Obliviate and goodbye Britain

Chapter three

Harry, Sirius and the Granger family had spent a rather pleasant week while at the holiday cottage. Richard had been extremely lucky and had managed to sell their dental practice to a young couple who were not long out of their training, while Helen had loaned their home to her sister and family who were rebuilding their own home, so they had no real worries about what they were leaving behind. What they needed Hermione had said she would take care of.

Harry counted the week as his very first real holiday because he and Hermione were allowed to go where ever they wanted in the Muggle world without some order member being right behind them controlling everything they did. They visited several local attractions, went to the cinema in the evenings and even spent a rather pleasant afternoon in the local swimming pool, where Harry got his very first look at Hermione's almost naked figure while she was in a very small blue bikini, which in his opinion was much better than seeing her in a long tee shirt with her knickers underneath it. Her 33-23-34 shape was to him a perfect figure. Seeing her in that small blue bikini showing off so much skin and every thing else about that day was something that would remain in his memory for the remainder of his life.

Helen was pleased for the break and was able to sit back and relax while enjoying watching the relationship between her daughter and her young man as it developed and deepened. She took a real liking to young Harry Potter, he was polite and well mannered, and always willing to do what he could to help out, and according to Hermione a rather frustrating man to sleep with, because that was all he did do when they were in bed together. She had known years ago, when Hermione first entered that magical world and wrote home about her first and best friend, that when it came time Harry James Potter was going to be her son in law, she gave her self a pat on the back for still being able to know her daughter so well, even after that awful magical world had tried to pull their family apart.

Sirius, having been given a shave and hair cut, and then dressed in modern Muggle clothes by Helen was also enjoying some freedom. He was able to wander around in the Muggle world and see some of the things that Lily had told him about, things that a normal wizard would not get to experience. He also struck up a friendship with Richard that was quickly becoming something like the one he had had with Harry's dad James minus the pranks that he had now grown out of.

On the second night at the cottage Sirius lay awake until he was sure everyone was asleep. Quietly as he could he crept out of the house and made his way down the lane until he was quite some distance away. After looking around to check he was not being followed and that there was no one near he disappeared with a sound like a gunshot echoing in the quiet night.

An hour later a large black dog, known to magical people as the Grim padded softly down a corridor on the ground floor of Hogwarts castle. The dog looked around as if checking the walls, moments later the Grim transformed into Sirius. Looking at the bare walls Sirius nodded, everything was as he remembered it, pressing his hand on a stone of the wall that was darker than the rest he waited. It took just a few seconds for a hidden panel to slide silently to the left. Returning to his Grim form Sirius made his way into the staff quarters. It had not taken him long to find his target, with a low growl he let him self into Umbridge's Quarters, and made his way to the bedroom.

Delores Umbridge was rudely awoken when something jumped on to her bed. She opened her eyes to come face to face with a Grim. The huge omen of death had its teeth bared and was growling at her with drool dripping from its large fangs. Delores was to terrified to even scream, she lay there her eyes wide in terror as the huge Grim dragged its sharp claws down her cheeks, leaving gouges that would leave permanent scars.

When Delores passed out from fright the Grim once again turned into Sirius. Using one of her own blood quills from her desk Sirius carved a small rune on the vile woman's scalp. As soon as he activated the rune Delores started to suffer from severe bowel problems. A minute later a huge black dog made its way back out of the castle, his task completed. Down in the staff quarters there was an evil smell that was drifting from room to room, a smell that had started in a bedroom where a Grim had just visited the occupant.

Hermione was happier than she had ever been before. She had her best friend with her, there was no Weasley dragging him away from her to play stupid childish games. No crazy evil students trying to hurt them. No maniac murderer chasing after them, and no senile old headmasters around plotting to kill them or worse. Each morning she woke up beside her fiancé and then got to go where ever they wanted with each other. She was able to learn just how much Harry really thought of her, how much he had always valued her far more than Ron. She was also able to discover that their love was not some simple school yard crush, she truly loved Harry and he loved her. Life was finally being good to her now they were living as Muggles. She had also made her mind up that on his sixteenth birthday she was finally going to have her way with him and he could shove his moral code where the monkeys kept their nuts.

Hermione had Harry call for Dobby, who appeared within a few seconds of being summoned. As soon as the little fellow had settled down Hermione asked him if he could fetch Winky, as they had need of a couple of good elves to help them with their move out of the country. Dobby closed his eyes for a minute and then opened them and said that Winky would be with them shortly. It was a really happy pair of elves that had agreed to be bonded to the Potter family and they instantly started work. They left the cottage for the Granger home where they packed everything away into conjured trunks that were far bigger inside than they appeared from the outside. They even had the Grangers cars packed under stasis charms. They were back at the cottage just two hours after leaving.

It had taken just a week but at the end of that week, it was a small family that said a somewhat sad farewell to the Granger cottage as they set off for a tropical island several thousand miles from Britain. Fawkes the phoenix stayed with them until the day they left for France, on that day he sang a song of sadness and loss of friendship. Hermione told him that he would always be welcome where ever they settled down, and she then gently kissed him on his head before bidding him good bye. The entire family waved to the majestic bird as he flew away from them on his way to where ever phoenix go when they have no human companion.

Travelling to France via the channel tunnel they were quickly able to find a place to purchase an international portkey which took them to St Kits. At St Kits Richard with Sirius's help purchased a small yacht which they used to sail to Marauders Island. An island that was as beautiful as any of the tropical islands that the Grangers had seen on the TV. It did not take long for them to settle down as a family and then make plans for the future. It was decided that they would spend a year on the island to give any hullabaloo about the disappearance of Harry and Hermione time to settle down, then they would move to New Zealand, which was a place Richard and Helen had always wanted to visit.

Life on the island was slow and comfortable. Sirius with help from Godrics portrait taught the two teens all they would have learned at Hogwarts to pass their N.E.W.T.s. Godric informed them that they would have received outstandings in all their tests had they taken them. Thanks to Helen's forethought in buying the books needed, they also started to study the things taught in the non magical world, because neither of them was inclined to go back to a world that was so behind the times in every way possible. Harry had a wonderful sixteenth birthday, thanks to Hermione giving him a gift he had not expected for quite some time to come.

Hermione was truly happy and thought that it had all been worth it as on his sixteenth birthday she got what she wanted as she gave her self to Harry fully, it was nice to find he was not lacking in that department as she lay finally fulfilling one of her deepest wishes. Her next deep desire was to have Harry's children, and she decided as she enjoyed her first time with him she would see that desire was fulfilled in the not to distant future.

As the year passed Harry, Hermione, and Helen, all learned how to sail the small yacht, they also learned where on the island they could find various tropical fruits which they used to supplement their imported food. Through the year the two elves taught the two teens about elf magic and how the elves had learned to enhance their magic by drawing magic from around them. Dobby explained to Hermione that there was a little magic in everything that grew, fed from the earth's magical centre.

Harry sat on a small outcrop of rock that jutted out into the cove where the yacht was moored when not in use, and watched as his fiancée swam in the clear blue water. He could not help but admire the beautiful all over tan that she had due to her nude swimming that she did daily. While he watched her he was thinking of their conversation earlier that day. Hermione had told him she was ready to have their first child and that she wanted at least three well before she reached twenty five. She wanted her family around her while they were still young so that by the time their youngest was old enough to leave the nest they would still be fairly young and able to enjoy their life together. Considering he had always wanted a family of his own for as long as he could remember Harry could find no argument against what Hermione wanted. He made his mind up to discuss a date for their wedding over supper that evening. Though he had always wanted a family, he had never thought of marriage as he had grown up in that hell called the Dursley home, but since he and Hermione had become a couple he had started to think about it more and more. As his seventeenth birthday quickly approached he thought more and more about the day he would get to marry his fiancé and the children they would have.

He was not worried about asking her parents, they had discovered some time back that their sleeping habits had changed from just sleeping together the way they had at the Granger cottage, and after Hermione's declaration that they were both of age now that Harry was sixteen and that they fully intended to get married she was not going to change things. Both Richard and Helen had reluctantly accepted the way things were, and they now treated him as their son in law. He was however slightly worried whether they were ready to become grand parents, he was also worried if he would be a good father, he knew with a certainty that Hermione would be a truly good mother.

Harry voiced his worries to Richard as he told his now friend and future father in law how Hermione wanted children, and she wanted her first one within the first year of their marriage. Richard told Harry the same thing his father had told him. No man or woman knows if they are going to be good parents until after their children are grown up. He added that Hermione was almost eighteen and very mature for her years, when they got married she would be the same age Helen was when she got pregnant with Hermione.

That evening as they all sat down to eat Harry asked Hermione to decide on a date for their wedding. That discussion led to them discussing when to move to New Zealand and where they would live. Together they all came to the agreement that over the next three months they would pay several visits to the new country they had decided to settle down in and look for a place where they could live.

Hermione chose the fourteenth of August for their wedding which would be a week before they left the island. Their visits to New Zealand quickly paid off and they found the perfect place for them. There was a dental surgery up for sale and with it came a rather large six bedroom house and a small Granny flat attached at the back of the property.

It took just one night for them all to agree to buy the surgery and to have the elves transport all their things that they had not even attempted to unpack, to the house and to set it all up ready for when they moved.

Harry stood in the small island church and he watched with a huge smile on his face as a smiling Hermione walked toward him on her fathers arm. He thought she was just about the most beautiful thing on the planet in the white gown she was wearing. Richard placed her hand in to Harry's hand and Harry leant forward and placed a small kiss on her cheek before he whispered in her ear. "Thank you for loving me."

Their vows were said and the ceremony completed with no problems. The reception was attended by just about every one that lived on the island and the party went on for almost three days. The party was still in full swing when the Grangers, Potters, and Sirius, all climbed aboard their yacht on route to New Zealand and a completely new life.

They were about thirty miles from their destination when they were fired on by pirates. Richard doing what Sirius suggested turned the yacht out of the wind which slowed them to almost a standstill rather quickly. The pirates got a huge surprise as the speed boat they had launched with a boarding party onboard suddenly inexplicably exploded in a huge burst of water. Every one on board the little craft was thrown into the air landing some yards away in the sea and the remains of the small craft quickly sank.

As the remaining pirate crew stood staring at the sinking speed boat wondering what had happened to it, they were surprised by three powerful explosions that hit them at the water line just in front of amidships. Huge holes appeared and water started to flood into the vessel. Those three loud booms were followed almost immediately by three more. Someone on board the pirate ship then started to shoot at them with rifle fire until Hermione growled as she cast her final anger filled bombarda spell at the bridge of the larger boat which blew the whole bridge structure to bits. The rifle fire stopped instantly. Harry and Sirius carried on casting bombarda spells until the whole length of the pirates ships water line was filled with huge holes. As Richard turned back into the wind to fill their sails once again he was moaned at for not waiting to see if there were any survivors to pick up by Helen.

Richard, Sirius, Harry and Hermione all told her almost as a chorus that her idea was completely stupid. It was Hermione who finished telling her mother off. "If we let any of them aboard they would have done there best to kill us all. It's what they do mum. They prey on small vessels and kill the crew and passengers then they sell the boats and everything else they steal."

After Hermione finished speaking Helen had to agree that picking up pirates might not be such a good idea after all. It was all a moot point as the yacht was picking up speed as they spoke. Sirius stood on the stern and watched as the pirate ship rapidly sank beneath the waves.

Minutes later they were back on course and with the wheel locked in place they were all sat sipping brandy as the adrenalin in their bodies slowly dissipated. "Wonder if that's the first time a ship that size has been sunk using wands?" Sirius said as he stared into his glass.

"Don't know, but maybe it will give those pirates something to think about before they attack another yacht. I mean it had to have put the fear of god into them. We Muggles can't see the spells the way you magicals do, they would just see the explosions coming out of no where. It would seem to them that they were being blown up as if by magic." Richard said before he let out a chuckle.

He was joined by the others as the tension of battle left them. "How long before we reach our port dad?" Hermione asked as she poured them all another small brandy.

Richard took a guess at their speed and said, "Something like three hours, but then we have to find a berth free that we can use."

Harry smiled at his father in law, "The Potters have one apparently it's on the third pier it is reserved for dad's boat that was called 'Jimmy's girl'."

"OH I remember that thing; your dad bought it with the idea of him and your mum doing some summer sailing around the world. He rented or bought berths all around the world, and then Lily took one look at the boat and said she wouldn't trust it not to sink on the local canal never mind the open sea. Anyway your dad never got to sail the ancient old tub because the first storm they had after he bought it, the old thing sank as soon as the first little wave hit it, thing went down in the harbour like a house brick." Sirius said as he laughed at the memory.

Harry vanished below deck as Sirius was reminiscing and he reappeared with a map of Nelson port and handed it to Richard. "There look that's the Potter berth. Bought and paid for by my dad." He said pointing out where they should find a free berth.

Richard studied the map and then placed it next to him so that he could refer to it as they entered the port. "Well I best get back to the helm, wouldn't want to bump into New Zealand due to not watching where we are going would we." He said drawing a laugh out of all of them.

Harry was right when they reached the berth he had pointed out there was a well worn name plate fastened to one of the pier legs that said Jimmy's girl on it. As soon as they tied up Richard went of to see who was in charge to let them know that Mr H, J Potter was using the old family berth. After they had secured the yacht and removed all they wanted from it the family made their way out toward a place called Stoke, where they had bought a property. An hour and a half later, thanks to Dobby and Winky the family were sitting in their new living room and enjoying the view they had.

It was just under a month later that as they sat down to dinner they all admitted that they missed the island and thought that maybe they had made a mistake in moving. One month later they started to pack up. Richard put everything up for sale and made arrangements with the estate agent to place the proceeds of the sale of both the house and the surgery into the Potter Barclay's account. With everything once again stored aboard their yacht they set sail back to the marauders island.

It was a relieved family that dropped anchor in their usual cove when they arrived safely back on the island. Two extremely happy elves very quickly unloaded the yacht and set up everything where it should be. The whole family slept well that night in the rooms they had missed. Godric was quite pleased to be out of the trunk and back with the family, and he was quite happy to let anyone who listened know it. He also somehow managed to obtain a small keg of grog from another portrait somewhere on the island.

It was on their first night back on the island that Hermione said quietly as they lay in bed, "Harry love, I'm pregnant."

Harry lay staring at his wife and slowly a huge smile developed on his face and he whispered quietly as if it was a secret "I'm going to be a dad." He then pulled Hermione into a rather tight embrace and gave her a kiss she would long remember.

"I'm going to tell the rest of the family at breakfast, thought you should be the first to know." Hermione smiled.

"I guess I know now why our last stop in Stoke was at the chemist shop, you bought one of those test kit things?" he said though it sounded more like a question to Hermione.

"I bought several actually as I had no idea how many I would need if my instinct was wrong." Hermione said as she rolled Harry onto his back. Now husband of mine there is something I want from you right about now…" she trailed off as she straddled his hips.

It was an extremely happy Harry who held his wife as she told the family the news. He laughed at Richard's first comment of "Oh my, this time next year I'm going to be an old man."

Helen chuckled at her husband as she said "Richard dear, you've been an old man for some time now."

"Oy," Richard managed as he spluttered in indignation as everyone burst out laughing. As soon as the laughing was over Helen, Richard, and Sirius congratulated Hermione on her news. Then they started to discus going shopping for nursery equipment.

"Oh you lot, what about me, I'm a part of it too you know," Harry said with a mock pout that was well over done.

Later that evening they held a small party to celebrate. Richard made a huge fuss as he pointed out that Hermione was not allowed to drink alcohol. His point might have gone down better if they were not all drinking pine apple juice at the time. It was while they all sat chatting that Winky surprised them all when she asked Harry if she could also have a baby.

Everyone burst out laughing at Harry's face as he choked on his juice and started to splutter. Winky gave Hermione a sly little grin as she said "I think Dobby Potter will make a good father master Harry." Which caused even more laughter around the table and a very relieved sigh from Harry.

It was a very happy family that settled back in to life on the island. Several months later Sirius announced that he was going to ask his girlfriend, who was one of the island girls, if she would marry him. It was at the engagement party that Hermione went into labour. She was in labour for six hours, during which Harry and the other men learned of several new ways a woman can emasculate her man. The first of the Potter children was a boy who as he grew became more and more like his grandfather in his looks, except like all the four Potter children he had vivid green eyes like his father.

Several years later Harry sat on his rock watching as a group of young teens frolicked in the water next to the old yacht, he chuckled as his eldest daughter 13 year old Eleanor dunked Sirius's 12 year old son under the water and then swam away laughing. A few minutes later he was joined by a still young looking Hermione. "I see a romance beginning to blossom between Rose and Dickie," she said as she took hold of his hand.

"Yeah I see it too," Harry agreed. "Best thing we ever did leaving Britain. I don't think the children would have been happy living there, and somehow I don't think you would have your two brothers had your family remained behind."

"Yes you are right love, without the island magic that is so different than the ancient British form, my mum's internal damage would have never been healed. Like you said Harry love, best thing we ever did was leaving Britain." Hermione said as she rested her head on his shoulder.

They remained sitting on the rock together until sunset and then watched the sun as it appeared to sink into the ocean. "Time to go home love." Hermione said as she pulled her husband up with her, with an arm around each other they walked slowly back to their home. The island home that would be theirs for the rest of their long lives. The island would be home for the Potter family for centuries yet to come.

The end.