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Harry Janus Potter

Chapter 1

Harry Janus Potter

A being of pure light and energy watched patiently for the events to unfold that he had foreseen (1).

"Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off -" Janus heard the baby's father James, yell from downstairs.

"Ah, it begins. Time to make ready." thought Janus, as he hovered invisibly in his energy form over Harry's crib near the ceiling, watching and waiting...

Janus watched the baby's mother Lily run into the room and slam the door yelling "Colloportus," as she stood in front of the crib taking a defensive posture.

The door burst open - and Voldemort loosed a cackle of high-pitched laughter.

"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!" yelled Lily.

"Stand aside you silly girl … stand aside now." Voldemort said.

"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead - " begged Lily.

"Not Harry! Please … have mercy … have mercy… " added Lily with a sob.

Shrill laughter filled the air as Voldemort aimed his wand at Lily and said, "Avada Kedavra."

"Here it comes, 'must time this perfectly." thought Janus.

Voldemort aimed his wand at the baby and yelled, "Avada Kedavra."

There was a green flash of light that hit Harry's forehead followed by a large backlash of zero point energy. As this occurred Voldemort disintegrated leaving nothing but his clothing and a wand laying on the floor. Simultaneously, Janus touched Harry on the cut made on his forehead, and finding the strange pocket of life energy embedded inside Harry's life energy as he expected, Janus leapt into it and with no fanfare absorbed the memories and destroyed the fragment of Voldemort's life energy. Thus leaving Janus' life energy safely ensconced in Harry.

Elsewhere in the cosmos in a higher plane of existence several other ascended beings noticed the small temporary tear in subspace-time that occurred in the nursery of Godric's Hollow and turned their gaze upon it for a moment. It dissipated and it appeared that whatever caused the phenomenon had already gone. Shrugging celestial shoulders they paid it no further mind, and went about the regular business of ignoring everything that goes on in the lower planes of existence.

The last thing Harry remembered was seeing a bright flash of green light, hearing a shrill voice laughing and a woman screaming.

Unbeknownst to Harry, a few moment later, buried in a layer deeper than his sub-conscious in a place he would not discover exists for a very long time...

Janus whispered "There, there little Harry... Everything will be alright now...I am going to stay with you but I will remain asleep for a long time waiting for the right moment to awaken within you..."

Spring 1990

Contrary to what Janus intended when he began his caper, at age 9 Harry accidentally absorbed all of Janus' life energy and memories which included Voldemort's as well, effectively ending Janus' life as an individual. It appears that even the ascended cannot defeat the law of unintended consequences. This occurred as a result of Harry briefly dying from a beating and drowning attempt by his uncle. When Harry's heart stopped temporarily, the Horcrux energy dissipated and Harry resuscitated automatically.

Vernon, realizing what he'd almost done. Took Harry out of the tub he tried to drown him in and locked him in the cupboard under the stairs, where Harry started recovering and finally fell asleep. Absorbing Janus' didn't make Harry into an ascended but it altered his physiology as close to it as it could while remaining in his physical form. His body became fully healed and his DNA purified and uplifted to a fully evolved Alteran overnight; his brain function and magical core were at maximum potential.

At the moment that Harry's body finished absorbing Janus' ascended life energy, the others noticed when Harry temporarily flashed into the pure energy form of an ascended for a moment, effectively ascending himself - and then returned immediately back to his physical form, albeit a brand new and improved version. One of leaders of the Council of Ascended named Nero summoned Harry through the planes to have his situation assessed and dealt with.

"Janus, did you actually think you could get away with this, 'merging' with a human without being noticed?"

"Well, I did for almost 8 years. I actually merged with Harry when he was a baby. Unfortunately the events of Harry's death at the hands of his Uncle just now caused me to act rashly and risk revealing myself in order to save both of our lives." said Janus-Harry.

"Well Janus, your merging is now complete, your individuality is lost to Harry as he is the dominant mind now. He will retain your memories and your abilities and you will live on only through him." replied Nero.

"However Harry, your fate will be one of our choosing, not what Janus appeared to have in mind for you. When you wake up tomorrow morning you will find yourself aboard the lost Alteran ship Destiny in a galaxy 700,000,000 light years from Earth." continued Nero.

"Will I ever be able to come home to Earth?" asked Harry.

"What you do with your life after we send you to Destiny is up to you. We will not interfere with your path from here on out. This change of plans is a form of punishment for Janus for having circumvented our rules on non-interference." answered Nero.

"So after I get to Destiny, if I can figure out how to get home you will not interfere with me?" asked Harry for clarification.

"Yes, that is correct. We do not normally interfere at all. We are doing only this much in reaction to Janus' actions. We are not over-reacting because you are merged with him and any harsher action we could take with him would impact you more so. Do not fret, you may find that this opens up new opportunities for you." replied Nero.

"So, you don't think sending me to a 50,000,000 year old probably beaten up old space ship with no supplies for human sustenance 700,000,000 light years from my home world is not a death sentence for me?" asked Harry.

"No, it should not be. We all know that it is still out there and in essential operating condition as well as you do now. It may be a little worse for wear but we know that with the knowledge you just inherited and that resource, it will be your choices and your decisions that determine that." answered Nero.

"Now - sleep." said Nero.

The next morning Harry woke up and felt like a new person. Naturally, since he was a new person. As an inside joke he decided to think of himself as Harry Janus Potter from now on. Now that Harry possessed all of the knowledge of Janus and Voldemort.

The real big difference is that he woke up in a very ascetic looking bedroom with no windows and a large metallic door.

"Ah yes." Harry thought. "He did say I would be sent to the ancient ship Destiny. What a crap sandwich." thought Harry.

The first thing Harry thought after that was "Damn, that reminds me, I'm hungry. Where am I gonna get food? This was an unmanned voyage. Nero didn't exactly answer that question." he thought.

Harry concentrated and created a copy of Janus' memories and then projected Janus as an astral projection into the room so he would have someone to talk to, even if it was essentially just a part of himself.

"Okay Janus, you got me into this mess. You can help me get this ship sorted out." Harry said.

"I'm sorry Harry. I don't know what you expect me to do. I am only a copy of my old self and you know everything I do." replied Janus.

"I know. But I can't be traveling across the universe without someone or something to talk to. You can just be there for me to vent at, you don't have to comment unless you want to or think it's useful. I just don't want to be all alone. Okay? So just follow me around and be my imaginary friend or something." replied Harry.

"Alright, first thing is that whatever the destiny of Destiny was, that's done. I was sent here for punitive reasons and at the same time told that what I do now is entirely up to me. This is my ship now, we'll see what I can make of it. Well, besides the immediate need of life support, food and water. I want to return home to Earth. So, that is the master plan." said Harry.

Harry possessed the knowledge of this ship thanks to Janus ascended knowledge so he didn't waste any time making his way to the bridge and taking full control of Destiny, assigning himself as Supreme Commander of the ship, and forming an audible and neural interface to the ship's AI.

"Destiny, Supreme Commander over-ride - disable automatic pilot and ship trajectory for the primary mission. The primary mission is canceled. Confirm over-ride and come to a full-stop as soon as it is safe to do so." ordered Harry.

"Primary mission over-ride confirmed. Destiny is coming to full-stop." replied Destiny.

"Destiny, report from the scans along your past trajectory the nearest habitable world that conversely is still not inhabited which has been seeded with a stargate, that has rich supplies of neutronium, naquadah, and trinium, with a star suitable for recharging our stellar matter generators and give me the ETA for arrival from our current position." ordered Harry.

A moment later:

"The nearest planet meeting specified search parameters is an uninhabited Class M planet designated planet 0FFX50001543 at an ETA from start of FTL jump of 36 hours." replied Destiny.

"That will have to do." said Harry.

"Destiny, redesignate planet 0FFX50001543 as Procul. Do we have enough power to make it to the photosphere of Procul's star in order to regenerate our batteries?" asked Harry.

"Yes." answered Destiny.

"Destiny, plot a course to Procul's star and upon arrival immediately begin power regeneration sequence. Upon completion of regeneration, immediately proceed to orbit of Procul and then wake me from stasis." ordered Harry.

"Orders confirmed, Destiny will enter FTL in 3 hours, ETA to Procul's star is 39 hours." replied Destiny.

"Ah yes, I forgot about the FTL cool-down period. No problem. A little exploration, then to stasis for the bulk of the trip. I don't know what these 'Others' intended by this but I'm going to surprise a lot of people." said Harry.

"Destiny, run full diagnostics of the ship's hull integrity, and all major systems and subsystems and report." ordered Harry, as he walked to the room that creates the sensor drones (someone might call them kinos).

"The ships stellar matter batteries have reduced capacity due to wear and damage and can only hold a charge of 40% of their original capacity. One of the 16 FTL drives is damaged and offline. The ship currently has several hull breaches due to ancient combat damage that are sealed by force fields, the adjacent compartments are likewise sealed requiring over-ride to enter. Life support is in poor repair-estimate only 640 hours of breathable oxygen remaining to sustain the one current life form aboard, CO2 scrubbers need to be repaired and new filtering materials acquired and installed to restore them to full operation. Currently there are only two of the original complement of 3 shuttles. There are 90,000 liters of water in the ships hold but no food. Several of the stasis pods are in various states of poor repair, but 50 are in full operational order." answered Destiny.

With Harry having arrived in the sensor drone room he instructed the system to produce 100 drones. After that was accomplished he programmed them via the ship's AI to remain linked to the AI and begin a pattern of monitoring patrols throughout the entire ship and set them on their way.

Having done that he worked with the ship's AI to reprogram and re-configure the sensor drone construction device to instead generate a large supply of the Ancient maintenance robot's that came with the Destiny ship spec.

"Destiny, as new maintenance robot's are constructed, immediately link them to your maintenance sub-routines and begin deploying them to repair all ships systems and hull breaches that do not require the ship to exit FTL to facilitate." ordered Harry.

"Orders confirmed, ship maintenance cycle to begin immediately." replied Destiny.

Harry then proceeded to the hydroponics bay and working with a few of the first constructed maintenance robots got it up to full working order in preparation for automatically sustaining a supply of the veggie food he was going to obtain on Procul.

Harry felt the ship jump to FTL.

With his preliminary preparations underway, Harry proceeded to the stasis bay and entered himself into stasis, pre-programmed to awaken him in the event his life signs dropped to dangerous levels or in 72 hours in case the AI failed to do so for some reason.


53 hours later.

Harry is awoken from stasis by the AI.

"Supreme Commander, Destiny has completed regeneration of our power supplies and is now in orbit of Procul." announced Destiny.

"Good. Thank you Destiny. I know you don't need to hear it but great job." replied Harry.

"Janus you can wake up and start following me around again, old buddy." said Harry.

"Alright, I like it when a plan comes together. It feels like I just missed breakfast and it's going on lunch time. I've had much worse days unfortunately." said Harry.

"Harry, I think you should visit the cafeteria and at least hydrate with plenty of water. That is something you should do regularly anyway, but after stasis it is an important recommended activity." said Janus.

"Thanks, that is a good idea." replied Harry.

As Harry made his way to the cafeteria he asked Destiny for an update on maintenance since the ship had over 2 days to work on that while he slept.

"All major repair items are still open issues either due to inability to perform tasks while in FTL or lack of materials. However, the life support system has been fully repaired and cleaned, it only lacks the new materials necessary to re-fill the CO2 scrubber's filters. All stasis pods except for one have been fully repaired. All other systems have had full cleaning and preventive maintenance operations performed and the affected systems are now restored to full operating efficiency. All water in storage has been re-purified and all plumbing and human interface systems have been cleaned and sterilized." answered Destiny.

"Well that is good timing considering I'm about to get a drink of that water." mused Harry.

"Destiny, now that we are out of FTL, instruct the maintenance robots to begin all hull repairs and restore access to all ships compartments as soon as it is safe to do so." ordered Harry.

"Orders confirmed, maintenance cycle has begun."

"Destiny, how many maintenance robots have been produced so far?" asked Harry.

"106" answered Destiny.

"Good. Cease production or robots and use the ones you have." ordered Harry.

"Orders confirmed." answered Destiny.

Harry got his drink of water, a full 2 liters worth per Janus recommendation then proceeded to the robot construction room and re-programmed the machine to alternatively produce three new types of robots, one mining robot, one refining robot, and one transportation robot; the latter of which will be responsible for bringing new materials back to the ship's working areas or cargo holds. These robots were a bit more complicated and larger than the others so instead of producing one every 30 minutes, he would only get one per hour, or one full set of 3 every 3 hours.

He would need a supply of them built up before he could do any serious work anyway, so he just let that run on automatic for awhile.

"Destiny, re-scan Procul and confirm there is no sentient life there." ordered Harry.

"Scans complete. Confirmed, no sentient life on Procul." answered Destiny.

"Wonderful. Destiny, prepare course for entry into Procul's atmosphere and for a landing 100 yards from the planet's stargate." ordered Harry.

"Course plotted, ship is ready for landing protocol." answered Destiny.

"Destiny, land the ship at the coordinates established in the last command." ordered Harry.

"Order confirmed. Landing procedure in progress, entry into the atmosphere to commence in 10 minutes." answered Destiny.

With that underway, Harry made his way to the supply lockers he now had access to that were inaccessible previously and donned a full Alteran encounter suit, a hand-held pulse laser pistol, and a neural headband communication device for remote command and control of the ships AI. He summoned 90 of his 100 sensor drones and linked them to his neural headband.


After the Destiny landed, Harry departed the ship with his swarm of sensor drones following him. Took a breath of real fresh air for the first time in days and set to work. He instructed 64 of his sensor drones to form a perimeter around the Destiny and stargate area out to 1000 meters radius from the center of his encampment and set them to continuously monitor to provide him an early warning of any approaching dangerous activity and any anomalous activity within the circle, his new safe zone.

He then took 18 of the remaining sensor drones, divided them up into 3 packs of 6 each and set them to establish visual contact based on the coordinates from Destiny's scanners and then continuous monitor the areas he intends to mine for of each of the three main mineral deposits he will need: neutronium, naquadah, and trinium.

Now it was time for some of Voldemort's knowledge of magic and wandless skill to serve Harry.

Harry conjured a campsite with a grill for cooking and a campfire, along with all the necessary tables, cooking, and eating implements he would need. He would not sleep outside, in case there are unknown dangers that could surprise him at night. But he would be as comfortable and practical as possible while living and working on this planet.

Next, Harry used set his remaining 8 sensor drones to remain in a swarm around him at 10 feet at all times.

With these basics up and running Harry ventured outside his safe perimeter and used his personal sensor drones to help him find some game food roaming around, which he quickly dispatched with Diffindo spells. He likewise magically gathered up a number of edible plants and what appeared to be fruits and took them back to his campsite to make his first lunch/dinner in many days. Fortunately there were plenty of magic spells to quickly clean and prepare the game for cooking, same with the veggies and fruits. Harry found a natural onion plant which he was able to make use of for a little spice and flavor; for the rest he just transfigured them. Gamp's law did not restrict him from transmuting one food type into something more palatable and enjoyable, it just prevented him from creating food out of thin air from nothing. The transmuted food still maintained the properties of the original, so he was careful to use meet for his meats, and various veggies and fruits similarly; but he was able to make it all look and taste like a feast of steak, potatoes, and mixed vegetables; with a side of bread and butter. With water transmuted into coca-cola. Or at least that's what his taste buds thought it was. Naturally he had the Destiny's scanners confirm that it was all safe for human consumption before he used any of it. And there were several items he had to dispose of. Good enough.

This all having taken several hours he commanded the Destiny AI to begin sending to him the newly completed mining, refining, and transport robots to him as they were completed. The first three, one of each type made their way to him. He dispatched the first mining robot to begin construction of the neutronium mine. That is his priority mineral at the moment. He dispatched the transport robot to link to the neutronium miner and prepare to automatically shuttle the raw ore back to the encampment. He dispatched the refining robot to begin construction of a small refining operation for neutronium.

With this task underway, Harry returned to the outskirts of his encampment and gathered up living plants of the most useful veggie plants and what he thought he could harvest seeds from certain fruits for, but that process will take a bit longer to kick off in his hydroponics lab. Filling a bottomless bag he conjured, he brought enough plants to fill up his first hydroponics bay.

Whilst doing all this work, Destiny sent him new sets of robots for his mining operation and he set the first two new sets into similar tasks to begin his naquadah and trinium mining operations. From there on, he had Destiny's AI automatically manage the process of adding new robots into their assigned functional work areas until the process got up to a critical mass needed for full operation that he determined. So that he could begin to focus on his next set of tasks.

As night fall was approaching he returned to the safety of Destiny and attended to the task of setting up his hydroponics lab with all the soil and plant life he collected and turned the system on. The Destiny AI will manage this hydroponics bay from now on ensuring optimal efficiency. After about a month, this bay would produce enough raw food materials daily to sustain his daily diet and over time he would be able to begin stockpiling supplies as well as production got really going. He would live with transmuting these materials into what he considered palatable foods and living on essentially a veggie diet, augmented by whatever meats he will occasionally go out and catch while he is still on the planet.

After a good first day, he turned over his encampment monitoring network to the Destiny AI while he turned in. First he commandeered a stately room that he conjured the best bedding, linens, and other comforts that he could think of.


The next day...

Destiny reported no perimeter breaches and no other anomalous activity within their compound.

When Harry went to sleep, his mining operation had 2 full sets of each type of robot for each mineral operation. Destiny informed him that the operation was now running with 6 sets of robots and processing was beginning to occur in measurable quantities at their refinery operation and that small stockpiles of the raw ore were beginning to build up.

With that going smoothly, Harry returned to his campsite and hunted and gathered and transmuted himself a full breakfast, then inspecting his mining operations in person just to see for himself. He was pleased with the progress and returned to the Destiny to begin work on his next phase, building his scientific and construction labs to build what he intends to build with all of this.

The goal? - By the time Harry is done, he is going to have transformed the Destiny into a ship with all the technological ability of the City of Atlantis herself, minus the bits he wouldn't have room for of course. That will come later. This will be major upgrades and refits across the board. As it was now, he had already restored Destiny to its full operating condition since it landed, having the maintenance robots with the materials they needed finish repairing the entire ships systems. All was going to per plan in Harryland.

This operation continued for weeks and for months. Harry eventually stopped constructing mining robots because the operation was up to full swing. As enough refined materials of each major component came up to par he designed and built by hand the first of his new series of neutronium-naquadah-trinium alloy nanites. He formed a neural interface with the parent nanites and slaved them all to his command via DNA. He gave them near full consciousness capability save that they were slaved to him and him alone and could not harm another human being unless he commanded them to. With that established, he ordered the nanites to self-replicate from the materials he mined.

Linking his nanite swarm to the Destiny AI, he had swarms of them adapt the functionality of the lesser capable Destiny class robots and therefore upgraded and replaced his entire mining operation with nanite constructs. The efficiency of the operation improved a hundred fold.

With that accomplished, he instructed a swarm of the nanites to form themselves into 10 Potentia constructor satellites and launched them into the star. Each would produce 1 Potentia and then return to the Destiny with it's Potentia. This would take another month.

Meanwhile he was able to stop his hunting and gathering daily chores altogether as his hydroponics bay now supplied all the food materials he needed. He didn't even bother to go outdoors anymore, with his intelligent nanites able to handle everything for him, except on the occasion when he fancied some meat in his diet.

Harry instructed a nanite swarm to form itself into a full Lantean class computer core and installed it in the Destiny computer room and transferred all Destiny functions and AI over to it. This was his first major systemic upgrade. With that in place, he used the upgraded command chair to reverse the process of knowledge transfer and transferred an entire copy of his consciousness, his memories, and Alteran knowledge into the computer core. He could not transfer all ascended knowledge as there is no database storage large enough to store such a thing. It was only his ascended modified physiology that allowed him to possess it.

With that done thing began to move along much faster, with mere verbal commands for the most complicated tasks. Harry assigned large amount of nanite constructor swarms to the Destiny AI control and then ordered the Destiny to upgrade it's FTL engines to the latest in Lantean specification, these would be far faster, more reliable, and without the cool-down and minimum time in flight limitations of the original design. He further had the Destiny build and add into it's engine room and add emitters to the rear of the ship for the most advanced Lantean hyper-space drive, and then had the Destiny construct and install the latest of his own design for a reliable working Wormhole drive. That might've been less reliable on a ship the size of Atlantis but it will smoke through inter-galactic travel very safely and reliably for a ship the size of Destiny. Of course, some of these modifications actually made Destiny gain some weight. But who cares?

Next, Harry refitted the power systems of the Destiny to use 3 Potentia in addition to it's stellar matter generators, which he left online because they will still serve as an adequate back up, just in case. He also installed a series of naquadah generators to power certain ship sub-systems in the event of emergency power failure of any of the primary systems. He also re-constructed the stargate and dialing computers to the latest Lantean specs. for full inter-galactic access and the ability to take full control of the gate network in any galaxy he happens to be in.

Harry re-purposed many of the previous living quarters spaces into labs and operational locations for a variety of new systems. One was a drone manufacturing plant, another was a drone storage room that could hold 10,000 drones, and he fitted the ship with 2 drone launchers on each wingtip. He also upgraded all the other weapons from their older designs to the latest Lantean designs for plasma beam weapons, pulse anti-fighter batteries. Then upgraded all the shields to the Atlantis spec, powered by the Potentia, and added the latest cloaking device, scanners, sub-space communications, matter transporters, and all other major and minor systems and sub-systems.

He held off on implementing one of his time travel devices on Destiny, but the idea wasn't off the table. It really wasn't necessary right now and for a ship this size would burn a lot of power. One enhancement he decided on since he was all alone is that he created a clone body of himself stored in stasis. The Destiny AI had instructions that if he should be confirmed dead that it would copy his consciousness and memories that are stored in Destiny's central computer core to the clone to resurrect him, after a fashion.

With all major systems upgraded or newly installed, the shuttles were also fully upgraded with the latest propulsion, shields, cloaks, weapons, transporters, and so forth; and the one missing shuttle platform was rebuilt so the ship was back to its standard complement of three.

The month passed by and finally the Potentia satellites returned to Destiny's new launch bay and Harry recovered his 10 shiny new fully charged Potentia. Most of the new systems on this ship wouldn't work without these, so Harry wasted no time installing three of them and putting the remaining 7 in safe storage.

Destiny then fully powered up, all systems came online. She reported all drives, weapons, shields, and cloaks were fully functional. Full diagnostics were ran and Harry had to make some tweaks here and there since it wasn't possible to fully integration test everything during his upgrades.

Destiny purred like an Atlantis class kitten.

A/N: If in my zest for describing this I forgot to enumerate a specific type of system that I should have or could have named in terms of being upgraded to or added to Destiny per Atlantis spec. assume that it's just a mere oversight because really who can remember everything, and accept that 'its all there' because categorically that is what Harry was trying to do.

Harry was proud.

With several months passing by and his operation on Procul coming to a close, Harry constructed another entire storage room full of inactive nanites for future unspecified use. He then filled three more cargo holds with supplies of refined neutronium, trinium, and naquadah. He refilled all the ships supplies of water, food, and made sure the hydroponics bays were fully stocked.

As a parting gesture to Procul, he first instructed all nanites to disassemble all evidence of the encampment and all specialized bots to return to their specified cargo holds to await future use as needed. He removed all other evidence and then in the tradition of his crazy ancestors he erected an obelisk with the entire alphabet and numerical system of the Alterans, with the only complete writing being the name Procul to identify the planet, and the phrase 'Kilroy was here'.


1 He has not foreseen Harry's entire future. He just foresaw this horcrux anomaly that is about to happen that he can take advantage of for his plans. He knows about the magical world and most of the world in general as he has been watching it in secret for thousands of years but, to reiterate he is not clairvoyant to that degree.