Frustrating. Dean was frustrating. It took much thought, much contemplation, and much self-debate to come to this conclusion. Castiel soon realized annoying didn't quite fit him, and neither did infuriating (though it may get to that point very soon), and it wasn't that Castiel was disappointed in him (it wasn't his fault after all), it was just frustrating. It took a few weeks to get past the obvious fact that Dean was now a demon, and after a lot of convincing on Dean's part that being a demon in no way affected his usual acts other than getting a little kill-crazy. ("No way affected," Sam scoffed when Dean had told him this.) The three of them sank into their usual behavior, and at times Castiel almost forgot that Dean had turned into a demon.

But that was before he was frustrating.

"Damn, Heaven doesn't know what they're missing," he drawled one day, leaning a little closer than normal.

"Excuse me?" Castiel forced out. His mind reeled in confusion as he took a step away from Dean, eying him suspiciously as if Dean had just told him of his plans to start the apocalypse over again.

Dean took a step forward, but it was a larger step than the one Castiel had taken back. An arm was resting on the table a few inches from Castiel's back and Dean leaned closer, closer, closer. Castiel's eyes flickered from the arm to the hand to Dean's face to the hand to Dean's shoulders to Dean's arm again and to his fingers to—

"Letting something so pretty out of their gates," Dean's lips stretched into a sly grin.

hand to eyes to shoulders to chest to arm to hand to face to eyes

"If I had something like this at my mercy—"

"Dean," Castiel cut him off, belatedly realizing he had nothing to say, only that he wanted Dean to stop saying things like that.

The hand on the table inched its way to Castiel's back and Castiel shot off the touch as if it burned, running a few steps away.

"Blushing, Angel?" Castiel hated the teasing tone in what Dean's accusation.

Castiel knew the truth in Dean's accusation, feeling the heat rising to his face because why was Dean being like this? He turned around quickly and ran back to the room Sam was in, offering his help in whatever he was doing. ("I actually don't need any—" "Anything.") He heard Dean laughing at him from the other room.

And at that moment, Castiel had realized this was just a game to him. The goal was to get Castiel as uncomfortable as he could, or something of the likeness, and Castiel was determined not to let any of Dean's advances get to him. That was just the first time this had happened. Now, it was two weeks later, and Dean's teases and flirts had escalated to what would be classified as sexual harassment, not that Castiel knew the term enough to use it.

Still, Castiel made sure to stick around Sam often since Dean seemed not to try much when his brother was in the room. At first Sam was skeptical, but now he just seemed defeated. At the moment, Castiel was reading through a book for some research Sam had thrown his way. It seemed like busy work but Castiel couldn't bring himself to care. Dean was standing against the wall staring at him. Like he had some plan.

Castiel forced his eyes and mind back to the book, not really reading as much as he tried to force himself. He let out a breath in something akin to a sigh and turned the page. Castiel fumbled with the book and snapped it shut again, cheeks burning and he tried to glare at Dean because he knew—just knew

Dean doubled over in laughter and Sam looked between the two of them. "What's so funny?"

Dean flung a finger at Castiel, laughing and eyes flashing black for a moment. Castiel threw the book at Dean and stormed out of the room.

"What's gotten into—"

Dean didn't hear Sam finish because he ran after Castiel, laughter bubbling up inside him. "Come on, you have to admit that was funny. Your face—"

"I did not need to see that! Why would you put a picture of your—your—" he seemed to stumble over the words. "—penis in a book?"

Dean's laughter got louder, "You knew it was mine? You have one, too, I don't get the big deal. But, oh your face!"

"What if Sam had looked in that book?!" Castiel shouted.

They took a break of speaking, Castiel fuming and failing ridiculously to glare at his friend-turned-demon, and Dean with a hand clapped over his mouth to keep himself together. Castiel couldn't see the hilarity in the event, or what "his face!" looked like. Part of him wanted a mirror and the other part wanted never to see a mirror again.

"You know, glaring doesn't really work when you're flustered like that. "

Castiel threw his hands in the air in frustration and stormed back into his room. Right before the door closed he could hear Dean erupt in laughter again.

"It wasn't funny!" Castiel tried to shout through the door but it had no effect to lessen Dean's laughter in the slightest.

Castiel flopped onto his bed, definitely not pouting, with his arms crossed over his chest. He didn't know what prompted Dean to start messing with him like this. He didn't see him messing with Sam at all. Was it because it was his brother or was it just because it was funny to taunt Castiel like this? He forced the frustration down and calmed himself. Dean was just playing this game. That's all it was. He needn't let it get to him like this.

Castiel raked a hand through his hair and stripped off his shirt, throwing on something more comfortable. He got back into bed, deciding just to stay locked up the rest of the day. At least Dean wouldn't bother him this way. It wasn't anger, and it wasn't hatred, it was just frustration that continued to burn inside him like an open flame.

As an angel, things like that wouldn't bother him at all; he would have looked over the picture, feel confused why it was there, but shrug and move on. As a human, his body reacted in ways that he hated, his mind dropped and his blood rushed and it frustrated him.

He turned over and welcomed the sleep that plagued him since he became human. He never liked succumbing to something so weak, something he never needed before. It felt strange, and he found distaste in the action, and yet for the first time he didn't fight it and allowed the clawed hand to reach up from the depths of dreams and pull him under.

The next non-verbal attempt to cause Castiel discomfort, or as Castiel called it, the next move, happened during a case. Castiel thought he'd be serious when they were actually dealing with something life-threatening, but apparently Dean had no boundaries. Or maybe it was the fact he knew Castiel wouldn't expect it.

It was a simple case, just chasing a vampire in the area. It was close, and they hadn't had any action in a while, so why not? The monster had ran into a warehouse with its next victim, and since she wasn't dead yet, Dean, Sam, and Castiel had come to the conclusion he was planning on Turning her. The plan was for Sam to go in and take the hostage to safety, drawing out the vampire to where Dean and Castiel were hiding and ready to strike. It was simple and quick and easy except that it wasn't.

Sam had gone into the warehouse, leaving Dean and Castiel waiting behind the corner. It was pretty open, so Castiel didn't know why Dean was standing so close. That should have been the warning bell, but Castiel brushed it off, and suddenly Dean pinned him against the wall.


"Shh," he said in a voice so serious Castiel was foolish enough to believe him. "I hear someone. Maybe there's two vamps."

Castiel quieted and watched Dean's head swivel around and look around the corner and behind him. He was stiff and pressed back against the cold walls that were probably also dirty, and the contrast from the chilly stone to Dean's warm body was electrifying—no it wasn't. Dean leaned forward and Castiel could feel his breath tickle against the back of his neck. What did that have to do about a possible second monster? Dean was really too close for comfort and Castiel squirmed to try to greaten the distance between them.

Dean moved to the side in the pretense of checking behind the corner and his knee nudged into Castiel's crotch. It could have been seen as an accident. It probably was. Castiel felt himself blushing again and hated himself for it. He tossed his head to the side, wishing Dean would just get off of him. Even if there was a second vampire, why did Dean have to be so close? It was too dark to be sure, but Castiel was sure he saw Dean's eyes flicker black for half a second.

Dean moved back, and his knee nudged Castiel again. Definitely not an accident.

"T-That's not appropriate, Dean," Castiel whispered.

"Whoops, sorry," Dean mumbled, not quiet at all, and Castiel could have sworn there was amusement glinting in his eyes. There was no apology in his words at all. It infuriated Castiel.

Dean nudged him harder, obviously not trying to make it seem like an accident anymore. Castiel jolted and blushed deeper, trying to push Dean off. This was part of The Game. Why was there a game in the first place? But Castiel was human now and Dean was stronger than him.

"You did it again!" Castiel hissed, trying to give him signs to stop.

"Did I? Oops."


Dean reached a hand down and grabbed him through his pants and Castiel honest to God squeaked. His shoulders jumping up and eyes wide and a high-pitched squeak escaped his lips. Dean couldn't conceal his laughter anymore and Castiel hated him so much at that moment. Just messing with him for his reactions. It was infuriating, and yes, we got to that point.

Dean, thankfully, moved away after that and pulled a machete from the ground and swung it around to decapitate the vampire that just passed them. Castiel hadn't even noticed it. His face was burning and flames had ignited through his body and he was angry, Castiel wasn't often angry. He stomped forward and pushed Dean, causing him to stumble forward a step.

"Fuck you," he spat and continued walking to the car.

"Maybe later," he said back and Castiel wanted to kill him.

Sam came out a few seconds after that, seeing the I-will-kill-you look in Castiel's eyes and Dean hardly hiding his laughter.

"What happened?" he looked between the two of them.

Dean moved his hand in a way that could have been perceived as a shrug or a wave and stumbled on his first step to walk back to the car. Sam sighed and followed them, deciding whatever it was would be worked out by the end of the week.

It was not, in fact, worked out by the end of the week. Sam had tried to make conversation with Castiel and Dean in it at the same time and Castiel would respond with one word or made pointed references to things he didn't understand and that made Dean start laughing or smirking. Castiel would then just huff and look away or go to his room.

"I don't know what the hell you did to him, but apologize," Sam said to Dean after dinner one day.

"What makes you think it was me that did something to him?"

Sam looked at him in disbelief.

"Fine! Whatever, Princess, sheesh…"

Dean threw a glare over his shoulder and trudged to Castiel's room, knocking like a good guy. It was a little while before the door opened and Castiel's face visibly fell at the sight of the demon. Dean hadn't meant to make Castiel hate him, it was just too funny to see all his reactions. Plus, he'd wanted to get into his pants since a little while after Purgatory, and some part of him being a demon had prompted him to do something about it now.

Castiel's hair seemed messier than usual in a way that made Dean want to burn all the brushes in the bunker if it made Cas' hair look like that all the time. He looked tired, something that Dean wasn't used to seeing on Cas since he usual didn't need sleep.

"What?" Castiel demanded and Dean realized he was staring.

"Sorry," he said half-heartedly. "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

Castiel's eyes narrowed at him and they stood there for just under half a minute before the door started closing.

"Hey!" Dean grabbed the door before it closed all the way.

"Sam made you apologize."

Dean's eyes fell in confirmation to Castiel's accusation and he pushed harder on the door. He would curse Dean for being stronger than him if he wasn't already damned.

"Fine, yeah he did, but I mean it."

Castiel's face contorted into something irritated, "No you aren't!"

He had him there.

The lack of denial made Castiel angrier.

"You're into women! You've slept with so many no man could count them! Why do you intend to keep teasing and taunting and frustrating me like this?"

Dean hadn't really thought to think that he was teasing him. He was just messing around. At most he just assumed Castiel was uncomfortable.

"So if I was going to actually keep going you wouldn't care?" Dean put together, a lopsided smile crawling onto his face. His eyes flashed black and that really shouldn't have been a turn on.

"No!" Castiel sputtered, meaning to deny the touches before remembering the question. "No I mean yes! I would mind!"

Castiel hated the heat rushing to his face and Dean pushed the door open all the way before slamming it shut again, pushing Castiel against it, fucking devouring his lips as if they were something he was supposed to eat. Castiel gasped and felt something hot slithering into his mouth. What was Dean doing? He would deny over and over and over if anyone asked him if he loved this.

Castiel felt Dean tug his wrist and push him onto the bed from half across the room. His eyes were still black and Castiel tried to stop his racing heart. He crawled farther back onto the bed as he watched Dean predatorily make his way over to him and straddle his hips.

"I hate you," Castiel lied and felt Dean push him down and kiss him again.

Castiel's body shook as laughter rumbled up from Dean's throat.

"No you don't."

And fuck him, he was right.

A/N: idkwhatijustwrote this was a tumblr post first but then it kinda escalated andddd *gestures above* Kinda sucky but whatever maybe you liked it? I'm not sure if this qualifies as M rated since nothing really happens, (too much of a chicken to write that, but I mightttt I'm not sure should I?) but just in case I did.