Chapter 17: Meaning of Flock

"DEAAAAANNNNNN-OOOOOOOO! PLAY WITH ME!" Gabriel flung himself across the distance in a way only cartoon characters could achieve into Dean's lap. Dean's reaction was equally amusing.

"Holy shit! Gabe, what the hell?!" Dean's jerked motion of surprise caused his knees to hit the table dumping coffee all over the space it rested on. Nothing was damaged due to Sam's quick thinking, but bitch face #32 (I am so done with your shit but I'm not going to say anything) made an appearance.

Gabriel pouted at the eldest Winchester. "Sammy's busy with research," his face twisted into a grimace, "so he won't do anything with me so that leaves you."

Dean gave him an incredulous look from where he was mopping up coffee, "What about Cas? Or Lyn?" He gestured with the sodden brown rag.

Gabriel continued with his sullen face, "Cassie's gone back to the Club of Singing White Chickens for something and Lyn's busy with something stupid."

I raised my eyebrow at him. "Gabriel you do realize that I am trying to ensure the continued survival of the brothers correct?"

Sam looked over at me in confusion, "How? We're not doing anything."

"It is unavoidable that you come into contact with angels and with your joining into our flock as mates I am creating ways for you two to interact with myself, Gabriel's, and Castiel's true forms."

Now it was Dean's turn to blink in confusion. "Wait, mates? And how?"

I looked at him, "Yes I thought you were aware of your situation and jewelry made of angel's grace can give humans the capability to hear and see and angel's true form and voice."

"No!" Dean's voice raised in pitch, "I didn't know this development!"

"Dean it isn't a matter to be embarrassed by. Your relationship with Castiel isn't frowned upon, same with Sam and Gabriel's relationship."

"What!? Sammy and this goofball?!" Dean's voice again raised, his finger switched between pointing at Gabriel and pointing at Sam.

Sam and Gabriel's faces were a blazing red at this point and Sam was awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

I tilted my head, "Yes I thought you were aware. The rest of us are informed about your romantic relation with Castiel."

Dean buried his head into his hands bemoaning his "dark" fate. I rolled my eyes, the eldest Winchester was obviously the most dramatic of our entire flock. I turned back to my work. Slowly but surely my gold and silver grace created several slender and beautiful piece of jewelry to be worn.

Four cuffs of silvery metal faded into existence with runes and spidery written enochian engraved into the surface. The two meant for Dean had added runes of mating and protection in white from Castiel, it would ensure that the mortal would always be able to be found by the angel. Sam's were the same except the runes were by Gabriel, in bronze instead of white.

These cuffs would give the two the ability to see and interact with the true forms of angels.

A pendent that was missing a stone melted into a form just above my hand. Two angels' wings wrapped around the empty setting, as if cradling a precious treasure. A mixture of Gabriel's grace and Sam's blood would form a stone giving him the ability to hear the true voices of angels.

Deans was different, it wasn't a pendent for one, it was an earring. The cuff was silver and formed a angels' wing, it looped around the back of the ear making it seem like the ear had feathers behind it. The stone (again grace and blood) wouldn't be one large one, but smaller ones set throughout the feathers.

I smiled, I was proud of my work and I hoped that the boys would like them. I stood and set the items in front of their respective owners.

The brothers looked at me and then at the jewelry, "Wow this is really impressive Lyn."

"Thank you Sam. The cuffs are so that you can see and interact with the true form of angels. The pendent for Sam will allow him to hear the true voice of angels and the earring will do the same for Dean."

"Why did I get an earring?" asked Dean.

"I thought you would like this better than another necklace to wear, and you already have the cuffs and a ring to wear. I can change it if you wish."

"No, no this is good." Dean picked up the earring. "So what's with the empty spaces?"

"The spaces will be filled with a mixture of your blood and your angel's grace. That will ensure your ability to hear the true voices of all angels."

Sam cleared his throat, "That's great Lyn but why do you refer to Gabe and Cas as 'our' angels?"

I blinked at him, "They are your mates I assumed this was known information."

Sam's face was steadily growing more and more red as we spoke, "Well yeah but you don't have to broadcast it."

"Is this a human behavioral affair? In angelic culture a large flock that is open with their relationships is envied and thought to be very high class in heaven."

Dean and Sam's faces were flaming red by this point, Gabriel on the other hand was unusually serious.

"You guys do realize what you mean to us right? We're a flock and that never really ends." Gabriel's eyes were solemn as he gazed at the two brothers, "Angels take the choosing of their life partners very seriously, an average courtship lasts about five centuries and that's on the short side of things. You guys aren't being forced into this, we wouldn't call you flock if you weren't our life mates."

Dean and Sam looked back at Gabriel with confused eyes, "But, how do you know? We're human, we'll die someday and why would you want us?"

Gabriel's laugh held a note of sadness. "You idiots, you may not feel it now but you're gaining grace, you're becoming angels. And of course we want you, we've been watching over your souls since the dawn of time. I may have lost it for a bit but I never gave up. Lyn was actually the one who showed us you guys, normally that's forbidden but he did. It gave us hope."

He smiled at the two brothers. "You guys mean the world to us."

Dean coughed into his hand, "Yeah well we like you too Gabe."

Sam smiled gently at Gabriel and kissed his forehead, whispering "Love you too." Into his ear.

I smiled at Dean, "Castiel loves you as well Dean, even though you won't listen to him."

Dean's blush spoke for itself.

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