I know I wrote this somewhere earlier, but I cannot seem to find it. This is just the restating and perhaps expansion of certain ideas. Although I have never professed it, I seem to retain a fascination with the anime of SM. I will also be so gauche as to put forth a fanfic about it, if only to laugh at their fukus.

This story takes place on two fronts. One is in the past, very far back. "Back to a time when the infamous Moon Princess tried to regain power with the aid of the renegade Time Mistress and their cohorts, the Inner Senshi."

"But sensei! Records now show that the Moon Princess was being manipulated by the Time Mistress!" interjected the ever-enthusiastic Saturn.

"Yes, Moraine, but it still does not change the fact that with her backing of the Ginzouhou jewel, however misdirected she was, Sailor Moon, known as Usagi in those times, helped cause the deaths of billions through passivity.

"Ah, I can see your brow wrinkling Pluto, so I will explain further. When your predecessor twice removed sought to bring eternal peace to the solar system, her intentions were corrupted by long terms in the time gates. This Setsuna Meiou lost perspective about her job and responsibility. The previous Moon Queen tasked her in the time of the Silver Millennium to WATCH over the time gates for intruders, NOT manipulate time herself. The old Pluto was never supposed to actually look into the gates themselves."

"Ah... that would also explain why she lived so long as well," said Seiko.

"Correct, Nemesis. Prolonged direct interface with eh Gates causes a breakdown, or corruption, of Pluto's will. Contact will also extend the Senshi's life span beyond all proportion, thus allowing Setsuna to live from the Silver Millennium to when the Senshi were reborn."

Sailor Nemesis bowed her head in acknowledgement of the underlying praise in her sensei's voice. As she was the intermediate Senshi between the Inners and the Outers, it was up to her to keep the peace, and to keep channels open between the two groups. This necessitated a lot of smarts in the Nemesian Royal heir; both street smarts as well as book smarts. Seiko brushed back dark purple hair behind her ear as the history sensei went on to annotate the rise and fall of the infamous Moon Princess from two millennia ago.

Although this was a relatively active part of the timeline, most of the information she already knew. The Royal family on Nemesis made it their legacy to teach each new generation their heritage in case another Dark Millennium ever came again.

The Moon Princess of the Dark Millennium was cursed (or blessed) to also be the Moon's Senshi as well. In those times, various villains rose up in an attempt to take over the world for their own purposes. Before Pluto was able to fully get her claws into the Moon Princess, the Inner Scouts, as well as the Outers occasionally, defeated the Earth's attackers again and again. It was just ironic that after all of the threats were finished, the seemingly bright futures before the scouts were destroyed when Pluto persuaded Usagi to "wipe all evil from the minds and hearts of the people" before they went back to the stars.

Those thus summarily "cleansed" also found that they had no will of their own...literally. They needed to be told when to eat, what to do, how long to sleep etc. Because with the first pass of the Ginzouhou jewel, over 5 billion innocents were affected because they had little to no immunity, and millions died that very hour.

That day was the beginning of the end. Not even Pluto foresaw this twist in the time stream.