36. Raging Waters

Chalk Cliffside becomes quiet and peaceful again now that Turp and his Blots are washed away from the town. Every citizen, the adults, the kids, and the anthropomorphic bugs, live peacefully in Chalk Cliffside. While most citizens work hard mining deep into the cliff's walls for labor, a few enjoy the scenic cliff view of the town and the river. The town may be dull and quiet, but it's a place to keep the people enjoying an excellent height view.

Meanwhile, at Mayor Cliff's house, the Pretty Cures in their magical forms, the fairies, Matt Oda, and Capt. Barny are sitting together in the same luxurious living room. The group is eating sweets and drinking tea together. Mayor Cliff and his wife named Clair, are happily watching the Pretty Cure team enjoying themselves.

"Mmm!" said Cure Honey eating a cookie, "Clair, your cookies are so delectable! They're so sweet like my honey candy."

"And this cranberry tea is so soothing and good," Cure Rosetta complimented with a smile. "You have the touch."

"Oh my goodness," Clair said with shyness, "you Pretty Cures are just saying that."

"Why so shy, lassie?" Capt. Barny said with a big grin. "You know how ye make a good tea time brunch." Clair is honored by the captain's words.

Mayor Cliff bows continuously and says, "Once again, thank you very much for saving my town, my wife, and me from those nasty Blots. And please, forgive me for deceiving you."

Cure Sword waves her hand in disagreement and embarrassingly replies, "For the last time, it wasn't your fault. That ungrateful Turp is the one that started the mess."

"Yeah, take it easy," Cure Fortune says, feeling a bit awkward by the mayor's numerous apologies. "You've been saying that line a thousand times now."

"Sorry about my husband," Clair said with an awkward feeling. "Like I said, Cliff is a very nice man and wants to respect those who help his people and his town, including him and me, from any danger."

"Yeah… We got the idea already," Cure Rouge noted.

Tint, the butterfly fairy from Pigment Village, drinks her last portion of the cranberry tea and then puts her cup down. She then speaks, "Thank you for the treats, Clair. Now that we are refreshed, perhaps you can tell us where to find the Wonder Color of Orange Canyon?"

Mayor Cliff heard and gladly speaks. "Ah yes," he said with a grin, "as the heroes of Spectrum Land and saving all of us Chalk Cliffside citizens, it is my honor to give you the location of the Wonder Color."

Milky Rose puts her cup down and says, "Go on. We're all ears."

Mayor Cliff clears his throat before he can speak again. "Now, what you Pretty Cures are looking for is the Wonder Color Orange of Orange Canyon. There's one particular place that has that magical orb you need for your mission. That place is called the Falls Temple."

"The Falls Temple?" Cure Peach questions as she eats a chocolate chip cookie.

"Yes, that's where you need to go. And in the Falls Temple consists of a monk guarding the Wonder Color Orange in that sacred place. From what I heard, the monk in that temple is powerful and wise. He won't just give the Wonder Color to just anyone. But I'll bet my pickaxe you Pretty Cures can pass the monk's challenge and earn the Wonder Color with ease."

"I'm not sure about the ease part," Cure Muse said in little concern. "But we challenged and passed the other guardians' trials and battles, and we did earn the Wonder Colors."

"Yeah," Hummy speaks, "It shouldn't be a problem if they defeat this monk guy-nya."

"Uh, don't get too carried away there, Hummy," Cure Beat said in little concern.

Cure Happy quickly stands and says, "Then what are we waiting for? Let's get the next the Wonder Color and head to that temple."

"Hold on, everybody," Mayor Cliff interrupted, causing everyone to flinch a little. "There is one thing you need to know. To get to the Falls Temple, you must survive a dangerous trial."

That last statement from the mayor gets the Pretty Cure team a bit scared.

"What dangerous trial…?" Cure March said with little fear. "Don't tell me we have to go through ghosts and monsters again."

"Um, didn't we just do that?" Cure Sunshine noted.

"No, no, no…" Mayor Cliff replied calmly, "Nothing like that all. But it's worst than ghosts and monsters."

"Well…, tell us…" Cure Muse begs.

"Okay… to get to the temple, you need to survive the dangerous and wavy…


The team blinked and gasped a bit at Mayor Cliff's announcement. "The rapids…?" Cure Egret asked in concern.

"Yes… It is a trial only for the chosen ones who can overcome any difficulty where the challenger puts the most dangerous risk of their lives. Only those who are truly worthy can pass the rapids and enter the monk's temple. At least that's what the monk told me."

"Wait! The monk told you!?" Cure Princess said in shock. "How did you meet the monk by passing through the rapids?"

"My honey dear didn't," Clair answers calmly. "He came to our town to pick up groceries the other day, and we met him. He even informed us about the great catastrophe Spectrum Land is facing."

"Exactly," Mayor Cliff agrees his wife, "He told us only the true heroes of Spectrum Land, which is you Pretty Cures, of course, can overcome the rapids."

The Pretty Cure team turned a bit worried that they are facing a dangerous task that can put their lives in grave terror. The team is unsure about going through the rapids, but Mayor Cliff speaks up again in a soft, begging manner.

"Pretty Cures," the mayor speaks, "I can see you're a bit nervous about going into the rapids but listen… Time is of the essence. From what we experienced, those Blots are desperate to conquer this world at all costs. If they can melt my town with ease like what we saw, who knows what will happen next if they get stronger the next time.

I don't mean to sound so begging, but me, Clair, my town, and everyone here in Spectrum Land need your heroic action and deeds to stop those goons from succeeding in their conquest. It's not just me and my town, but everyone in this world has something to adore and love in this beautiful and artful world that inspires everyone. It'll be a total waste and misery if those Blots ruin this world.

Please, Pretty Cures… can you do the challenge and save Spectrum Land?"

The Pretty Cure team, including Matt and Capt. Barny, became a bit surprised by Mayor Cliff's honest and pleading request.

"You know," Cure White speaks, "that's the first time I've seen a mayor in Spectrum Land speaking for our assistance like that."

"Yeah," Cure Black agrees her partner, "He sounds sincere too."

Feeling pity for the mayor's request, the team took thought for a moment. Then they confirmed.

"It's decided!" Cure Dream answers. "We'll head to the temple and pass those rapids."

Mayor Cliff and Clair blinked in surprise. "You're…You're willing to do it."

"Hey, we're Pretty Cures," Cure Bloom stated. "We faced many difficult challenges here in Spectrum Land. Even ones back in our world from our former enemies."

"She's right," Cure Fortune agrees. "We're not the heroes who walk away from any given and hazardous situation they throw at us."

Mayor Cliff and Clair are blessed by the Pretty Cures' answers. "You truly are courageous and wonderful warriors that can save Spectrum Land," Clair said with a tear of joy.

Mayor Cliff then suddenly got on his knees and bows continuously to the Pretty Cure team. "Oh, thank you! Oh, thank you! Thank you for taking our plea. We are truly honored by your rightful and daring decision."

"Once again, Mayor, there's no need to grovel at us," Cure Ace said, feeling a bit awkward by the mayor's grovel.

"So then, how do we get to the rapids and the temple?" Tint asked.

Mayor regains his composure and answers, "First of all, you're going to need a boat."

"Aye!" Capt. Barny speaks, "I can handle that." The team heard the captain's response.

"You, Captain?" Tarte said in a little surprise.

"Can you and your boat handle the wavy rapids-lapi?" Flappy asked in concern.

"Ye pulling me leg?" the captain said rhetorically. "Remember, I was a captain of a sailing crew that we traveled the vast oceans of Blue Ocean and Spectrum Land. Me and me crew battle against many storms and waves back in me days. Also, me steamboat Little Orca was made from me former ship, Blue Orca. If me former ship can sail across the deadly seas, then so can me steamboat, me hearties."

Hearing from the captain's honest and firm statement, the Pretty Cure team assures that they can trust Capt. Barny to aid the Pretty Cures through the rapids.

"Alright," Cure Pine says and agrees, "Capt. Barny will be our boat chauffeur." The other team members agreed with Pine.

"Anything else, Mayor?" Cure Moonlight asks.

"Yes," the mayor answers. He then digs into his miner vest and then pulls out a chalk stick and a folded, withered paper. He shows both the items to the Pretty Cure team.

The mayor continues to talk. "Take these with you. These are both needed to get to the rapids. As you leave Chalk Cliffside and go further down the river, you'll come across a big bend. When you arrive there, look for a peculiar stone that's sticking out of the water. When you find it, draw the symbol depicted within this paper using this special chalk. The chalk and the symbol are the keys to opening and entering the rapids and getting into the temple."

After hearing the mayor's guidelines, Matt volunteers to take both the chalk and the paper. Curious to know, the gentleman unfolded the paper to see what's depicted. The withered paper shows a side hexagram within a hexagon. The Cures and the fairies also peeked at what's on the old paper.

"What is that?" Cure Marine asked. "Some kind of shape?"

"I think so-desu," Coffret agrees.

"I'll hold onto these until we find that stone," Matt said as he put both the chalk and the drawn shape paper in his messenger bag.

Mayor Cliff speaks again. "That's all you need to know, Pretty Cures," he said with little concern. "All I can now say is I wish you wonderful girls and your great friends the best of luck."

"Same here," Clair said and follows. "I pray for your safety and your success."

"Thanks, you two," Cure Mint said with an honest grin. "We won't let you down."

Capt. Barny drinks his last cup of tea and then speaks. "So, me lads and lassies," he said, "Shall we cast off?"

It didn't take long for the Pretty Cure team and Capt. Barny to arrive at Chalk Cliffside's small dock. The gang is on board on the captain's steamboat, getting ready to find the rapids and the Falls Temple. Mayor Cliff and his wife Clair are on the docks, seeing their heroes getting ready to sail.

"Once again, Pretty Cures," Mayor Cliff speaks, "I wish you all the best and successful luck of finding that Wonder Color and saving our world. We are forever in your debt."

"Yes," Clair agrees with her husband, "Please be safe. And I believe you'll survive and succeed too."

"Don't worry, Mayor," Cure Sunshine said with a calm grin, "you can count on us."

"We all made it this far with five Wonder Colors we've obtained," Cure Melody stated. "So, it should be no problem getting that sixth Wonder Color."

"Don't get too confident, Melody," Cure Muse says with a firm tone. "The last time you got overconfident is that midterm you took and failed."

Melody sulks in shame. "Don't remind me…"

Mayor Cliff turns to Capt. Barny, who's in the steering room. "And captain, you be careful too," the mayor warned.

"Don't worry, me lad," the captain replies with a wink. "Remember, I used to be great sailor back in me ol' years."

"We better take off," Cure Aqua commands. "I have this bad feeling that our homeworlds are still dying of lost color as we speak."

"Aqua's right," Tint agrees, "Let's get going."

Everyone on the team agrees. The captain agrees too, and he starts his steamboat engines. The machines revved up and moved.

"HEY! Wait!"

Someone shouted from afar, and the gang at the docks heard and look for the source. When they all looked up, the Pretty Cure team, Capt. Barny, the mayor, and his wife see a small group of citizens of Chalk Cliffside. A few people with smiles are waving at the team, and above them is a huge light brown drape hanging on the cliff's walls.

"Before you go, we want to show you something!" shouted a male resident to the Pretty Cure team. "All of us Chalk Cliffside folks wanted to show our appreciation for helping us save our home. Consider this as a thank you and good luck present from us."

The male resident turned to the group, which are few miner men and working ants. The male resident nods to the workers and vice versa. Then at the same time, the miners and ants pull ropes as it brings down the vast drape. When the drape is lowered, the Pretty Cure team became amazed at what they see.

Depicting on the Cliffs rocky walls is a chalk artwork of the Pretty Cure team. Every Pretty Cure warrior, fairy, including Matt Oda, is colored and drawn beautifully on the wall. The heroic team smiled.

"Thank you so much, Pretty Cures!" a female resident cheered to the team. "And good luck!"

Then all the residents of Chalk Cliffside wave and cheer for the Pretty Cure team. The team smiled and waved back at the people of the town.

"Well, blow me down," Capt. Barny said with a big grin. "Now that's a great present, me hearties." Then the captain pushes a lever, making the steamboat's paddle wheels turn. "Cast off!" He then steers the steamboat away from the docks and drives down the river.

All the townspeople kept waving and cheering the Pretty Cures. The team also kept waving hands back at the people. Mayor Cliff and Clair back at the docks wave their hands, wishing the Pretty Cures safe and the best of luck.

"Good luck, Pretty Cures!" Mayor Cliff cheered.

"We know you can do it!" Clair shouted with joy.

And the whole town of Chalk Cliffside watched the steamboat with the Pretty Cure team on it float down the river of Orange Canyon.

Some time passed, and the Pretty Cure team on Capt. Barny's steamboat is still cruising down the canyon's big river. They kept their awareness on high alert to find the big river bend and the peculiar stone to enter the rapids. A couple of Cures are in the steering room with the captain.

"Y'know," Cure Peace speaks up, "I'm curious where does this river lead to?"

"I thought ye might say that, lassie," Capt. Barny replies. "This river may be long, but ye leads to the grand opening waters of Blue Ocean."

"Really?" Cure Passion responds with awe. "I thought this river keeps going on forever."

"Nah, me hearty. Folks are curious about that, but I know this Orang Canyon's river like the back of me hand." The two Cures smile for the captain.

Just then, out on the deck, Cure Lemonade looks up and notices something. "Hey, look!" she called out to the gang.

Everyone heard and glanced. They all arrived at a big river's bend with a riverbank full of rock pillars sticking out of the water. As the team approaches the riverbank, Capt. Barny slowed his steamboat and came to a halt. The team observed the scenery.

"Is this the place?" Cure Lovely asked.

"It has to be," Ribbon replies with curiosity. "The mayor did say the entrance to the rapids is at the river's bank-desu wa."

"But… I don't see the rapids-daze," Glassan said in concern.

"Hold on," Cure Rhythm speaks, "Mayor Cliff said we need to find a particular rock to draw that shape in order to enter the rapids."

"There's just one problem," Cure Sword says. She then points to the rock pillars. "There is a number of rocks sticking out of the water, but we don't which one is that rock to draw the shape."

"It can be anyone these," Cure Lovely noted in a fret.

"Man, another puzzle?" Cure Marine said in irk. "I can't stand studying and puzzles."

"Hey Marine," Cure Sunshine says to her partner, "not everything in life is easy."

"For sure," Tarte commented, "but one of these small stone pillars is got to be the one to activate the door."

"But which one-desu wa?" Ribbon asked in concern.

The whole team kept staring at every single pillar to find the one they needed to draw the shape. They kept searching until Cure Peace spotted a particular pillar with a certain surface. Peace looked closely and sees the surface's shape. In her view, the pillar's surface is shaped like a hexagon. Peace kept staring and thinking, until…

"Hey!" Cure Peace shouted, alerting the team, "Doesn't this shape look familiar?"

A few Cures, including Matt, appear next to Peace and see the pillar. They all observed its shape.

"You're right…" Cure Egret says and thinks, "but where have we seen that before?"

They continued to stare at the oddly shaped rock pillar until Matt Oda's mind clicked.

"I think I know…" Matt responded.

The Cures and Capt. Barny watched Matt as the gentleman searched in his messenger bag for something particular in his mind. After a few seconds, Matt brought out the scrap of paper Mayor Cliff gave to the Pretty Cure team. He shows the diagram that's on the withered paper.

"Does this look familiar?" Matt asked while showing the picture.

When everyone observed the drawing, they blinked when the outline shape of the hexagon. They realized the drawing matches the shape of the odd pillar.

"Hey!" Cure Rhythm speaks, "That means… this pillar must be the one to draw that odd shape on it."

"You're right," Cure Sunshine agrees, "this pillar must be the key to entering the rapids, Mayor Cliff told us."

"Then there's one thing left," Cure Sword says. She turns to Matt Oda. "Matt…?"

Matt heard and nodded. He digs into his bag again and pulls out the magic chalk they received from Mayor Cliff. He brings the chalk and the drawing to Lemonade.

"Peace," Matt says, "since you found the pillar, would you like to do the honors?"

Peace heard, smiles, and replies, "Sure thing."

Cure Peace takes the drawing and the chalk from Matt. She then turns to the hexagon pillar. She takes one good look at the drawing first, then she copies it, using the chalk, by drawing onto the pillar's flat surface. Peace drew the side hexagram, exactly like the scrap paper. Once Peace is done, she stepped waited for the result.

Everyone else waited for a moment, but Nothing happens. Suddenly, the hexagram drawing on the pillar started to glow. Something's about to happen for the Pretty Cure team. Just then, they all felt a rumbling force like an earthquake. The quake is so powerful that it rocked Capt. Barny's boat back and forth.

"What's happening!?" Cure Peace panicked.

"I don't know!" Cure Peach replied and screamed.

"Hey! Look!" Cure Egret shouted and pointed.

Everyone turned in Egret's direction. In a stunning surprise, the gorge walls started to shake and move. A few seconds later, the walls split in half and move away from each other. The opening walls revealed another river path.

"Look at that…" Cure Princess said with astonishment.

"There's another path hidden behind the canyon's walls," Cure Beauty noted and witnessed.

"Well, blow me down," Capt. Barny said with shock. "This here path must lead to the rapids."

"Then we're on the right track," Tint stated with a grin. "Captain, full speed ahead!"

The captain heard Tint and Capt. Barny pushes his level, advancing his steamboat through the hidden river passage. As they progress into the secret path, the team becomes aware of the danger lying ahead.

Moments passed as the team is now within the river's secret path. So far, everything's calm and smooth as they continue floating down the river.

"Are you sure we're going down the right way?" Hummy asked. "I don't see any rapids yet-nya."

"Me neither-natsu," Natts agree.

Everyone kept calm but feel a bit scared, anticipating the dangerous watery rapids. The river still seems quiet, when just now everyone hears something. Everyone noticed the water of the river started to get splashy, a much louder sound. That's when everybody looked ahead and see the river's path becoming wavy. The Pretty Cure team and Capt. Barny now became a bit scared.

But Capt. Barny becomes firm and announces his radio communicator to alert the Pretty Cures. "Hold tight, me hearties," Capt. Barny says from the speakers. "Grab a rope or bar, and I'll steer me ship to safety."

Everyone heard and did what the captain said. As they entered the rapids, the captain guides his steamboat ship away from the rocks. Being the best sailor, Capt. Barny easily steers his boat without any problems. The team held on tight not to lose their grip. Splashes of the river's water got onto a few Cures and fairies but were slightly damp.

It took a few minutes, but somehow everyone on the steamboat made through the rapids with ease. When they are in the clear, the team all stood up and become confused.

"That's it!?" Cure Melody said in shock. "That was the rapids we had to go through?"

"That wasn't much of a dangerous trip at all," Cure Rouge noted in irk.

"Well, that was waste," Cure Aqua said in disappointment.

Cure Lovely scoffs and says, "Dangerous rapids… Yeah, right. What was the mayor so worked up about?"

Matt Oda becomes confused too, but suddenly he hears something from afar. The noise was coming from the bow's direction. It was then Matt has a deep and fearful feeling inside of him. But eager to know, the gentleman slowly walks to the bow and looks up ahead. He gets a glimpse from a distance.

Tint noticed Matt going to the bow and looking at what's up ahead. Curious, Tint floats to Matt. When Tint arrives, the butterfly fairy noticed his fearful expression.

"Matthew…?" Tint speaks in concern, "what's wrong?" The gentleman didn't respond, and he kept staring with his fearful face.

Tint didn't understand, but when she turned where Matt's looking, she instantly becomes scared.

The Pretty Cures kept talking about how the rapids weren't much of a challenge.

"That was easy," Cure Lovely said with pride. "I guess it's smooth sailing to the temple now."

"Uh… Lovely…. girls…" Matt speaks up, grabbing the team's attention. "I think we relaxed from our dangerous trip prematurely."

"Why do you say that?" Cure March asked.

"That wavy part back there… was just a warm-up. We're actually not done…

and the real threat begins now…


When Matt makes that command, everyone, including the captain, looked up ahead. They all become frightened.

Just about a quarter-mile up ahead are the rapids, only this time more wavy, splashy, and fierce than the first part. The river's current becomes strong and fast as it flows down the gorge in a steep drop. The team is about a wild and nightmare ride.

"Holy…" Captain Barny said in great shock. But reacts and makes another command on his communicator. "PRETTY CURES! Strap on! Get a belt and hook. They're in ye chests on deck! Now! Get on! HURRY!"

The Pretty Cure team heard and swiftly turned to see the chests near them. They opened every chest, containing the strong ropey straps and a sturdy metal hook tied to its end. Every Cure and Matt Oda grabbed one and tied the straps around their wastes. Once they did, they got their own hooks and clipped onto a mounting hook under the steamboat's rails. Every Pretty Cure warrior and Matt Oda are secured to the steamboat.

Capt. Barny makes another command. "Fairies! Get inside me steering room!"

The fairies heard, and they all rushed inside the steering room for safety. Once they did, the captain ordered the fairies to close and lock the doors. Tarte and Coco volunteered, and both slammed, shut, and locked the doors.

With everyone taking safety precautions, they are ready to face the diabolical and raging rapids. The steamboat is now within a few yards from the start of the wavy rapids.

Capt. Barny got his controls and steering ready. He then makes one last call to the team outside on the deck. "Everybody! Brace ye selves!"

The Pretty Cure team heard and held tightly to either the steamboat's rails or their own safety strap.

They are now within inches of the rapids.

"OH, MAN!" Cure Black screamed.

"I don't like this! I don't like this!" Cure Peace cried.

"Oh god…" Cure Mint prayed, "Please, spare us…"

"Oh boy…" Matt panicked.

"HERE WE GO…!" Cure Fortune shouted.

At that moment, the steamboat is then being pulled into the rapids. The boat then plunges into the rocky and wavy waters. The whole team screamed in a terrible fright. They all are going down the raging river. Captain Barny reacts immediately as he uses his steering wheel with brute force to guide his boat away from the rocks and fierce waters. They were close calls, but the captain drove his boat and missed the rocks and debris in the river by inches.

Every Cure screamed at the top of their lungs. "HANG ON TIGHT!" Milky Rose screamed.

The steamboat kept pounding and dropping on the river's surface many times, creating huge splashes and soaking the team. But everyone held their grip and not falling or sliding off the boat.

One splashing impact was powerful that it made Shiny Luminous her balance and fall the deck. Cures Black and White protect and comfort her. Another huge pounding splash caused Cure Happy to slip and lose her balance. She is at the edge of the rail is about to fall off the steamboat. But gentleman Matt Oda quickly grabs Happy hand and pulls her back on deck. Happy is relieved and thanked Matt for the rescue.

Everyone kept their balance as they progress through the horrific rapids. Suddenly, Capt. Barny sees something up ahead that scared him.

"Oh no!" the captain shouted.

"What's wrong!?" Cure Honey asked into a speaking tube to the captain.

"Roadblock! Twelve ye clock!"

After hearing what the captain stated, the Pretty Cure team looked stunned to see a giant boulder in the middle of the raging river and in their path. There is hardly any space to get around the boulder.

"Not good!" Tarte panicked.

"There's no way to get around-desu wa!" Ribbon screamed.

"We're going to crash-ropu!" Syrup said in a great fright.

The steamboat is closing in the boulder as the team panicked. But Cure Aqua, the Cure of Intelligence, struck an idea. She makes a command to the team.

"Quick! Rouge! Sunny! March!" Aqua called out, grabbing their attention, "Help me out! Launch your attacks at the boulder."

The three Cures heard and understood Aqua's advice. "You got it, Aqua!" Cure Sunny replies with a wink.

Then the four Cures summoned their magical attacks. "Sapphire Arrow!" "Fire Strike!" "Sunny Fire!" "March Shoot!" They aimed and sent their attacks to the boulder in the river's path.

The four magical attacks made contact on the boulder, and their force pierces into the boulder's core. After a few seconds… BOOM! The boulder was obliterated into pieces, clearing the river's path. With the boulder gone, the steamboat continues swiftly and safely down the rapid river.

The four Cures smiled for their success. "Nice work, ladies," Matt complimented with a thumb's up. The four Cures heard their gentleman friend and smiled at him.

Just then, everyone on the boat started to shake with tremendous force. Capt. Barny calls, "Head ups, lassies and lads. We're heading for a downfall."

The Pretty Cure team looked up ahead again to know what the captain meant. Everyone's fear increased as now the river starts to drop steeply. Everybody braced themselves and gripped tightly to their safety line and the boat's rails. The steamboat then suddenly drops fast down the steep raging river. More wavy and splashy of the steep river, the steamboat rocked back and forth. The team held tightly, and Capt. Barny kept his steering in control as he drives away from the rocky edges of the river.

As everyone on the steamboat flowed down the steep raging river, the team looked up to see the incoming obstacles heading their way.

A fallen tree is in the steamboat's path. "Tree!" Cure Ace shouted into the speaker tube. The captain heard and reacted as he turned away and missed the tree.

Up next is a big pointy rock in their path. "Rock!" Cure Fortune screamed. Capt. Barny sees and hears, and he avoids the rock by an inch.

Then coming up is an unfortunate obstacle, a pile of wood debris in their path. "Woodpile!" Matt screeched.

"Everybody, hold on!" Capt. Barny commanded via his communicator.

The Cures and Matt Oda ducked and hit the deck, bracing for the impact.


The forcing impact of the steamboat and the woodpile was powerful to quake everyone on the boat. But the steamboat's strong enough to pierce through the woodpile and continuing down the raging river.

The Pretty Cure team and Capt. Barny kept flowing down the dangerous watery river while avoiding the obstacles and rocky waves for some time. Then in great relief, they all arrived at the end of the terrifying rapids. The river starts to run smooth, and the waves are calm. When everyone witnesses this safe sight, everyone took a deep breath. Some of the Cures feel their heartbeat pump fast in a frighting feeling.

"Wow…" Cure Beat said in great relief, "That was crazy."

"You said it," Milky Rose agrees while being scared. "I can barely sit up after that wild ride we went through."

A few Cures went to the stern of the steamboat and looked back at the fierce rapids they all rode. They're in a far distance of the rapids, and the Cures felt relief to survive the dangerous and ruckus river.

"Well," Cure Fortune speaks, "All that matters is we're safe."

"Yeah," Cure Bloom agrees while being shocked, "I thought I was about to go overboard that time."

After catching a good breath, the Pretty Cure team and Capt. Barny relaxed and looked around for the temple they are searching for.

"We should see that temple now that we passed the rapids," Cure Dream said.

"Yeah, but where…?" Cure Pine asked as she looks for the temple.

The team looked high, low, and all around for the temple Mayor Cliff mentioned, but it's nowhere in sight. As everyone kept looking, Matt sees Cure Peace at the bow of the steamboat, standing and frozen. The gentleman becomes curious and walks up next to Peace. But Matt sees Peace in a terrifying look as if she sees a ghost. Matt becomes confused.

"Peace…?" Matt asks calmly, "What's the matter? You looked scared."

Cure Peace grabbed Matt's head and turned him to the cause of her fright. "Look!" Cure Peace panicked.

Both Peace and Matt see the river's edge where twigs and branches are falling off it. And in the opening distance is the vast land of Orange Canyon. What they are seeing is…

"Oh, don't worry," Matt calmly speaks to Peace. "It's only a waterfall."


Matt's loud scream alerted the whole team and Capt. Barny. When they heard Matt, everyone looked and see the upcoming waterfall they're heading. Every single being turned horrifically fearful.

"You've gotta be kidding me!?" Cure Rhythm screamed in fright.

Cure March scarily speaks, "It's bad enough to go through roaring and wavy rapids. But now THIS!?"

"Mayor Cliff didn't mention this death trap!" Cure Bloom panicked in fright.

"NO!" Cure Marine screeched, "I'm too young to die!"

"CAPTAIN! Turn around!" Tint commanded.

The captain heard, and he immediately pulls the shifting gear down to turn his paddle wheels backward. With the paddle wheels' power on full blast, the steamboat slowly pulls away from the waterfall's edge. But the river's current is too strong that the boat slowly moves towards the waterfall's edge. Capt. Barny tries to turn his steering wheel full force to guide the steamboat away from the waterfall and in the other direction. But the flow of both the river and waterfall are too strong that Capt. Barny couldn't turn his boat in the slightest.

"Mateys!" Capt. Barny shouted turn his steering wheel with full force, "I can't… move me boat away!"

"Try harder!" Cure Rouge yelled. "We got to get away!"

Capt. Barny is doing everything in his will to steer away, but the steamboat is now within feet of the waterfall's edge.

"We're getting too close!" Tint shouted.

Cure Mint just struck an idea and turns to Cure Beauty. "Beauty!" Mint called her, "Can you freeze the water? Maybe it's just enough to slow the river's current enough for the steamboat to escape."

"I can try…" Beauty replies. She then prepares her magical attack and takes aim. "Beauty Blizzard!" She launches her attack towards the edge of the waterfall.

The ice attack turned the edge into solid ice, however…

Crack! Crack! KER-RASH!

The slabs of ice shattered and fell towards the depths of the waterfall.

Cure Beauty grits her teeth and says, "It's no good! The waterfall is too strong." The Cures become terrified by Beauty's response.

"Passion!" Cure Peach speaks to her comrade, "Can you teleport all of us out of here!?"

Cure Passion replies, "If was just us Fresh Pretty Cure, I can do that. But in this case, not enough Pretty Cure power to support my teleportation." Peach becomes shocked.

"Captain!" Cure Lemonade cried, "You gotta turn away!"

Capt. Barny heard and kept his strong will to steer his boat away from the waterfall. The fairies are very concerned with the captain.

"Come on, captain-coco!" Coco shouted.

"You can do it-daze!" Glassan screamed.

Capt. Barny kept pushing his steering wheel for a while until he noticed the bow of his boat started to turn. In his mind, the captain is relieved to see his steamboat beginning to turn. "That's it, me baby!" the captain cheered.

The Pretty Cure team noticed the boat's bow is slowly turning away from the waterfall.

"We're turning!" Cure Dream cried with joy.

"We're going to make it!" Cure Blossom cheered.

The steamboat slowly kept turning away from the waterfall. POP! Suddenly, the rudder to the steamboat broke loose and washed away down the waterfall. The captain suddenly fell to the floor as the steering wheel spins rapidly and loosely. The boat rocked, causing the Pretty Cure team to lose their balance. But the steamboat that started to turn away has its bow now facing toward the waterfall's edge again. The team regained their balance and noticed they're heading to the waterfall again.

"What the…!?" Cure Marine panicked. "What happened!?"

"Why are we heading back to the waterfall?" Luminous said in fright.

"Captain!" Candy cried, "What happened-kuru!?"

The captain regains his balance and stands up on his feet. When he checks the steamboat's system panel, a red light blinks in a warning. Capt. Barny observes and becomes petrified.

"Plundering sea biscuits!" Capt. Barny shouted in shock, "The rudder broke off! I can't steer me boat!"

Everyone else heard the captain, and they are shocked.

"NOO!" Cure Lovely cried in horror.

"This is it!" Cure Sword panicked.

"UNBELIEVABLE!" Cure Black shouted.

The captain isn't giving up as he puts his steamboat into full steam power to send the paddle wheels backward from falling to their death. But at full blast, the steamboat is within inches of the waterfall's edge.

In seconds, the steamboat's bow is now hanging over the edge of the waterfall. But the next second, the steamboat starts to tilt downward. With the boat tilted, it causes a sliding drop making the team lose their balance again. While most of the team held tightly onto a rail from falling, A few Cures and Matt Oda slid down to the bow, screaming in fright. Thanks to the straps and hooks they are latched, the Cures and Matt came to a halt. But the girls and the gentleman become scared when they all see the steep depth and the waterfall base. It is a long and deep drop.

"Get to the back!" Matt Oda commanded. "Get to the back of the boat!"

Everyone heard Matt, and he and all the Cures and fairies rushed to the stern of the steamboat to put weight and keep the boat from falling. Capt. Barny held his hands on the speed level, keeping his boat in reverse. As most of the Cures and fairies are at the steamboat's stern, the steamboat continues to tilt downward. The steamboat is now in a steep position, making everyone hold tight onto the boat's rail from falling towards the bow.

The steamboat then stops tilting, preventing it from falling. The team kept their grip, but slowly they're losing it.

"I can't… hold on!" Cure Peace cried.

"I'm slipping! I'm slipping!" Cure Lovely shouted.

Cure Beat hangs on tightly to a rail and to Cure Muse. "Princess! Don't let go!" Beat screamed.

"I'm too perfect to die!" Cure Berry yelled in sorrow.

"Don't let go!" Tint shouted.

"My feathers are… slipping-ropu!" Syrup screamed.

"I'm losing it-nya!" Hummy cried.

Everyone held tight, hoping that the steamboat will back up from falling. Unfortunately…

Slip! Slip! Slip!

A few Cures and fairies lost their grip, and the gravity force made them hit the bow and windshield of the boat. With that one push, the steamboat begins to fall.

Capt. Barny noticed and turns frightened. "No…!" he screamed, "No! No! No! No! No! NOO!"

As the steamboat reaches to final tilt, the whole Pretty Cure team looked toward their falling fate. The steamboat falls…




Everyone and the steamboat plunge down the waterfall, facing towards their disastrous death.

Matt Oda turns horrified as he thinks in his mind. "It's all over…" Matt thought, "After everything I've been through, this is my fate. Just like my late friends." He envisions a memory of his old friends back in his home country. "They've gone so much…, and they gave up everything… for me. …At least… I got to meet the Pretty Cures this one time. If only… I had told them… my real reason to be part of the team…" Matt closed his eyes as he prepares to accept his death. "Farewell… everyone…"

As everyone and the steamboat kept falling, the Wonder Color Case in Matt's messenger bag slips out into the air. Shiny Luminous has her eyes closed in fear, but she opens her eyes and sees the Wonder Color Case coming towards her. When the golden heart Cure sees the case, a thought clouded her mind. After thinking for a quick second…

"That's it!" Luminous shouted as an idea hit her. She then sees Matt Oda, who has his eyes closed, and the case is next to his feet. "Matthew! MATTHEW!" The gentleman heard and opened his eyes. He then sees Luminous and the case in his view. "Quick! Send the case to me!" Matt becomes puzzled, but… "Just do it! HURRY!"

Matt heard and turned aggressive, thinking Shiny Luminous has an idea. He sees the Wonder Color Case and quickly kicks it, sending it towards Luminous. The golden heart warrior sees the incoming case and grabs it. Without hesitating, Luminous opens the case, spins the spinner, and summons a command.

"Wonder Colors!" Shiny Luminous shouted, "Save us from our fall! Please!"

Then the case glowed in a blue aura color. The Wonder Color Blue reacts, and magical blue streams came out of the case and headed towards the waterfall. When the Wonder Color Blue's power made contact, water from the falls came out and flew towards the falling Pretty Cure team.

The team noticed the flying water coming towards them. When it got close, the floating water wraps around the Pretty Cure team and Matt inside it. After a few seconds, the magical water encasing the team turns into giant bubbles.

"Wha…!? What's this!?" Cure Princess said in surprise.

"They're bubbles!" Cure White answers. "We can use these to float down to the ground."

"But why are we still falling fast?" Cure Melody asked in a panic.

A good question from Melody, making the team wonder in fright. But Matt noticed why as he sees the straps tied to him and everyone else.

"It's our straps!" Matt called to everyone, and they heard. "Our straps tied to the boat are pulling our fall! We got to take'em out!"

"Right!" Cure Bloom agrees, "Let's go!"

"Wait!" Aqua interrupted. She turns and sees… "We got to get the fairies and Capt. Barny!" Aqua sees the fairies and the captain in the steering room falling and having no bubbles around them. Aqua has an idea and explains, "Grab one! When we do, get your straps off! Let's go!"

Everyone agrees with Aqua's plan, and the Pretty Cures and Matt Oda use their straplines to reach the steering room. They all knocked on the glass and walls to alert the captain and the fairies when they arrived.

"Guys!" Cure Honey shouted from outside of the boat. "Open the door! Hurry!"

The fairies and the captain heard, and Tint, Shypre, and Syrup reached to the door and unlocked it. When the three fairies open the door, it immediately swung wide open due to the falling gravity force. Cures Aqua and Moonlight appeared at the door.

"Let's get you out of here!" Aqua commanded.

"What's stuff around you-desu!?" Coffret asked.

"Bubbles!" Moonlight replies, "We'll float down to safety. Now get inside with us. HURRY!"

"You heard the woman!" Tint shouts, "Let's go!"

The fairies agreed. Shypre is the first fairy to escape, and Blossom appeared to rescue her fairy. The air resistance is strong, but Blossom pulls Shypre into her bubble. Once Shypre is inside Blossom's bubble and wrapped by her Precure protector, Blossom unhooks her strap. Blossom is then immediately away from the falling ship, and she and Shypre floated down towards the base of the falls.

Soon one by one, the Pretty Cure warriors grabbed a fairy into their bubble and unhook themselves to float away from the falling steamboat.

When Matt Oda looks down, he sees something that shocks him. "Hurry, Everyone!" he shouted. "I can see the base and the sharp rocks!"

They all heard Matt's statement, but the team manages to get most of the fairies out of the steering room and float safely within the Cures' bubbles. All that was left in the room are Tint and Capt. Barny, who is holding onto his steering wheel.

"Come on, Barny!" Tint commanded, "Let's go!"

"Go on, matey!" the captain replies, "I'll catch up!"

"But Barny…"


Tint shudders by the captain's forcing command, but she listens and heads to Matt and Moonlight, who are still at the door. Moonlight grabbed Tint and turned to Matt Oda.

"Grab Tint and go!" Moonlight commands.

"Matthew!" Tint shouts as she reaches for him.

The gentleman reaches out for Tint. Matt grabs Tint by her hand and pulls into his bubble. Matt held tightly to Tint, and he unhooks his straps, releasing him into the air and away from the falling steamboat.

Once Cure Moonlight sees Matt Oda and Tint are safe, she turned to Capt. Barny still holding onto the steering wheel.

"Captain!" Moonlight shouts, "It's time to go!"

The captain heard, but he speaks, "But… But… me…"

"Capt. Barny! It's not worth it! I don't want to see you die. Please, come on!"

The captain didn't want to part his steamboat that used to be his proud sailing ship. He felt concerned.

"Captain!" Moonlight called and got the captain's attention again, "Don't let this beauty be a burden to your sadness forever. I had this kind of problem too, but if you hold on to your regret and failure for eternity, then you'll seal yourself from the world that can lead you to your true happiness. What will happen to Mayor Cliff and everyone else when you die?

This steamboat and ship will never let you down. No matter what happens, as long you have the happy memories of your sailor friends, your adventures, and this boat, they will always be in your heart forever.

Captain Barny, grab my hand!"

The captain heard Moonlight's wise words and turned regret to his former ship and remodeled steamboat. He sheds a tear and looks at a plaque described Little Orca. But he envisions, remembers, and sees the plaque stating Blue Orca. Capt. Barny sheds tears.

"Goodbye, me baby…" Capt. Barny said in sorrow, "Tanks for ye memories…"

Then Capt. Barny instantly lets go of the steering wheel and heads to Moonlight. He reaches out to the Cure and vice versa. The air resistance force prevents the two from touching their hands. Capt. Barny sees and noticed they are getting close to the base of the waterfall. The captain wasn't giving up, and he extends his hand with all his might.

In the next second, Cure Moonlight grabbed the captain and pulled into her bubble. With the captain inside Moonlight's bubble, she unhooks the straps, and the two floated away from the falling steamboat.

Everyone, the Cures, the fairies, Matt Oda, Tint, and Capt. Barny escaped without harm. As everybody floated down gently via their bubbles, they see the steamboat reaching to the base. Then…


Barny's steamboat crashed into the base of the falls and the sharp pillar rocks. The whole steamboat became wholly annihilated. The Pretty Cure team and Capt. Barny are so relieved to escape from their deaths, but they turned terrified to see the steamboat crash into smithereens. Everyone kept their shocking state, and Capt. Barny turned regretful as he sees his once old ship sinking into the waterfall's base underwater.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Moments later, the Pretty Cure team and Capt. Barny arrived at the bottom of the falls safely as their bubbles burst when they touched the ground on flat rocky terrain. Everyone is still shocked by the near-death experience they all had, but they are relieved to be alive. Luminous gives the Wonder Color Case back to Matt Oda.

"Great job, Luminous," Matt complimented. "That was quick-thinking work you did."

"Hehe…" Luminous giggles, "I guess all that cleverness from you rubbed off on me."

"I saw my life… flashed before my eyes…" Rhythm said in shock.

"Oh, my heart," Pine said in fear, "I've never felt my heart beating this so fast."

"Sweet ground!" Marine said with great relief as she kisses the ground, "Sweet, beautiful, calm ground!"

"Oy, Marine…" Blossom said in an awkward mood.

"I hope we never go through that scary nightmare again," Diamond said while being a bit scared.

"Me too…" Rouge agrees as she is a bit fearful.

"My fur is still standing on its end…" Tarte said in fear.

"Mine too-nya…" Hummy follows.

Potpourri is with Cure Sunshine, and the yellow fairy snuggles into the Cure's arms. Potpourri is trembling with fear.

"That was so scary-deshu…" Potpourri said in fear.

"It's alright now…" Sunshine said as she comforts her fairy. "We all made it in one piece."

"For sure," Black said while breathing heavily, "I'll never go on something like that again. I can't stand any more water getting splashed on me."

"Me too," Lovely follows. "And my hair is still wet from that crazy boat ride."

"Same here," Beat speaks wipes the water off her hair.

"Ditto," March says as she wrings the water from her long green hair.

When Matt heard and observes the Cures, he asks a question. "You know Pretty Cure," Matt speaks to the magical girls, "this has been making me curious ever since I first saw you transformed."

"What's that, Matt?" Ace asks while swishing the water out from her hair.

"When you transform into Pretty Cure..., why does your hair grow big?"

After Matt spoke that question, every Pretty Cure warrior stopped and stared at him. Every Cure has awkward looks on their faces. Matt noticed and shudders a bit.

"What...?" Matt said with a little fear, "Was that too personal?"

"Oh, Matt..." White said with a cheeky grin, "For a smart gentleman, you have such a unique charm."

The other Cures agrees with White, and they all giggled. Matt Oda now becomes a bit confused.

As everyone catches their breath and giggled at Matt's silly question, The moon flower Cure Moonlight sees Capt. Barny on his knees and facing near the calm river. Moonlight approaches the captain and spots the old sailor holding a plaque inscribing Little Orca. The captain's face is mournful as he sees his plaque and all the pieces of his steamboat floating down the river. Moonlight begins to worry. Moonlight sits next to the captain and places her hand on the retired sailor. The captain noticed her presence.

"It'll be alright, Captain," Moonlight says with a gentle smile. "The ship you sailed long ago will always be with you in your heart."

Capt. Barny heard the Cure, and he makes a curious look. "Ye seemed like ye dealt with this kind of hang the jib. Uh… ye painful experience, I mean. How ye come?"

Moonlight kept her calm smile and replies, "Because… I lost two of mine that I loved due to my ignorance. I got carried away in my pride as a strong Pretty Cure warrior, and I felt regretful when I lost someone important to me. It felt like I don't deserve to be a Pretty Cure anymore…

But thanks to a few cheery and happy comrades of mine, I've learned something. As long as you have good friends at your side to help your agony, Nothing that's important to you will stop you and be a burden of your sadness. Always think of the good memories you had together and keep moving forward. Remember their one happy wish and keep it so you can also be happy for them and yourself."

Moonlight turns to her Heartcatch Pretty Cure friends and smiles. The captain sees the Moonlight's comrades too. "Blossom, Marine, and Sunshine made me realize that. And I'm proud for them and myself." She then turns to Capt. Barny and tells something wise to the old sailor. "If you think about it, Mayor Cliff, Clair, and everyone in Chalk Cliffside that know you, including your old sailor friends, would be devastated if went down with your ship. You may have lost your beloved boat that consisted of many memories of your sea adventures, but your living friends and family will be there to help you and smile again. Just like what my loyal comrades did to me."

After hearing Moonlight's wise and comforting words, Capt. Barny understands and remembers all the happy times he used to be a top sailor with his crew and ship. And how he enjoys driving his steamboat to take passengers to Chalk Cliffside. He makes a big smile. Then the captain speaks to Moonlight.

"Thanks for ye comforting words, matey," Capt. Barny said with a grin. Moonlight heard and smiles for the captain. "Curious… who was ye mateys ye lost?"

Moonlight didn't make regrets and says, "Cologne, my late fairy partner, and… my father."

Capt. Barny blinked but happily says, "You ye strong-hearted lassie, matey."

Cure Moonlight and Capt. Barny enjoyed their conversation to cope with their problems, until…

"Whew!" Cure Heart said in relief and got everyone's attention, "Now that we're finally safe from danger, where do you think the temple is?"

When the team heard Heart, everyone becomes concerned about the whereabouts of the temple.

"I'm not really sure," Milky Rose said in worry. "We passed the rapids and survived the waterfall, but it could still be a long way to the temple."

"She's right," Cure Egret agrees, "and we don't have a boat anymore. The temple may be down the river more, but it'll take some time to get there."

Some of the Pretty Cure warriors droop in misery.

"Great…" Cure Happy said and mourned, "after everything we went through and hearing this, I think we're completely lost."

"Uh… Actually," Cure Peace speaks up, "I think we made it."

"And what makes you say that?" Cure Sunny asked while being sulked.

"Look!" Everyone heard Peace and looked in her direction. When they all did, everyone gasped.

Appearing in everybody's view is a giant temple carved from the canyon's walls. A big moat surrounds the temple, and waterfalls flowed from the canyon's cliffs. Water from the cliffs flowed into the temple's roofs and out from its stony storm gutters. Four massive pillars are supporting the temple, and huge stone stairs leading into a grand opening door.

The Pretty Cures, the fairies, Matt Oda, Tint, and Capt. Barny are awestruck.

"Is that… the Falls Temple?" Matt asked the team.

"I don't believe it," Tint said in surprise. "Somehow…

we made it."