Obliviate and goodbye Britain.

Just a short little tale I wrote to fill a little time between other stories. There will be just three chapters unless my muse comes up with something else to add to it.

Chapter one

Harry James Potter, fifth year student at Hogwarts School for wizards and witches. Looked down on his potions professor and chuckled while rubbing his forehead. 'Hmph, that must have really hurt, even unconscious the git is still grabbing his goollies' he thought. Pulling out his wand he sent his patronus with a message to his best friend to meet him at the head masters office. Looking once again at professor Snape he wondered if the healers would be able to heal the professor's nose which seemed to be quite evenly spread out across his face. "That was a pretty good head butt if I do say so myself, can't tell how bad the damage is with all that blood though," he muttered as he stepped out of the room and headed for the headmasters office.

As Harry reached the stairs to the headmasters' office he was joined by two people. Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, as they reached him Hermione asked "What's the emergency Harry?"

Before he spoke Harry spun around and landed a full on roundhouse thump to Ron's chin, knocking the red head out cold where he stood. "Wish you hadn't brought that creep with you Hermione," he said as Ron fell to the floor banging his head as he did so. "You best tie the git up Hermione, wouldn't want the twot to escape before you finish seeing what I have to show you."

Hermione had no idea what was going on but she had always trusted Harry, even with her life so she cast a binding charm on Ron and then looked up at Harry.

"Right stay behind me and don't look at Dumbledore's eyes," Harry told her as he led the way up the stairs that led to the heads office. Knocking on the door Harry reached behind him to make sure she was doing as he asked, he then opened the door and walked in. "I wonder if we could have a word headmaster?" Harry asked as Hermione closed the door.

Albus Dumbledore headmaster of Hogwarts looked up at his two students with a broad smile on his face and his eyes twinkling. "Certainly Harry, what can I do for you?" he answered while pointing them to two chairs that appeared in front of his desk.

The two teens stepped up to the desk and Harry held out his wand to Dumbledore, "I wonder sir could you just take a look at my wand there seems to be something wrong with it," he said handing it to the old man.

As Dumbledore took hold of his wand using both hands to hold it while he started to examine it Harry moved like lightning and his hand shot around the back of the head masters head, before the old man could react Harry then slammed Dumbledore's head as hard as he could into the desk top. Knocking out yet another professor. As soon as he had done that he moved around the desk and began to search the old man for wands and other weapons.

"HARRY! WHAT ON EARTH?" Hermione yelled as she watched her best friend attack one of her idols in the wizarding world… their headmaster.

Harry satisfied he had all the old mans weapons looked at the girl with him and then he pointed to a cabinet behind her, "In that cabinet you will find a large blue bowl, place it here on the desk will you. I need you to take a look at a memory of my Occlumency session with Snape. I'll stay here while you look, make sure you are not disturbed," he said as he withdrew a memory from his forehead. As soon as he was sure he had the complete memory he let out a small sigh, glad that Dumbledore had shown him how to remove a memory.

Hermione placed the pensieve bowl on the desk and then watched as Harry placed the memory into it. "Er Harry, what do I do now?" she asked obviously nervous about what was going on, it was also obvious she had never used or read how to use a pensieve.

Harry smiled at her, "Lean your face into the memory and the bowl will do the rest. Don't worry when you feel you are falling as you will just mentally fall into the memory, not physically. Just make sure you watch it carefully."

Nervously Hermione did as she was instructed. Bending over the bowl and placing her face into what felt like some sort of cool liquid like gas. A moment later she found herself down in the dungeons in the potions class room watching as Snape viciously cast the Legilimens spell on Harry repeatedly without giving Harry a chance to prepare. As she watched on horrified at Harry's suffering in the supposed lesson, she was surprised as the scene suddenly changed, and she found herself being pulled along with Harry inside Snape's mind.

She watched as Harry sifted through some of the vile mans memories until he came across one he thought interesting. To Hermione it seemed as if Harry and she were actually standing together as they watched one of Snape's memories. In the memory Snape was in the head masters office with Dumbledore, Molly, Ron, and Ginny Weasley, Remus Lupin, and Mad eye Moody. They were discussing how, after failing yet again to get the Potter boy killed by Voldemort, they were going to change their plans and kill Harry them selves 'after' he had been fed love potions and made Ginny pregnant. She watched, the two professors, the Weasleys, and the other two people as they revealed several plots against Harry that had already failed, and how once their new plot succeeded they would spend the Potters money and share out the lands they were going to steal, with Dumbledore getting Hogwarts castle. Hermione was fuming about their plans and had just decided she had seen enough when she heard Ron Weasley speak up.

"Don't forget, I get the bossy high and mighty mudblood. I'll soon put her in her place; let's see how she likes being my sex slave. By the way when do we start to feed them the Amortentia?" Hermione could see him almost drooling as his mind filled with what he would do with her.

While Hermione was watching the memory Harry was thinking about what he would do with Dumbledore, Weasley, Snape, and the others, were there any of the order he could trust. As he thought about it he looked over at his best friend to see if she was finished yet. What he saw was her well shaped figure and her sexy bum right there in front of him as she leaned into the bowl. For the first time since the night of the Yule ball he was unable to stop admiring her figure and thinking just how beautiful she actually was. "I knew when I saw her at the ball she was good looking, but I never realised just what a perfect figure she has," he muttered to him self. "Bleeding wizarding robes and those baggy clothes she wears hide everything, she would be the perfect girl for me." he complained to him self.

As he felt himself stirring down below, he started thinking of lifting her skirt for a quick peek to see what kind of underwear she wore underneath that pleated grey school skirt. He imagined she would be wearing plain white comfortable cotton. As that thought went through his mind she stood up straight and turned to look at him. Seeing the anger on her face as she stood up from the pensieve he thanked all the gods he had not risked taking that peek. Hermione had gone way past her usual anger and looked ready to actually kill someone.

As he looked at the fire of anger in her eyes he began to realise that she meant far more to him than just a friend, even a best friend or a casual girlfriend. They stood and looked at each other in silence for a short time as they both wordlessly acknowledged that they were falling in love and had been for sometime. "So before you ask I'm leaving this crazy place and I am really hoping that you will come with me?" Harry said before she had chance to speak.

After a quick nod of her head she spoke with just a little hoarseness in her voice, "What happened to Snape?" she wanted to know.

"Oh him, it will be a while before he wakes up, and even when he does he won't be much use to anyone. I hit him with the same spell that Lockhart tried on us in second year, oh and I put all the power I could into it. Before you complain about doing things to people in authority remember what they intended to do to us. In fact I'm going to do the same on this evil old git before we leave." Harry gave a slightly wicked grin as he pointed his wand at the old man tied to his chair.

"Weasley's mine," Hermione growled at him, daring him to argue with the look she gave him. "Mum and dad will be happy when I turn up, and tell them I left this mad house. They wanted to go to Australia this year but couldn't because of me being here at Hogwarts."

"Hermione my one true love, dearest, sweetheart, darling, most beautiful best friend, light of my life, girl of all my erotic dreams, my intended bride, if you intend to go to Australia with your folks is there any way you could see your way to allowing me to go with you, pretty please? With bells on, and candles as well as a cherry on top. I'll even pay for both our tickets and a tub of chocolate ice cream." Harry asked in the best simpering voice he could muster up before he burst out laughing.

Hermione stared at him as if he were crazy for a few seconds; she was surprised at the names he had called her and what it meant, she intended to review and enjoy the memory of this conversation later when alone. "You don't think I'd leave you behind for these bastards to get their hands on again do you?" she asked slightly angrily and yet there was a small smile trying to form on her face "You are mine Potter." She found her self adding without intending too.

Harry was smiling as he used the old man's wand to cast the obliviate spell on the old man using all the power he could muster. "I am going to be in so much shit if anyone finds out it was me doing this," he mumbled as he moved away from the desk and joined Hermione at the door. "Er before we go, why don't you collect all these books, this old fool isn't going to need them if he ends up like Lockhart." He said as he conjured a trunk and started to place several of the head masters possessions, including the pensieve into it.

The two teens were surprised when one of the portraits spoke to them, "Mr Potter, all those silver trinkets over on that shelf there. They are all tied to you so that vile creature and his pals can keep tabs on you. You best take them as well, oh and don't worry about any of us giving the game away. That git has been robbing, bankrupting, and controlling students for years and we have been unable to do anything about it. In fact it might be worth a trip to Gringotts to see if he has started stealing from your vaults yet. We wouldn't put it past the thieving old git. If he has, you being the last of the Potter's can announce your self as head of the most ancient and noble house of Potter, tell the goblins you have suspicions about Dumbledore messing with your gold and reclaim what if anything has been taken, plus it will put into motion an investigation into all the accounts Dumbledore was able to access over the years."

Hermione looked around at the portraits and sighed a relieved sigh when they were all nodding in agreement with the former head mistress who had spoken. "Thank you, thank you all for this." She told them.

"Can't be anything worse than a head master who steals the inheritance of his charges," one of the portraits announced to the agreement of all the other former heads. Hermione cast a shrinking charm on the trunk they had filled with a large amount of Dumbledore's possessions; she then cast a feather light charm on it. Harry picked it up and placed it in his trouser pocket.

"Mr Potter might I suggest that you take the fancy wand the old fool likes to show off with, I think you might get quite a surprise when you come to use it." came a voice from a portrait that was in a dark corner of the room.

Harry stepped toward the portrait intending to ask why he should take the wand, when he got close enough he stopped and gasped "Godric."

"Yes Grandson, I am Godric," the man in the portrait answered.

"Grandson, why do you call me grandson are we related?" Harry asked still in a mild shock at speaking with one of the schools founders.

"Yes I do believe we are, you see I only wake when one of my direct male descendants is in the room." Godric told him with a grin.

Hermione then spoke up, "Harry we need to go before some one comes, see if you can lift the painting off the wall, we can take it with us."

Harry gave her idea a try and two minutes later he and Hermione left the head masters office after placing the painting into the trunk with all the other things. One quick flick of Hermione's wand and the trunk was once again shrunk and placed in Harry's pocket. Five minutes later the two of them were stood over Ron as Hermione enervated him, causing him to wake up. Sitting up he rubbed his chin, "What the hell hit me?" he asked looking at Harry and then Hermione.

Hermione glared at him for a few seconds "Harry did," she announced as she swung her foot as hard as she could between his legs. "Thought you were going to give me potions did you?" she said adding another kick, "Thought you were going to have your way with me did you?" another kick, "the only one ever going to have their way with me is Harry," she finished with and as he lay there screaming in pain she pointed her wand at him. As she was about to cast the spell Harry stopped her. Use this Hermione sweet, no one will know it was you, he said as he handed her Dumbledore's wand. She thanked Harry with a quick chaste kiss and then with all the magic she could muster she pointed the wand at Ron and yelled "OBLIVIATE…"

Harry stared at her for a minute or so before a huge smile broke out on his face. "Best idea you ever had that is Hermione… me having my way with you I mean." he declared taking her hand "Come on let's go pack and get out of here we can sort out who has whose way with whom later."

Thirty minutes later, after using the headmaster's fireplace to floo to London, they arrived in the leaky cauldron and having found the floo powder there they both floo'd to Grimmauld place in London, where they were joined by a visitor they did not expect. As they were being greeted by the surly little elf Kreacher, Fawkes the phoenix flashed into the room and landed on Hermione's shoulder. Having greeted Hermione, Fawkes flew to Harry's shoulder and greeted him.

As the two surprised teens made a fuss over the phoenix who it appeared had left Dumbledore, they were joined by Harry's godfather. It took a while but with the help of Dumbledore's pensieve they brought Sirius up to date on what had happened to them that year so far, from the stupid trial where Fudge tried to get his wand snapped, Umbridge's torture sessions and the really strange dreams that made his scar hurt, they then sat in the kitchen drinking tea and started to make plans.