here? And why would that demon lie about you and Buffy? Spike didn't move. He just stared off into space. Angel shook him, "Answer me."

"What?" Spike asked, seeming to snap out of his daze. "What are you screaming about, Peaches?"

"What's going on?" Angel asked. "Why are you here?"

Spike tried to think, his thoughts were so jumbled together that nothing made sense, "I don't remember," Spike said. "It's all mixed up in my head."

"Fine," Angel said, relieved that at least Spike was speaking in complete sentences again. "See if you can answer this. How did you get your soul back?"

"Saw a man about a girl," Spike said. "Wanted...Wanted...."

"You wanted your soul?" Angel asked, stunned. Spike was the last vampire who would want a soul.

Spike struggled to put the words together, "Wanted...wanted to be what I was, wanted to give her what she deserved."

"Who?" Angel asked. "Who did you want to give what they deserve?"

"The girl," Spike said, starting to slip again. "I hurt the girl, wanted to try and make it better."

"Who?" Angel repeated. "Who did you hurt? What girl?" Angel froze. He didn't believe what Clem hd told him but if there was even a grain of truth in it then... "Spike, what did you do? Did you do anything to Buffy?"

"No!" Spike yelled. "Yes! No! I stopped! I didn't... I stopped."

"Stopped what?" Angel asked. He was getting somewhere. If he could just keep Spike talking maybe things would start making sense. "What did you stop?"

Spike shook his head, "No."

"Spike, I know you've done something so what is it?" Angel yelled.

Spike let out a whimper and curled away from Angel. Angel grabbed Spike and forced Spike to look at him, "What did you do? If you hurt Buffy, I swear I'll make you wish that I'd killed you."

Spike didn't answer. He just curled away from Angel and refused to answer. Angel was about to try again when the door opened.

"Angel," Cordelia said. "Could you come out here please?"

"I'm a little busy right now," Angel said, not letting go of Spike.

"Now," Cordelia said in a tone that meant no arguement.

Angel let go of Spike and followed Cordelia into the lobby, "What?" Angel asked, trying not to be annoyed. "I was starting to make headway with him."

"Right," Cordelia said. "You're really going to make any progress with him by yelling at him and beating him."

"That is the only thing Spike understands is a good beating," Angel said.

"That's a great attitude," Cordelia said. "He doesn't do what you want so you beat the truth out of him. That doesn't sound like the Angel everyone's told me about. The one I've heard about is alot nicer."

"Not when it comes to Spike," Angel said.

"You of all people should understand what he's going through," Cordelia said. "You remember when you got your soul back. He's going through the same thing."

"Why are you defending him?" Angel asked. "You don't remember this but he caused a situation that got you impaled."

"I don't remember that," Cordelia said. "Look, why don't you let me talk to him?"

"No," Angel said.

"He won't hurt me," Cordelia said. "You've got him chained up and he has a soul. I'll be fine. I don't have the same history with Spike as you do. It'll be easier for me to talk to him

Angel made an irritated noise. She was right. She might be able to get something out of Spike in a way that he couldn't. "Fine, but if he does anything to you... he's dust."

Cordelia rolled her eyes and she went into the office. Spike was sitting on the floor, listening to something only he could hear.

"Spike?" Cordelia asked, sitting down on a chair across from him.

"Cheerleader?" Spike asked.

"I was a cheerleader?" Cordelia said. That fact didn't surprise her.

"Yeah," Spike said. "Never saw you in action, though."

Cordelia slid off the chair and knelt in front of Spike, "Spike, there's a demon out there who told us some really strange things. Can you tell me if he's telling the truth?" Spike didn't answer so Cordelia continued, "He said that you were involved with Buffy, that the two of you were sleeping together."

"No sleep," Spike said.

"You weren't sleeping with Buffy?" Cordelia said, trying to make sense of what Spike had said.

Spike sighed, "She never stayed long enough for sleep, except for a few times...., she always came but never for sleep." Spike turned in another direction, "Oh you wanted me, don't deny that...."

"Spike?" Cordelia asked, trying to get him to pay attention to her.

Spike listened to whatever was talking, "Right, I was the 'convient' one, that's why you keep coming back and lying to your friends.....Okay, fine, believe whatever you want but that's not going to stop me from telling your mates, it may result in a dusty ending for me but it'll be worth it to see the look on the whelp's face."

Cordelia realized that Spike was talking to someone only he could see. Maybe by just listening to his side of the invisible conversation she might learn more than just by questioning him, so she sat back and listened.

Spike laughed, "It would have been perfect, except I hurt the girl, didn't mean anything, just two lonely people trying to forget," He looked angrily at whoever he was talking to, "Why did you care anyway? You dumped me, remember, trashed me crypt and took off. I can do whatever I want, shag an entire girl's school on your front lawn. I tried to explain, show you that you were the one I wanted but you wouldn't listen and"

Cordelia didn't move. She was getting close, "How did you make her listen?" She asked quietly.

"I.. tried to make her feel it again, feel what she felt..when I was....I tried to...she didn't want to.. so I tried to...."

"Tried to what?"

Spike shook his head and closed his eyes, "No, don't want to think about it."

"Spike," Cordelia said. "We can't help you unless you tell us, so just tell me. You'll feel better if you do."

"I told you," Spike said, angrily. "I..hurt...the...girl."

"What girl?" Cordelia asked. "And how did you hurt her?"

Spike jumped to his feet, startling Cordelia, "What do you want to know the whole story, ever detail, fine! I went to her house, tried to make her remember how she felt everytime we shagged but she didn't want to. I tried to make her but she kept saying no and I kept saying yes. She stopped me before...." Spike falted.

"What happened after that?" Cordelia asked, trying to hide her horror at what Spike was said. She just hoped Angel wasn't listening. If he was Spike wasn't going to leave this room alive.

Spike sank down on the floor and looked up at Cordelia, "What does a man do when he loses everything? Does what he has to do be better," Spike was forcing out the words now, "To be the kind that she can.....forgive and even love...." He leaned his head back against the wall and shut his eyes.

Cordelia stood up and went back to the lobby.

"Well?" Gunn asked. "You find anything?"

"Yeah," Cordelia admitted. "Where's Angel?"

"He went upstairs," Fred said.

"So he didn't hear any of what Spike said?" Cordelia asked.

"No," Gunn said.

"Good," Cordelia said.

"What did he say?" Lorne asked.

"Everything Clem said is true," Cordelia said. "He really was sleeping with Buffy. I'm not sure of the details but it sounds like she broke up with him and he tried to get back together with her. Only something went wrong and he tried to...." She didn't finish but everyone figured out what she was trying to say. "That's why he got his soul, so that he could be someone who she could forgive."

"He wants her to forgive him when he tried to rape her?" Gunn asked. "Man that guys's crazier than I thought."

Cordelia started to speak but then she heard a noise. She turned and saw Angel. He had to have heard what she said. His face was in vampire mode. He jumped down the stairs and ran towards the office, intent on revenge.