More cheese. Hagrid's taken a bunch of students on a field trip to Loch Ness. Enjoy

~*Justin Finch Fletchley*~

Justin walked slowly down the path, following behind Hagrid's group of students. They were wending their way toward Loch Ness. The grass was high and the trees were growing bare with the Autumn weather. Justin's hand was laid lightly at the small of Kartiair's back, pressing just slightly against the material of her cloak. A cool breeze blew up at them from off the water, ruffling material and plants around.

A swatch of reeds whipped about, fluttering this way then that, revealing a side path. Justin gazed down at it. The dirt had been well trodden in times past, but now seemed forgotten and overgrown. He looked down the way the rest of the feildtrip had gone, then to the back of Kartiairs blond head. Should he?

He slipped his hand lightly to her waist and hooked her onto the path with him. Grinning he quickly pulled her into the shelter of nearby trunks, so as not to be noticed by the continuing hikers.

~*Kartiair Parker *~

Kartiair held back a bout of laughter. She was conscious of their schoolmates on the other

side of the bramble. Justin had surprised her by sweeping her off the path. She smiled up at him and leaned against a trunk of a tree.

"And what exactly are we doing here," she whispered softly. She didn't hear the other students, but that didn't mean they weren't close. Although nothing had been said about purposely separating from the group she was pleased nevertheless.

She'd wanted to be alone with him all morning and she wasn't going to let the chance slip through her slender fingers. Then again, she couldn't resist the urge to tease him. She laughed a little, careful not to let her voice carry. Then she pulled him closer and raised her lips to his ear. She whispered so lowly that the she could barely hear herself, let along the others. "I know, you want us to search for the kelpie on our own."

~*Justin Finch Fletchley*~

Her laughter was like tiny silver bells tinkling in the wind, as she reclined almost teasingly against a tree. Her face was bright as she smiled up at him, Hazel eyes catching the soft light of the day. Her voice was so quiet that it veritably floated up to him on the breeze. He could see the pleasure in her eyes and was thankful she hadn't been offended by his playful ploy.

The cool air suddenly felt like ice against Justin's heating skin. The closer she pulled him the warmer his blood ran. Her words, oh how an xy warped mind could twist them into something dirty. But Justin tried valiantly to refrain. He held back with all his might the images that threatened to overpower him. She had tugged him nearly against her and his neck had tensed in a way that brought him nose to nose and eye to eye.

"I'm thinking we forget the kelpie." Justin managed to breath, pushing aside all relating innuendoes. The sensitive skin of his nose brushed lightly against hers as his lips lowered slowly to meet her mouth. One hand fell to her waist, within her cloak, the other braced beside her head against the trunk of the tree.

It was an agonizingly slow kiss. The electricity of auras pushing together, the fine hairs of skin dancing across each other, the soft dry folds of lips connecting like puzzle pieces. He gradually pressed into her, against her. Not rushing the parting of her plush lower lip from her curvy upper. He craved her hot breath on his, but the unhurriedness prolonged the pleasure.

~*Kartiair Parker *~

She couldn't have agreed more completely about forgetting the kelpie, the entire purpose of the field trip. His mouth captured hers it in a kiss that although she had expected still took her by surprise. The sheer intensity was maddening for a moment.

One hand touched the back of his neck, the fingers weaving through his light brown hair. A solitary finger on her other hand trailed down his chest, stopping an inch above his pants and resting there.

Her lips parted slowly, savoring the feel of his. A low moan escaped her lips, only loud enough for them to hear. There was hardly any distance between their bodies, they were full flush against each other for the most part.

The compromising position didn't nag at her in the least. There was no room for it in her mind, right then there was room for a single thought that didn't revolve around Justin. The groove of tree trunks hid them well enough from anyone passing by.

~*Justin Finch Fletchley *~

After what may have been ages, or mere moments, the kiss was now full on. No toying about; it was undeniable that the two were locked together in passionate embrace. Slender fingertips drove furrows through the light brown hair at the nape of Justin's neck, her nails releasing the protected skin beneath to the fresh air. His eyes fluttered in pleasure.

He had her pinned between himself and the tree. A rather ungentlemanly thing to have done, but she'd pulled him to it. The heat seemed to grow exponentially as it bounced between their bodies. Justin's breathing caught in his lungs as one solitary finger traced down his sweater. It traveled from his shoulder over the muscles in his chest, coming to rest near his navel. His heart nearly stopped beating, regaining a rhythm only when she paused, hesitated, stopped. Had she even meant to continue? Most likely not; she was a good girl. Would Justin have been able to handle that scenario? Most likely not; searching for that Kelpie was beginning to sound like a good idea. That cold shock of water would do him good right about now.

The hand attached to her waist, resting in the crook of curve just above her hipbone, took firm grasp of the yielding flesh beneath. She was so… squeezable. He pressed closer to her, raising his thumb on the hand by her head to brush across her skin. He searched the burning heat inside her mouth. Fought, battled, wrestled against her while his body remained so still. The muscles in his back tensed softly and relaxed in accordance with his almost ragged breathing. His spine tingled up from an area surrounding the single digit attached to his stomach.

He pulled his lips away from hers, straining to regain some semblance of normal breath. It would not come however, lips hovering fractions of a millimeter from hers. At the second he was breathless and speechless. The question wafted through his mind whether his voice would find him before he lips commanded him back to the battle. His eyes opened marginally, darting over the pale skin of her cheek. He refused to pull far enough away to truly look at her, just yet. That was too much distance, far to much. He felt, drawn still, breathing still…

~*Kartiair Parker *~

His lips were seeking, warm and soft, firm and gentle. Too many combinations, her body rebelling and forgetting everything at the same time. Wanting to stay closer, but needing to breathe at the same time. The kiss had more warmth than the first, it had a life of it's own. It was a combination of longing and desire mixed with a warmth that she knew she couldn't experience with anyone else. The touch of his thumb, brushing against her skin softly was excruciatingly pleasant. The skin underneath his finger was alive, burning at the touch.

Justin ended the kiss without ever really ending it. He was still too close for her to think clearly. It was impossible to connect two thoughts clearly. Her breath was still coming in low swallows of air. Fires of long sought passion flowing still flowed through her. She knew that she had to step back, but she was pinned between the tree and Justin. Besides, she didn't want to.

Then she heard voices ring out in the distance, forcing her to remember the trip. She thought about what people would think if they saw them like that and decided she didn't care. But Justin probably did. Suddenly she felt the prefect badge pressed against her, why hadn't she felt it before? She kissed one corner of his mouth, then the other, letting her lips linger a moment. Not wanting to allow him to regret the kiss, which he would if Hagrid saw them.

"We can't stay like this, love." she whispered softly in a regretful tone. There was nothing else to say. She dropped the hand that had trailed down his stomach to her side, but their faces were still close, he was still surrounding her. God, how she wanted to stay right there. Forget the trip, forget the others, and forget about the problems in Hufflepuff. That was too much to want.

~*Justin Finch Fletchley *~

Her lips touched, lightly, slowly, each corner of his mouth, his brown eyes sliding closed as she did so. The electricity between their skin tingling the sensitive folds therein. Oh couldn't they? Couldn't the two stay there, beneath the whispering boughs of Scottish trees, tall reeds of the autumn grasses dancing around them? Couldn't they venture the path that they had begun, take this road less traveled? This grove was only the beginning of what promised to be a journey along the shores of Loch Ness. This kiss was one mere step in a voyage that had begun on a stormy night some month or so ago.

Her touch had left his stomach, her lips had left his mouth, but his hand had not left her side. His arm still sheltered her cheek from the cool wind, like fire on his hot skin, as he braced himself against the tree. She remained ensnared in his embrace, and he wasn't letting her free just yet.

Justin slowly opened his eyes, raising them to stare into hers. Hazel locked with brown. The strands in her eyes reached out from the pupil like tentacles, grasping for the white beyond the boundaries of her intensely rich irises. So close, so close to them here, they were so big and beautiful, like doe eyes. He left them attached to his own as he lowered his lips to press against hers again. A full, open eyed kiss, truthful, honest. The hand at her side pulled her from the tree just slightly, closer to himself. He didn't want to go back, not yet. He didn't want to let go.

Students were still arriving at O'reilly's most likely. Professor Bryant had been left behind to show them the way. The two Hufflepuffs would not yet be missed, Justin convinced himself. It was a rather easy debate under the strained circumstances. They would, of course, rejoin the group, but not yet. Were they really doing anything so wrong? They'd stepped down another path for a glimpse was all. What a beautiful countryside. What a beautiful view, eyes still locked. How could anyone blame them?

He did, actually, fancy the idea of taking her quietly down the path to walk in privacy. The land was gorgeous; the weather was chill but by no means harsh. The silent sounds of nature were encompassing, luring him further out into the wilderness. These moments, this time, with Kartiair was fast becoming addictive, a drug that Justin would crave. Her voice, the last word she'd uttered, rang in his ears. It had trickled its way down into his chest and taken up residence. He loved to hear that from her. Calling him love, showing the endearment. He loved the furtive looks, the silent study sessions. The mischievous grins in times like just now when he'd snatched her off the trail.

He pulled is lips from hers again, trailing them with the slightest sort of grazing, across her check to touch her ear. He was aware he was being just slightly evil. A bit too persuasive, but he couldn't help it. He couldn't bring himself to really pull away from her, to distance himself. However this next step would make that a must. She seemingly didn't want to stay here, just off the main path, barely concealed. He'd have to allow them to disentangle, at least in large part.

"Walk with me then?" It should have been obvious to her, by the depth and breathlessness of his voice, that he did not mean to walk back to the group of students. No, he meant to explore this grass covered trail. The springy plant growth would allow the walking to be soft and yielding. A pleasant little hike, just the two of them. And if they were lucky, and Justin's hunch was correct, in the end they would come out on the shore anyhow and could make their way quietly back to the group. It was a plea, on his part, for he would follow her whither she chose to go, but he'd rather, at the moment, take the solitude with her.

~*Kartiair Parker *~

The open eyed kiss had a different, more sensual feel. She couldn't have broken it if she'd wanted to, she was too enrapt by his light brown eyes. His unwavering gaze didn't unnerve her in the slightest, but the kiss had her undone. She'd expected an agreement, not to have their lips meet again.

His lips dragged agonizingly slow across the side of her face, finally resting by her ear. The question and the plea in it were heard. She inhaled sharply, she hadn't expected him to want to stray further from the group. Her voice was caught in her throat so she nodded mutely. Agreeing to go further with him, but not able to trust her voice not to break.

Then slowly and deliberately she lifted her hand and traced the outline of the silver prefect badge with the same finger that had trailed down him moments before. The metal felt cool underneath the single digit. When she finally trusted herself to speak, she made her hazel eyes meet his when she spoke. "But are you sure you want to?"

The question was simple and complicated. Now she had told him why she had suggested going back in the first place. She bit her lip as she waited for a reply. She tried to promise herself that she wouldn't be disappointed either way, but it was a hollow promise that she didn't try to complete even to herself.

A light burst of wind blew strands of her loose blond hair about. She made no attempt to tuck the blond tresses back behind her ears because it would involve moving her hands away from him. She didn't want to change a thing.

"Hagrid may miss us," Kartiair continued quietly. Her hand resting on the back of his neck tightened instinctively as she spoke about going back. About stepping away from him. Two things that she hated the idea of.

~*Justin Finch Fletchley *~

Justin's face held a soft sort of grin, lips still grazing her ear, as he listened for her reply. Her sharp breath was, endearing to say the least; it made Justin's heart expand in his chest. She was so cute sometimes. She nodded her head causing his grin to broaden into an all out smile. He was about to grab her hand and lead her way. Hold her about her waist, close to him as they walked down the path, but she was touching his chest again. Or so he thought she must be, for the slight pressure. But it was different, his eyes darted down briefly in question. She was fingering his badge. Realization dawned as their eyes met again.

She was worried about his duties. How thoughtful. More thoughtful than Justin was being. This whole Prefect thing is awfully twisted really. Not only did he have a responsibility to his house, which he had come to terms with now and felt an honorable burden in his heart for, but he had to answer to the whole school when it came to his own behavior. Not that Justin had ever been particularly deviant. He was, however, a teenage boy. He couldn't step off the beaten path, even so briefly, for a quiet interlude with someone he wished privacy with? No, he probably shouldn't. It was improper; they were straying from their chaperons. Guilt began to well inside of him.

She was biting her lip. He loved it when she did that. Her eyes held … what was it? A pleading sort of expectance. As though she didn't agree with what she suggested. Ah, but she didn't. Hadn't she nodded her ascent to accompany him down this trail before she had protested with the valid behavioral reasoning? Blond hair tickled the sides of Justin's face as he stared into her eyes, deep in debate and indecision.

It was as though the proverbial angel and devil sat upon his shoulders. And they both were Kartiair. One sat, caressing the back of his neck with her daggered tail, throwing him suggestive eyebrows and grins and biting her lip no less. The other had the doe eyes, furtive glances back toward Hagrid and the rest of the class. "Hagrid may miss us." the little angel said demurely. But all the feeling on the back of his neck overwhelmed it. Oh how heaven and hell were fighting on his broad shoulders. His mind the no man's land.

His forehead came to rest against hers, a pained expression replacing the smile that had lived on his face only seconds before. The hand that had been poised to take hers and lead her way, now came to rest against her slender fingers where they touched his badge. The metal seemed to have expanded into some sort of barrier between to two. The old tale of the lovers and the wall with the chink in it, how parallel it seemed right now.

"Suppose your right, luv." love, love, love. The quietly uttered word repeated itself, the tone was so sad. Endearment, one that both had used. And it fit. And she was right, and she knew it. Though she wanted it no more than he did, at least they were in agreement today. Oh, but for just one more moment. The heat that had built up between the two was dissipating quickly. It was still quite warm, but the inferno had subsided. And how he wanted it back!

She was still pressed against the tree, body to body, foreheads pressed together as he looked down into her hazel eyes. One hand covered by his hand, laying upon the badge on his chest. And now, his other hand left its place upon the trunk beside her head to cup her chin. His thumb pulled against her lip, tugging it out from under her teeth. He tilted her chin, bringing their mouths to meet in one last, very soft, kiss. Then he wrapped his arm about her waist, releasing her hand and guiding her back in the direction of the main path.

~*Kartiair Parker *~

Kartiair knew better than to feel regret, but knowing wasn't helping her any. She was the

one who had put the decision back into his hands, she'd made sure he knew what the consequences might be. He'd chosen the right thing, or so she told herself. His hand came to rest over hers, but all she felt was the cold metal of the prefect badge. For once his touch wasn't reassuring. Her mind lingered over his use of the endearment, but only for a moment. The agreement took first place in her mind.

The maddeningly intense heat was gone. The underlying warmth was still there, but the fervent heat was gone. He kissed her one more time. She made the soft kiss an unspoken promise. Next time she was given the opportunity she'd take the road less traveled. No, she'd probably take which ever one he took, but that was still the one less traveled.

It took all her restraint not to ask him to double back. His arm around her waist was leading her away from the small groove of trees, toward the others. She almost wished he wasn't a prefect, but she couldn't wish it. It was part of who he was and she'd have to learn to accept it. She'd accept it no matter what it took.

She knew that she was going to regret it if she looked back over her shoulder at the twisted path. Then she thought of something that made her grin, she hadn't seen all too much of it anyway. She'd seen Justin, she'd felt Justin. She'd only glimpsed at the path, only felt the tree on her back. She didn't regret it.

The loud exclamations of the other students made the smile fade just as quickly as it had appeared. They had another few seconds before they were back on the path. The whole thing was going to be a memory in a bit, a good memory, but she'd rather still be experiencing it. She glanced up at him and saw the almost forlorn look on his face, a mirror image of her own she supposed. Her expression softened slightly, the badge wasn't between them.

"I wanted to stay too," Kartiair said softly. She slipped his hand off her waist and entwined her fingers with his to make up the loss to both herself and him. If someone had noticed their disappearance they'd raise less questions this way.