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Percy's POV:

This is it. The meeting that will decide if me and Liliana will either stay in camp or go back to Skyworld.

"Let's start." Zeus said "Now that we know who killed Chiron. We will need to know if Percy Jackson and Liliana Estevez will either stay here in Camp Olympia or go back to Skyworld."

"Before we let them pick." Athena interrupted "I want to know why Pyrrhon thought these two were together. If these two had their respective boyfriend and girlfriend back then."

"I was wondering that too." Nico said

Everyone looked at me and Liliana and she elbowed me.

"Tell them Percy." Liliana said "You can't hide it forever."

I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck. "Well 50 years ago before the whole We-killed-Chiron-thing started. I was planning how to make me and Annabeth's anniversary extra special and the idea I came up is to make a rainbow but how in Tartarus will I do that? So I asked Liliana to help since she is the only daughter of Apollo to have Photokinesis. She agreed and for a few weeks, we would find time to practice. I guess the time we spent gave Pyrrhon the idea that we were 'together' and masqueraded as us to kill Chiron and you know the rest."

"Awww~ that's so cute. To do that for your girlfriend." Aphrodite squealed

"With that covered up." Zeus said "Percy, Liliana what will you choose. Go back to Skyworld or stay here in camp?"

I looked at Liliana and she gave a smile. She seems to know what I was already thinking before doing it.

I stepped up. "I choose to stay here in camp."

The campers cheered while the gods nodded.

"Lady Palutena, Lord Chaos, Pit, Pittoo, Viridi, and Phosphora. I'm grateful for giving me a life when I temporarily lost this one but I belong here." I said "I'll miss you guys."

"Percy you are one of the greatest soldiers I have ever seen and for that I'm grateful as well." Palutena said "Though we will have to remove the wings since I won't be able to help you fly."

I gave a grin. "I'll be fine without them."

Chaos waved his hand and I was covered by a bright light and I felt the weight on my back disappear and then the light disappeared. I was wingless… Again.

I walked to Annabeth and watched Liliana.

Liliana's POV:

Now Liliana what will you choose?" Zeus asked

I stepped up "I choose to go back to Skyworld."

Palutena, Pit, Viridi, and Phosphora cheered while Dark Pit gave –for the first time- a genuine smile.

I turned to the campers and gods. "I'd be lying to say I didn't miss this place. I do but… Like Percy I know where I belong now, I belong with Lady Palutena as her soldier." Then I walked to Dark Pit and watched.

"It is decided then. Percy you will be granted immortality and be the son of Poseidon once more." Zeus announced

We all cheered while Annabeth hugged him and kissed him on the lips.

"And Liliana I have nothing else to offer but this. You will be the Second-In-Command of my armies." Palutena announced "Since Pittoo is always out."

Pit and Dark Pit beamed while Phosphora clapped.

"Thank you Lady Palutena." I said

The meeting ended.


We were back at the building where we stayed. The last time we'll be here. We were packing up. As I was finishing I saw Percy at the door. I got so used with him having wings that I almost shrieked but I remembered the meeting.

"You know I'm gonna miss you guys." Percy said

I smiled "I know. But I know that you'll be with Annabeth and that'll be enough for you."

"Yeah and you'll have Pittoo." Percy said "But what about Nico?"

"I know that he'll find someone but promise me that you'll look after this place." I said

"Of course." Percy nodded and I finished packing. "C'mon. The twins are waiting."

I followed Percy down and I saw Pit and Dark Pit down already.

The four of us went to the border and saw Chaos, Palutena, the six (plus Nico, Thalia, Reyna, and Grover), and the Olympians waiting for us.

"I'm guessing you have more good-byes to say." Chaos said "I'll wait."

Percy began talking with Pit, Dark Pit, Phosphora, Viridi and Palutena.

I looked at dad. He looked a bit hurt and sad. "Dad… I'm sorry you have to see me go away… But I know that I'll remember you and the others and that you still have other daughters that can outrank me and be a better daughter than I am." I said thinking of Medolia and Lianna.

"Liliana I can't be selfish. I know you belong with them… But I will remember you as one of my bravest children." Dad said

"Thanks." I said then went to the seven and the others.

"Annabeth take care of Percy will ya?" I asked

"Of course." Annabeth said "No way am I letting Seaweed Brain get into trouble again."

"Good to know." I said "It was great seeing you guys one more time and this time clearing things up."

"Us too." They said

I turned to Nico. He was ignoring me. Typical.

"I know you can hear me Di Angelo and I'll make it quick. Don't be angry at Dark Pit, he's the guy that I love now but I'll always remember you and get yourself a girlfriend when I'm gone." I said but he didn't respond not that I was expecting him too.

Then I went to my final good bye.

"Well Percy this is good bye." I said

"Yeah, after all these years. But I am glad that we were able to clear things up." Percy said

"Uh-huh and also thank you." I said giving a smile.

"What do you mean?" Percy asked

"When we were on the run. You were the one protecting me and taking care of me even though I was no help whatsoever." I answered "You were like a brother to me and for that I thank you."

Percy smiled. "It was nothing and besides you took care of yourself in some ways and you were like a sister to me too."

Percy hugged me and I hugged back and we pulled apart.

I walked back with the others and Chaos made the portal, I turned around and gave a good bye wave and Percy gave a wave too. I took Dark Pit's hand and we jumped in. Back home to Skyworld.

A/N: Yes. The unspectacular ending of When Two Worlds Collide. Hope you like it.