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"It's because of you two he's dead!"

"No! We didn't kill him!"


"We're telling the truth!"

A sound of a slap was followed

"How could you say that?! When you two killed him!"

"But we didn't -"


Everything was silent that you can hear a pin drop.

"For killing a brave man and a good teacher you two are sentenced to -"

Percy snapped his eyes open and sat up, breathing deeply, covered in cold sweat, he looked around frantically, trying to remember where he was. Palutena's palace. He was in Palutena's palace, in his room that he shares with Pit, Dark Pit, and Liliana. He looked around again and all he saw was Pit sleeping at the top bunk while Dark Pit and Liliana were sleeping at their bunk.

Percy jumped out of his bunk and stretched his arms and flapped his wings a bit. They were white with a tint of blue. He walked to the window and opened it. The cool breeze ruffled his feathers. He rested his head on his hands.

Why do I always get these nightmares…? Percy thought as he combed his hair with his hand.

"What's wrong Percy?" He heard a familiar voice asked him.

"Nothing Liliana." Percy answered turning around seeing Liliana sitting on her bunk. Her wings being ruffled by the breeze. They were brown like her hair but were lighter.

"I'm not stupid. I know 'nothing' means 'something'." Liliana said rolling her eyes. "And that 'something' is that nightmare again huh?"

Percy said nothing and looked down.

"Of course." Liliana said then walked towards Percy. "You know you could always talk about it with me."

"I know but it's just..." Percy said but was cut off by Liliana

"Difficult to tell because I'm no good and blah, blah, blah." Liliana finished

Percy smiled and put his hand on her shoulder.

"C'mon let's go back to sleep." Percy said "Before they wake up."

Liliana nodded and went to her bunk while Percy did the same and they both went back to sleep.

*Next Day after breakfast*

They were training again. Pit was helping Percy with his archery and Dark Pit and Liliana were sparring.

"C'mon Percy. It's easy. Just hold the nock steady, draw, and then release." Pit said as he demonstrated and hit the center of the target "See. Now you try."

Percy copied Pit but his arrow hit the side of the target.

"Do it again Percy but concentrate." Pit said

Percy sighed but he did it again this time his arrow flew of range and was heading towards Dark Pit and Liliana.

"Watch out!" Dark Pit shouted then forcefully pushed Liliana and himself down and the arrow whizzed past their heads and hit wall.

"Are you guys okay?" Pit asked as he and Percy ran towards Dark Pit and Liliana.

"We're fine." Liliana answered as she and Dark Pit stood up

"Percy if you wanted to skewer us just do it with a sword." Dark Pit said giving Percy a glare

"Sorry." Percy said meekly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Pit I told you before Percy is not good at archery." Liliana said

"I know but I didn't know he was this bad." Pit said defensively

"I thought Percy accidentally shooting a Centurion gave the hint." Dark Pit said

Before they could continue they heard a door open and saw Palutena and a man walking out. The man had black hair and onyx eyes. He was wearing a black tunic and leather sandals.

"Hey you four come over here." Palutena said motioning them to come over.

The four complied and looked at the two expectantly.

"This is Lord Chaos." Palutena introduced motioning to the man "Percy and Liliana you two have met him correct."

"Yes." Percy said while Liliana gave a nod.

"So what brings you here Lord Chaos?" Pit asked

"I will need your help with something." Chaos answered "It concerns something called the Aurum I know you have dealt with them before and it seems they have returned."

"Returned?" Pit asked astonished

"Yes returned but not here." Chaos answered

"Then where are they?" Dark Pit asked

Chaos looked at Percy and Liliana. He looked almost sympathetic.

"The aurum are in their place." Chaos answered motioning to Percy and Liliana. They looked at him with disbelief.

"You mean the aurum are going to attack the camp?" Percy asked

"Yes." Chaos answered "Not only that when they are finished there they will come here and invade."

There was a moment of silence.

"Well we can't let that happen." Pit said with determination

"Agreed." Palutena said nodding

"What do we do then?" Dark Pit asked

"You five with Viridi will be coming with me to the camp to help them fight the aurum and hopefully defeat them." Chaos answered "Get ready we will be leaving in three days time."

Then Chaos disappeared, leaving them.

"Well are you guys excited seeing your old home?" Pit asked trying to lighten up the mood.

"No." Percy and Liliana answered at the same time, glaring at Pit who flinched.

"Why?" Palutena asked, even though she knows why.

"Because they hate us for doing something we didn't do." Percy answered "Something we will never do."

"Which is?" Dark Pit asked

"Killing Chiron. Our teacher."

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