Kami-Chan Disease Def-Con Center

Summary: While the world seems to be going crazy Aogami, Tsuchimikado and Maika decide to do a podcast about Touma Kamijou and the girls that seem to attract to himself. A Drabble spin off from Twist of Fate.

The previous episodes of the podcast are in Twist of Fate

Chapter 1: From the Hospital

Various screens across Academy City started to flash the new update of the podcast.

The new title of the show starts to flash just before the smiling face of Aogami sitting next to Tsuchimikado who was in a hospital bed.

"Hey, welcome back." Aogami smiled. "Welcome to Kami-Chan Disease Def-Con Center."

"A name I'm not a hundred percent sure with." Tsuchimikado tugged on his hospital gown.

"You will have to forgive him." Aogami explained to his audience. "You probably know about that whole weird Level Upper incident that took out most of the espers in the city and it seems like Tsuchimikado was one of the unfortunate to get hit hard by it."

"I still can't believe you missed it." The spy glared through his sun glasses.

"I'm a heavy sleeper. I hope you are all feeling better than him. Anyway I'm scrubbing all the computers after what happened just to be safe. We might have to take down some of the old episodes to make sure. "

"There is still some new news about Kamijou. I've been talking to the staff hospital and they have been telling me that Kamijou was dragged in again."

"Again?" Maika let out an annoyed sighed from behind the camera.

"Please tell me the girls were the ones to beat him up this time." Aogami held a tight fist.

"Not a clue. I asked the doctors and they said something happened to him but they didn't know what. He lost a fair bit of blood, with plenty of bruises and cuts. They didn't mention much else just though they are keeping an eye on him because he might have damaged his nerves."

"Wait, should a doctor be telling you this?"

"I'm a friend of his and I worry."


"Anyway, I managed to get the names of the girls. There are some familiar names like always but there are some girls I wasn't expecting. The girl that goes by Ureapaddy has been seen following him around him there is this girl named Shutaura who seems to have a habit of wearing skin tight cat suit?"

"Cat suit?" Aogami caught those words.

"And then there is the girl Nunotaba who seems to have a whole gothic lolita thing going for her."

Excitedly Aogami jumped up, "Did you get pictures?"

"Uh no." Tsuchimikado was a spy and a damn good one but he wouldn't provide pictures. He was willing to stab someone in back but for a reason if he flashed a picture of Ureapaddy then that could spell out trouble and the same for Nunotaba. As for Shutaura he was certain that it would spell out trouble from the Board of Directors to flash a picture of the leader of the Black Crow Unit.

"Damn you Kamijou!" Aogami screamed out. "You getting Gothic lolita and girls in cat suits. You with all these girls who look like super models!"

That was when Tsuchimikado received a text on his phone. He quickly read it over. "Huh, Nee-chin?" His sun glasses fell down his nose just a little bit. "Crap!"

Tsuchimikado bolted out of his bed and out of the room.

Maika ran after him. "The doctor said stay in bed and get better!"

Aogami was left in the room alone staring at the camera. "Well, I guess that is it for the show today. Well, we might change the name so feel free to send suggestions for new names. If you guys want to know more about any of the girls after Kamijou send in the request. Or if your curious or anything feel free to send it in. So bye for now." Aogami smiled as he waved at the camera and the screen went black.

Authors Notes: Hiya. So I'm doing the podcast side story to help show whats happening in the background and answer questions about the harems and what not. I got the title from a guest of the story. So send questions and whatever for Aogami and Tsuchimikado to answer and what not while the main story continues on. If anyone wants to beta these drabbles let me know. and you can leave questions in the reviews or leave me a opm