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Tony always knew he was different from others. He knew he wasn't a normal child. After all what normal child can build a circuit board at the age of four?

what normal child could connect to the internet using his mind?

This isn't Tony's only ability. And it wasn't until the tender age of six did Tony learn what he was. The thing his father hates most in the world...a Mutant.

The first time Tony noticed he had special abilities is at the age of four;

Young Anthony Stark aka Tony sat in silence at his desk happily working away on his project: building a circuit board when it happened. All of a sudden it felt

as though electricity surged from the pieces of machinery and into his fingers. With a startled yelp Tony dropped he circuit board, but the feeling of electricity

convulsing throughout his body has remained, Tony could feel a faint humming in the back of his mind.

"W-What's happening?!" Tony started to panic but stopped imminently when he saw the circuit board begin to light up, spark with energy.

Creeping slowly out of his chair and moving towards the circuit board Tony leaned down, slowly moving his fingers towards the circuit board, this time when

Tony touched it, it felt warm, it kind of made him feel safe, content even. Laughing quietly under his breath Tony began to test out what he could really do

with this new-found ability of his by first finishing the circuit board, and then he began to mess around with his cellphone. Tony had tested how much energy

he was capable of absorbing or giving to devices. He realized he could change the energy he had absorbed into another type of energy or form. So for the

next two years of his life Tony had never spoken to others of his abilities, though he was suspicious that the butler Jarvis knew, Tony practiced and soon

learned to control his talents. He even begun to explore his limits, along the way Tony had even managed to develop new abilities/ powers!

It was a week after Tony's sixth birthday during dinner, When Howard Stark Tony's father stumbled into the kitchen reeking of alcohol. Howard muttered

incoherent things under his breath as he sat at the dinner table awaiting for Maria Stark, his wife to bring him his dinner.

"What's the matter, Honey?" Maria Stark asked her husband carefully knowing all to well that when drunk (Which was often) Howard had a way of lashing out

at herself or their son, Anthony (Tony).

"A Colleague of mine, called a few hours ago," Howard sipped his beer he had brought to the table. "H-hic! He told me some information he found...Some

Professor Charles Xavier is opening a school for MUTANTS!"

Tony knew better than to try to talk to his father when he is drunk, but his curiosity had gotten the best of him so he asked Howard, "What's a Mutant?"

Even though he had a pretty good idea about what a mutant was, possibly what he was.

"Antho-" Maria started to say but was cut off by her husband.

"No Maria. He needs to know." Turning to face Tony Howard began to speak once more, "Anthony, mutants are Monsters, They pretend to be normal, They

pretend they are not Freaks but they are! No they are a waste of valuable resources, none of them deserve to live, They should all be locked up, and


'I...I really am a mutant? wait...Monster...Freak...a waste...none deserve to live...locked up...killed?! B-But I don't want to die! Is that what daddy

thinks?' While Tony was having these thoughts mentally panicking. he had unknowingly used one of his abilities lifting various utensils around him into the

air, floating around him. Only when Tony had heard his mothers scream out his name did he become aware of what he had done, but by then it was too

late for his father was already advancing towards him. It was the look on Howard's face not his fathers intimidating presence approaching him did he fear,

the look on Howard's face was that of Pure Hatred, Anger and Disgust.

That night, was the very first time Tony every referred to his so-called 'Father' as Howard, right after he had beaten Tony to the point of unconsciousness,

even unconscious Howard continued to kick, punch, yell out at Tony.

The things Tony remembered most about that night is not only Howard's face but also the things Howard has screamed at him 'You're a Freak! YOU ARE