This Poem Is dedicated to My friend Jake-Johnsons-Beard on tumblr and Jake Johnson's actual beard.

That Beard, That Beard, please don't go away,

Are you going to keep or shave it for Jessica Day.

Put down the razor just for us,

I mean what I say, it's a must.

That Beard is the best we have ever seen.

Have you seen you? I mean…. 0_0

That Beard got the ladies going crazy

Do you understand?

Don't you ever think while stroking your Beard with your hand?

Oh Jake Johnson, Please don't let it go away.

Please don't shave it; keep it for Jessica Day.

What to say next? I don't know.

But don't let That Beard go.

Oh, one more thing..

Keep. That. Beard. Clean.

"Word". ( Drops mic and exit stage left.)

[Audience] * Loudly snapping*