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"Melodies & Desires" by Lykke Li

Follow these instructions
Do exactly as I do
Lean your shoulders forward
Let your hands slide over to my side
Move your body closer
Let your heart meet mine

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
I was the melody
Now sing it with me

Come a little closer
Take a look at me
This light is so obvious

I want you to see

I exhaled, the moment my dress fell to the floor.

In the distance, I heard music and laughter; the ambiance of adolescence. It was cold in that tight, dark space, in the broom closet, but the second I laid eyes on him, was the second those sounds and voices disappeared. I stood before him, in the quiet, as he leaned close to me and wove his fingers through my hair.

"It's okay," he murmured to me, brushing our lips together. "You're okay."

It wasn't until he said that, that I realized I was shaking. I was nervous, as I should have been. I barely knew him, but I wanted to. If he desired to, he could have taken me in a storm of lips and muscle, but he didn't. I could tell, by the way he kissed me, that he wanted to know me, too. In knowing that, I tentatively wrapped my arms around his neck, and arched, coaxing a low and uninhibited moan from him.

God, that sound…

I breathed in through my nostrils, absorbing more of him, as he lowered his hands, from my hair to the small of my back.

It was a subtle, slow burn, from his body to mine. I tensed under his touch, making all sorts of sounds and feelings all sorts of ways, in my head, in my heart and in the area between my thighs. It tingled, as he kissed me deeper. I wanted him there. I wanted his fingertips, his lips and his skin. Slowly, he felt along the mid-section of my back, wherein his hand made contact with the strip of lace there. I knew what was coming and I held my breath, as he unhooked my bra, releasing the pressure that bound me so tight.

"You okay?" he knew to ask, whispering the words to me.

I looked up at him, nodding once; slow but certain. It was difficult to see in the dimness, but I recognized his look as one of ranging emotions. I sensed he was holding back.

"You…You can touch them…" I said to him, anxiously.

In response to that, a small smile found his lips, before he cupped my cheek and kissed me lightly. "You're kind of adorable. You know that?"


"And sexy…" he added, flicking one look between us, drowning me in the oceans he had for eyes. "So unbelievably sexy."

I released the breath I had been holding, feeling the faint tingle between my legs turn into a hot, heavy throb, as he kissed me again and pressed me flat against the wall. Ooh, that felt good. I was delirious by the time he lowered his lips down the length of my neck, kissing me there, marking me, grazing his tongue along my pulse.

"Nnngh…" I bit down on my bottom lip, tossing my head to the wall, as he

grasped my sides and dragged his lips and tongue even lower. "Oh, my…" I couldn't think straight. I could only sway against him, succumbing to the heat of his mouth as it lingered over my left nipple. I felt it rise and tighten, stimulated by his lips and the tip of his tongue. Merlin knows how I kept my cool when he started to suck on it. Oh wait, I didn't. I fingered through his hair and watched him, as he wetted the other nipple and sucked, tightening it between his teeth. "Nnngh, yes…feels…so…."

Words escaped me, the moment I felt his hands sink to my hips. I suddenly became very aware of how aroused I was. A rush of moisture found the silk of my knickers, dampening them, as he hooked his fingers on the sides and dragged them down my thighs. Bared to him, I moistened my lips and took one second to breathe, before I felt his tongue just there.

I shuddered against the wall as he probed me there, licking under the hood of my clit, flicking at it, tasting it, breathing onto it and then kissing it. How on earth I had managed to overlook him for so long, I have no idea. I couldn't help but wonder whether he had performed this act on anyone else, and made a mental note to thank whomever it was, for teaching him so well. With one hand, he slung my left leg over his shoulder and delved deeper, digging his fingers into my hips and eating me out until I fell apart.

It came over me in waves; the first one being the strongest, and the last one being the longest. I arched my back and tugged at his hair, convulsing with his mouth still on me, lapping my sensitive areas and bathing me in care. It happened in slow motion, frame by frame. I feathered forward, and he was there to catch me. With both hands, he brushed my hair back, looking at me to see that I was okay, before tilting his head down and kissing me. I tasted the arousal on his lips — my arousal.

"I've wanted to do that for so long," he whispered to me, smiling. "I would have done it that first night, in the dungeons."

I looked up at him, smiling back. "Is that so?"

He nodded, transitioning that smile into a smirk. "You were so cute in that little skirt," he continued, biting on his bottom lip as he remembered. "And tonight, in that dress. God."

I couldn't help it. I giggled a little bit, slinging my arms around his neck, to bring him close for another kiss. Our naked chests pressed together, and he lifted me up, securing my legs around his hips. I felt something hard there, between my thighs. On instinct, I rubbed against it, causing his muscles to contract and another one of those low moans to leave his lips.

A little less gentle this time, his teeth tugged at my bottom lip. I moaned his name, rolling it over my tongue, as he lowered me to the floor.

Somewhere along the line, he draped his cloak over the cold, stone surface. It was still considerably hard, and the look on my face must have shown it, because he switched positions with me rather quickly. I tried to tell him he didn't have to do that, but he silenced my protests with another kiss. It was a lost cause, because the next second I was on his lap, straddling him, as his hands squeezed my bare arse.

"Trousers off," I murmured, all Head Girl-like, sucking in a sharp breath of air, as I felt the material between us vanish. I glanced down, eyes wide. "…Where did…How did you…"

"A wizard never reveals his secrets," the Slytherin teased, kissing the top of my nose, before leaning back a little. "I don't mean to kill the mood or anything, but I have to ask…are you sure about this…about me?"

It surprised me, when he uttered that last bit. "Of course I'm sure," I said to him, quiet but confident. "I want this…and I…I want you."

"You're not…afraid?"

"Of you? No." I glanced down, thinking for a moment. "Of the pain? Yeah, a little bit…I…I don't want it to hurt."

His eyes tendered. "If it hurts too much, I'll stop, okay?" Yes, he actually said that, and yes, it was so cute. "We'll take it slow. I promise."

And he meant every word of it.

I took a deep breath, feeling his lips on mine and his arms around me. On a strange, inexplicable level, I wondered if I would ever get the chance to do this again, with him or anyone else. Because I was in sixth year, there was a looming, ominous cloud that shadowed over me at all times, as well as my friends.

Sensing what was on my mind, he brushed the hair from my face and used one hand to dab the corners of my eyes. Something about the way he knew me without really knowing me, loosened the knot in my chest, allowing me to draw full, rejuvenating breaths, as he reached below and guided me onto him.

I tensed, startled by the brief stretch of discomfort. It was different from the sensation I expected, and it hurt significantly less than I thought it would. I braced myself for only a minute, allowing his hands to guide me lower and lower. It didn't escape me, the fact that he maintained his self-control, and I planned on rewarding him for it later. In that moment, however, all I could do and all I think about, was the natural, mind-numbingly titillating feeling of being filled so completely.

"You okay?" he asked, breathing rather deeply.

I opened my mouth, whimpering a little. "Please…keep…keep going…"

It took him a moment to collect himself, before he could. And when he did, I closed my eyes, securing my arms around his neck and shoulders, as our bodies moved together. It was slow, like he promised, but the pleasure was fast. Suddenly, I realized why he chose this position — both of us sitting up with our faces so close together. I could feel him in so many places, on my lips, my breasts, inside me and in that special place, where his abdominal muscles stimulated me, rubbing up against me.

In four places at once, and I knew I didn't stand a chance.

I climaxed on top of him, feeling every muscle in my body tighten and then release, over and over again. It was kind of emotional, actually. I remember him holding me as it happened, as I rode the waves.

"Was that nice, Granger?"

"Mmm…" I nodded, bringing my hips to a sway. "Again."

I'm sure he wanted to poke fun at me for being so greedy, but he didn't say a word. It seemed the movement of my hips worked to silence him, turning that smirk into a look of complete and utter ecstasy.

Again his hands found my arse cheeks, spreading them as he moved in and out of me. I opened my mouth, moaning. "Hnghh…yes…"

"God, you feel so good…" he groaned. "…so tight…"

Our words continued like that, broken and staggered and layered in lust, as we maintained that slow, heart stopping rhythm. I came again, roughly this time, shouting a string of expletives through gritted teeth. Something about me wanting him to blank the blank out of me and then drizzle me in his — I think you get the point.

On that note, he did, too.

Right on time, his movements quickened, catching the me in final waves of my orgasm, whilst threatening to detonate another. I grasped his shoulders and hung on as he gained speed and depth. It left me with a satisfying ache — shooting pleasure through every inch of my body. Mere minutes of that, and I sunk to the floor, laying with him back-to-front, as the sex carried on, growing more and more frantic, more and more intense.

I moaned outrageously loud, as he reached around me, using one hand to rub my clit and the other to tweak and tug at my nipples. How dare he try to make me come again, when he hasn't come once.

It happened quickly after that.

Our bodies met in a series of soft, but firm thrusts. My arse cheeks prickled with heat, slapping against his thighs, when finally those strong, lean limbs tightened around me.

Just like that, the world exploded in a bright, magnificent display of lulling rapture. I breathed out, hoarsely, falling limp against the cloak, feeling Nott come down in a similar manner. In the calm after, we rolled onto our backs and stared up at the ceiling, breathing in and out, just thinking.

"I think we just had sex," he voiced, quite obviously teasing me.

"Yeah," I agreed, laughing a little. "We totally did, didn't we?"

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