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TOBIAS – 1970

I was being stupid and I knew it, I mean what's the worst that could happen anyway. I was Tobias Eaton for pities sake, lead Detective for Chicago PD and in my career I have come across my fair share of situations that had made my adrenaline rush. Met Zeke blow by blow in the ring, chased down a few muggers, even dodged a bullet or two. But; in all honesty, not once was I as scared as what I am now, this was not good.

So far this morning has not disappointed and it would have to be one of the best in my life from memory. I had picked Tris up to start our first official 'date', both of us eager to spend the day alone like we had originally planned. Managing to push aside all of my concerns from the previous week when she had slipped her tiny hand in mine, intertwining our fingers not letting go I could feel the knot of apprehension from all of the unanswered questions I had disappear from the contact. Today was going to be a good day. We had spent the morning casually strolling through the Lincoln Park Conservatory she had seemed keen to explore it all. Taking in everything from the plants and pathways to even the exit doors which I thought was kind of odd but I was just happy to be there with her.

We found a bench seat near a small rock waterfall and pond set in amongst some palms where we sat for a moment not saying anything. For a brief moment it felt like we were the only two people there until an older couple walked by holding hands giving us a friendly knowing smile as they strolled past. A fleeting image of Tris and I at their age doing exactly the same thing flashed in my mind. I still have the daisy diamond ring that I had brought for her not so long ago and if everything went according to plan I had every intention of using it soon, very soon.

I look over my shoulder to where Tris is standing waiting for me. The sun is capturing a small golden glow in her strawberry blonde hair, the long flowing gypsy skirt dances around her ankles with each stroke from the wind and the cute little peasant top slips gently from her shoulder enticingly stoping just before you get a sneak peek of her cleavage. She notices me looking at her and smiles brightly, in that moment my heart skips a beat before increasing its pace at the image of her. Yes soon I would make her my wife.

"How many?" I hear a raspy almost comical voice ask pulling me back to my current dilemma.

Turning back around I see the face of a boy who looks as though he has just hit puberty, his greasy pimply face projecting an air of boredom for having to be here on a Saturday. Clearly, like me, he would rather be somewhere else.

"Ahhh 2 for the Ferris Wheel please," I force myself to ask and slide the money over the counter to him.

Without any further discussion he snatches up the money, tears off two tickets, ejects my change and slides everything back.

"Enjoy your ride," he automatically says without even looking at me.

"Yeah, thanks," I reply grabbing the tickets and change praying that the maintenance guys would have a little more enthusiasm with their jobs than this kid.

Bouncing a little in her tiny little strappy shoes, clearly excited about our imminent death, she is completely oblivious to my current internal struggle to maintain the calm exterior. Today was meant to be special for her, it's something that she has been looking forward to so I just had to focus, control my breathing and push all of my fears aside.

"I'm so excited," Tris says when I reach her side again gripping my hand in her excitement, "Thank you again for bringing me here Tobias. This is going to be great!"

I can't help but smile at her enthusiasm and for one brief second I forget about my inner turmoil.

"Did you know that it stands at over 100ft tall," she says, "Can you imagine being up that high, it would almost be like flying."

"Really. Over 100ft,"

"Yep. I'm not sure of the exact height but I bet we could see the entire city from up there."

And just like that my previous moment of joy from her excitement plummets to the base of my stomach again and I feel my step falter slightly when she says that thankful though that she doesn't seem to notice.

"Tickets please…." Another adolescent asks as we reach the gate to get on.

Handing over the two tickets I take a moment to look up at the giant spinning wheel held together by just a few nuts and bolts, not moving until I feel a gentle tug on my hand.

"Ready?" I ask Tris choosing to ignore the slight waver of my voice.

Biting her bottom lip through a smile she eagerly nods her head like a child and leads me to the open door for the enclosed basket practically jumping into the seat. Great, not only where we going to plummet back to the ground but we were going to do it in this tiny space, this really tiny space. Sliding in next to her another assistant closes the door securing it into place with a loud metal click and instinctively I feel a firm vice like grip wrap around my chest leaving very little room to breathe. I no sooner try to take a deep breath to steady my nerves when I feel the slow motion of the wheel as it starts to move, a sudden jolt I instinctively grab the handle bar underneath the window.

"Are you OK? You've gone slightly pale Tobias."

"Fine," I bite out gripping a little tighter to the bar causing my knuckles to go white as it jolts again when we get a bit higher.

"Oh God, Tobias, are you scared?"

"No not scared so much as just feeling a little uncomfortable with the height."

Closing my eyes while taking a deep breath another sudden jolt of the wheel again causes the basket to sway instinctively I suck in another not caring about the moan that also escapes. I feel her move away from my side and the soft rustle of her clothing, kicking myself for showing this weak side of myself, of course she would be appalled at my behaviour to the situation and I honestly wouldn't blame her for running off into the sunset laughing her arse off at my childish fears.

"You know I've often wondered," she says interrupting my thoughts, "what it would be like," she continues as I feel the basket sway a little as she moves, "to make out at over 100ft."

My eyes spring open when I feel the warmth of her body start to press against me, throwing her leg over my lap straddling her whole body to mine, her skirt bunched up around her thighs.

"What are you doing?" I stupidly ask.

"What do you think," she rolls her eyes and presses a little closer, gently grinding her core deeper into my lap I could feel her heat radiate right through my pants zipper. I couldn't break free from her spell, it was entirely too powerful. Leaning in, her lips a breath away from mine I can feel each puff of air brush against my dry mouth.

As she continues her slow grinding I'm vaguely aware of her fingers sliding down my arm through my jacket, the gentle brush of her fingers against my skin when they finally find my hand.

"Let go Tobias and take my hand," she whispers as she continues to caress my hand, "it's all part of the magic you know."

"I'm not sure if I like this magic."

"Oh you will, just hold on to me and let it do its trick."

Leaning in she brushes her lips against mine, just a quick light brush but it was enough to realise that she had managed to not only pry my fingers from the bar but somehow managed to relocate them on her hip.

"Did I happen to mention that I'm not really keen on enclosed spaces either," I half chuckle as she continues to hypnotise me with her movements.

"Just breath," she replies softly leaning in and placing another soft kiss against my lips.

I could feel from every inch of my skin her heat as she presses in deeper, closer, unable to resist the friction of her grinding body against mine, my fingers skated their way up to her neck and to the back of her head threading through her silken hair, pulling her into a deeper kiss. All that mattered at this moment was her, her touch, her scent, her taste. It was like she had hijacked all of my senses and exposed them to a sensual pleasure I had been unknowingly craving.

It wasn't enough I wanted more silently I cursed the thin barrier of our clothing feeling the limited self-control that I had slipping with each meeting of our tongues. Slipping my other hand from her hip and along the edge of her top. My fingers testing as they tease the edge of the cotton of her shirt, slowly pushing up further underneath, my bare knuckles gliding against her skin. Encouraged by the small groan into my mouth and the slight wriggle in my lap I splay my hand up her bare back, thrilling at the feel of her soft naked skin underneath.

With a slight teasing nip to my bottom lip she starts to pull away but I'm not going to let her get too far and naturally just follow her movement back. Placing a few quick kisses on her cheeks causing her to giggle I slip my nose along hers and can't help my smile before taking her mouth again. Her fingers grip in my hair as I try to struggle to maintain control. It was escalating very quickly getting hotter out of control, her movements on my lap matching our tongues with each stroke. I had to stop before I left all restraint up to my ever growing manhood that was currently pushing against my zipper with determination to be set free.

Drawing back keeping my eyes closed and pressing my forehead against hers "You're going to end up killing me," I shakily puff into the small slip of air that lingers between our mouths.

"You'll have to wait."

"huh?" I ask leaning back I'm temporarily disorientated by the intense emotions still clinging in the fever charged air surrounding us.

Her eyes shimmer like blue opals dancing with mischief, she leans in as if to kiss me again.

"I think you better move your hands," she whispers against my lips.

I realise that we had stopped and the attendant had opened the door, impatiently tapping his foot waiting for us to leave and my hands where still splayed underneath her shirt on her naked back. Her top bunched up around my arms displaying her bare back for the world to see.

"When you're ready," the attendant huffs sarcastically.

I clear my throat and quickly remove my hands from underneath her top, helping her to adjust it back down before easing her from my lap. Her absence leaves a cold void in its wake. I don't know how she did it but she had managed to make me completely forget about my fears. She was ordinary in every way and yet so completely extraordinary in so many more, a continual paradox.

"We should go," I clear my throat again but not letting go of her hand.

"What a good idea," the attendant says under his breath stepping aside bowing slightly at the waist extending his arm out.

"Come on I want to try a burger and some cotton candy," Tris says tugging on my arm leading me away from a confrontation, it still didn't stop me from giving him one of my best scowls as I walked past.

Grabbing a couple of burgers and some fries we find a nice quiet place overlooking Lake Michigan watching as a couple of seagulls wrestle over a half-eaten fry dropped by a small toddler in a pram. Looking up to the sky the clouds were getting darker, so heavy with rain you could almost smell it coming.

Tris sat next to me, the beef juice running down her fingers as she practically devours her burger, she closes her eyes as if she is savouring the taste.

"You know it almost seems like you've never had a burger before," I say before taking a big bite out of mine.

"I haven't," she replies as she shakes her head and examines the remains trying to decide on where the next bite will be.

"Seriously?" I swallow my mouthful and take a sip of my coke.

"Nope," she confirms and takes another bite. She continues to chew and glances up at me as I continue to watch her eat. Shrugging a shoulder "Mum and Dad thought takeout food was too showy."


"Extravagant, flashy you know."

"Sounds," I found it hard to find the right word.

"Boring," she raises an eyebrow while sliding a fry in her mouth and chews.


"Same thing Tobias," she laughs, "don't get me wrong looking back I can honestly say that Caleb and I never really missed out on anything."

"Except Ferris Wheel rides and burgers," I tease giving her side a soft nudge with my elbow.

"Don't forget cotton candy," she nudges back making me laugh.

Looking down to grab another fry I notice that there are only a few left but before I could offer them to Tris she reaches down and grabs them all efficiently shoving them into her mouth.

"What?" she asks with a shrug of her shoulder and mock seriousness, "don't look like that. You snooze you lose babe, it's a fry eat fry world out here you know."

"Clearly I have to keep a close watch on my fried food from here on out," I scrunch up the wrappers and toss them into the bin, "well come on and lets get some cotton candy. I wouldn't want you to miss out on that with this rain coming."

As the dark clouds close in on us we continue to walk around looking at the sites while she devours, to my utter amazement, 3 serves of cotton candy declaring it her new favourite thing. Losing track of the time it's not until we enjoy another ride on the merry-go-round, laughing like small children as the ponies move up and down around the ride, that I realise that the rain was now almost directly above us.

"Come on we better head home," I say taking her hand leading her away from the pier.

Crossing East Grand Ave it wasn't until we were halfway through memorial park that we felt the first few drops hit us. After a few minutes I can feel it grow heavier, the wet sliding down my neck to the back of my shirt and before I can move any faster the heavens open up with a downpour of rain. I smile to Tris and still holding one hand I call to her over the noise of the rain "come on, lets get somewhere dry."

Slipping off her shoes I catch a glimpse of her bare legs, a quick flash of skin from under her skirt. The wet rain soaking through her thin cotton blouse, sticking to her chest and the cool air causes her nipples to swell enticingly against the wet cotton.

"Here," I say as I quickly slip off my suit jacket and swing it around her shoulders, briefly holding her shoes so she can slip her arms through. I had to smile at the sight, her beautiful blonde hair hanging limply around her face, the water running down her face in an inviting and captivating way, all wrapped up in my jacket that covered from her chin all the way down to the middle of her thighs. Relinquishing my control at the sight of her I slip my hand up to her neck and with a sweeping motion I pull her hair out from under the collar.

My heart beats harder and I feel my knees weaken when our eyes connect. I realise my hand is still lingering on the back of her neck and I quickly pretend to adjust the collar to hide the effects of this intimate gesture.

"Thank you," she says softly

Leaning in I have to taste her sweet lips again. The memories of our ferris ride still fresh in my mind and the inviting soft suppleness still lingering I just needed one more taste. It was my own personal nirvana.

"C'mon, let's run for it," I call out when our lips parted.

Grabbing her hand she gives a squeal and puts her free hand holding her shoes above her head in an effort to stem the flow of water, we run in search of shelter.

"My place isn't very far away," I call over my shoulder to her, hoping she will not refuse or argue.

"OK," she answers through a damp smile.

That was all I needed, I pull her faster towards our destination and when we finally arrive we are both laughing, doubled over in an effort to catch our breaths. The foggy vapour coming in short bursts from our mouths as it cuts through the cool air and a small puddle from the rain water starts forming around out feet.

"Looks like this rain has set in," I call out over the noise, "Come and get warm, I'll make us some coffee."

"Tea and honey?"

Leading her towards my unit I notice her step faulter when I open the door.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing," she shakes her head, "Do you mind if I have a warm shower?"

"Sure, I'll see if I can dig out some dry clothes for you."

Finding an older black sweater that was now too small for me I hand it to her with a pair of fleece pants. Thanking me she heads towards the bathroom closing the door, it's not until I hear the water running that I quickly dry off and throw on some dry clothes myself.

Heading to the kitchen I rummage around in the cupboards sending out thanks when I come across some teabags that Shauna used to drink when Zeke still lived here. My mind wanders as I watch the steam from the boiling water of course all of my thoughts centre around Tris. I remember the sound of her laugh on the merry-go-round and her gentle teasing because it was neither enclosed or very far off the ground. I remember the way her stubborn chin thrust forward when she stole the last of the fries, just daring me for a fight. I remember the look on her face at her first taste of cotton candy and sticking her tongue out when she finished wanting to know the colour of it. It, of course, was a very cute cotton candy pink.

Suddenly three things happen at once to pull me from my musing. The kettle boils, the bathroom door opens and my unit plunges into darkness.


Hold me closer tiny dancer

He runs his fingers through my hair, lifting my face ready for his kiss. The tip of my tongue flicks quickly against my lips in preparation and even in this soft candle light I can see his eyes to darken with intensity as a small moan escapes his mouth. Slowly he inches forward and I can feel his warm breath close to my mouth as our noses slip together. Softly he brushes his lips against mine, it's a light kiss filled with the intimacy of the moment as Elton John croons in the background.