I've come across quite a number of humorous epistolary fanfics here on FFnet; I thoroughly enjoy them and the amusing references the authors have included are highly entertaining. (If you don't know what an 'epistolary' is, just check up the dictionary, yeah?) I've yet to find one that isn't about fun but with a much darker tone.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for songfictions. Music is one of my greatest inspirations for writing, and personally I find songfic is somewhat like a twist from the usual standard storywriting style. When fangirls (and a handful of fanboys) start to butcher it with massive copying and pasting their favorite lyrics into their works, this interesting style becomes tagged with a bad reputation for being one of the most-hated types of crapfic. (I'm also guilty of this with my other Vocaloid fanfic, The "Express" Elevator—even though I only borrowed two stanzas and that was only like less than 3% of the entire story.)

This fanfic is my experimental attempt to write something uncommon: a dark epistolary songfic that is inspired/loosely associated from some Vocaloid songs (there are no lyrics anywhere between the lines!). Writing in this style also helps me to dive deeper into the psychological state of the characters, to practice character development. I hope you'll find this work of mine an interesting read, albeit the themes and some references in this story may be disturbing and not for those with a weak heart.

Colors Beyond the Cracked Window © tsubasa-P (Tsubasa Kuroba).

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