A/N-In season 4 in 'Andy's Vacation', when Barney convincing Andy to go on vacation, he mentioned that Gomer was still deputized from the flood. What flood? This is my story of that and it will take off from 'Dogs, Dogs, Dogs'. The episode where the sheriff office got filled with stray dogs.

Andy and Barney got back into the sheriff's office after helping the man who owned the dogs get them back. Opie bought in one of the small dogs then shortly after that, the rest of the dogs it hung with, came running in the office. The only solution Andy and Barney knew of was to give them to people who would take the dogs in so when the dog's owner came looking for them, they went around to all the house and got them back, 'cepting one. The small one , the owner gave him up when he found out that the sweetest, littlest girl in Mayberry adopted him and already named him Apple.

Andy went straight over to his desk while Barney shut the door to the office then walked over to the two empty cells then said, "Well, we better start cleaning these cells up, I'll get the bed sheets and take them over to Aunt Bee's."

Andy nodded his head then said, "And I'll call Sarah and see if any messages came in while we were gone." Barney nodded his head then went in the first cell to start stripping the bed sheets when the door opened and in walked Gomer, he worked at the town's only gas station, "Wally's". He was holding some papers and he said, "Here Andy, here are those papers you wanted."

Andy took them from Gomer then said "Thank you" to Sarah then Barney turned around with an armful and he looked at Gomer and saw some raindrops on him then he asked, "Has it started raining again out there Gomes?"

Gomer nodded his head, "Yes it has but not very hard."

Andy hung up the phone then Barney asked Gomer, "Help me get these sheets out to the car and we'll run them over to Aunt Bee."

Gomer nodded his head, opened the door for Barney. The sheets almost fell out of his arms but Barney bundled them up again than he started out the door but as he put his little, spindly body outside, the hard wind blows him back, his arms go sprawling right and left and of course, the sheets fall on the chairs then Andy looked up from working on the papers at his desk, then said, "My word, that's a gust!"

Slightly embarrassed, Barney stood up, straightened his hat then Gomer asked, "You all right Barney?"

Barney mumbled that he was all right then Barney turned around so see the rain coming down in sheets and the wind blowing hard into the office, he shut the door but not before his hat flew off and across the room then he shut the door with his foot than said, "Gomer, you better not go out in that!"

Andy then spoke up and said, "Barney's right, why don't you just stay here until it passes? Shouldn't be more than an hour or two."

Gomer's face brightens up than he said, "You mean stay here with you guys? Shoot, I'll be glad too."

Andy and Barney smiled at each other thinking of their friend's idealism devotion to them then Barney said, "Why don't you help me with these sheets? Go take the other ones off while I gather these back together and put them by the door."

Gomer smiled then said "Aye aye Barney, will do."

Gomer went and took off the sheet in the other cell then the phone rang, Andy answered then he said, "Hello Mrs. Williamson...what? Yes ma'am, I'll come help." Gomer and Barney looked at each other, wondering what was happening then Andy hung up then Barney asked, "What's wrong Ange?"

Andy came out of his thoughts than he said, "That was Mrs. Williamson, she and her husband own that new Grocery store at the southern end of town, they are getting water in their place, told her I would come help."

Andy got up to go to the back room and picked up the police raincoat and hat then Barney asked, "Do you want us to come help?" Andy shook his head then said, "No, you both better stay here if anybody else needs help."

Just then the phone rings again, Barney goes to answer it then he said, "Yes, Mrs. McIntire?...oh yes, we'll be there." He hangs up then said, "Andy, that was Mrs. McIntire, pandemonium has broken loose ! The rains caused her fence around her sheep farm to fall! She needs help!"

Before Andy can say a word, the phone rings again and this time he answered it because Barney went to the back room to get his raincoat and hat. He said, "Hello? Mr. Dowden, what's wrong?" His eyes only widen in horror then he said, "We'll be there as soon as we can."

He hung up then he said, "That was Steven Dowden , his place is being flooded." Barney's eyes widen then he said with his voice in a high pitch. "Andy, if that place floods over, the town..."

Andy looked at Barney then said, "I know."

Barney walked in a semi-circle while Gomer just watched and listened to them both then Barney said, "We got to get the word out so people can save their homes, their business, their lives!"

Andy then said, "I know but what is the quickest way to get the word out while we...?"

Both Andy and Barney look at each other than both yell out at the same time, "Sarah!"

Andy picked up the telephone and quickly dialed for the town's operator then he said, "Sarah! No, I don't want you to call anybody, listen..."

He quickly told her what's going on then after that, he hung up then looked at Gomer then said, "Listen Gomer, things are getting hairy here, we're going to need some help."

Gomer then said, "Shoot, I'll be glad to help Andy, anything."

Just than a blinding flash of lightning happens followed by a deafening roar of thunder then Andy said, "I'm going to have to swear you in as deputy, do you mind?" Another loud crack happens then he said, "This is going to be short and sweet. Put your right hand up...do you promise to do your best to fulfill and honor the duties of the office you pledge to?"

Gomer nodded his head then said, "Yes sir, I'll do my danged best."

Barney then asked, "Ange, don't you want to...?"

Andy looked at him with a sharp look then he said in a short, impatient voice, "Short and sweet Barn."

Barney goes over to Andy's office then got out a badge, puts it on Gomer then said, "I'm sorry we don't have an extra raincoat for you."

Gomer nodded his head then said, "That's okay, shoot, I was born in rain."

Andy went to the door then said, "Follow me in your truck. Barney, go out to the Dowden place and check the situation, I won't be long."

Barney finished putting on the raincoat and hat then said, "Will do. Andy?"

Andy and Gomer stop and turn to Barney then Barney asked, "What do you think will happen to Mayberry?"

All three men just look at each other, no words come from any of them then after a long minute, they each take off to do their duty to the town.

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