Hi everyone, thank you for your love and patience. No, I am not dead. However, I have left my fanfiction to sit on the backburner, and this is why.

I'm working on editing an original book of my creation.

Ideally, this book will be out by summer next year, and the editing should be done by Christmas. I'm not making any promises about the date of publication as I am going to try publishing it traditionally, but if that does not work I most likely will head over to Kickstarter or another site that will help me self-publish. I am on Tumblr and Facebook under Falkyns-Flight (Tumblr) and Falkyn's Flight (Facebook) where I will be posting one-shots from within this world of my creation. For many of you, there will be no interest, which I respect, but if any of you want to take a look feel free, I would love to hear what you think.

This will be added to the final chapter of Change the World in a few weeks to a month.

Thank you again,

Falkyn's Flight