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Three Ol' Pigs

"I can't stay here forever," She mumbled examining her nails. "It's a bore. There's nothing to do and nothing gets done! You know what? I'm going to leave this place. I'm not just going to sit around waiting for that guy to come and find us and shoot us down. We have to go do something…"

"But Ayako," Yasu said. "He could come and find us quicker if we leave. He is a great tracker and apparently he will do anything to get back what once was his. Do you really think it is safe to move out? I'm not sure this is a good idea."

Monk nodded in agreement. "Look Ol' Pig, you have a point. But it is too dangerous. He could track us down easier as Yasu said. He uses his title as dept collector to the max and is using his other talents to retrieve this money. We go live separately and a far distance apart, that way he would tire himself out looking for us. He has to sleep at some point, and that is when we will move again."

"Nicely done Bou-san!" Yasu commented. "That should work. Okay Ayako, we will do what you want. But I think we need to set some rules and boundaries. Bou-san, you must not take your loud music with you and please please wear normal clothes to blend in. If you walk down the street with a skull shirt on and music blaring out of your headphones you will be easy to spot. He will find you instantly."

Monk hmph'ed and turned away, feigning hurt. Yasu continued, "Ayako you will have to deal with a limited amount of facial treatments. Is that clear? Do I need to spell it out for you? No? I thought so! I also suggest that you dress in normal attire instead of classy rich clothes. Think about the reason you are in this mess to begin with."

"I know!" Ayako sighed. "What about you? I'm sure there are things that you do that would make you easier to spot! Like your glasses for example, you are one of few people who where them and so you would be an easy target. You would get shot down quickly… And you are too smart! Act dumb or something."

"No can do, I'm afraid." Yasu said with a grin. "My smarts are way too valuable for your simple way of thinking. I will use my intelligence to trick him and to help us blend in. It has worked before, it should work again."

"Okay, oaky! That's enough of that for the time being." Monk interrupted. "We need to leave today. So what's the plan then? We just go off and buy houses far away or close to each other? We still need to communicate and I think he has probably bugged our phones and possibly put a tracker in them."

"Yes, the plan…" Yasu trailed off. "I know! Right, we live relatively near each other so that we can talk that way. Leave all electrical items just in case they have actually been bugged. Sucks for you Ayako, but deal with it. No! No objections. Anyway, I do not recommend buying houses. I have enough money to buy a cheap-o one but you guys do not. Remember why we are in this situation in the first place? So the two of you will have to find something else to use as shelter."

"Can we not just all live in one place?" Ayako whined. "I mean, if you have the money to buy somewhere cheap, why can't we all live there. It will be easier and don't give me that crap about him being able to find us if we do. He probably won't be able to."

"Hey Ol' Pig, calm down." Monk chimed in. "And I will be giving you that crap about him being able to trace us better. If he follows one of us to where we are staying he will find the rest of us. If we live separately then that should work. Just suck it up and agree already. Do you think that you are the only one with these views? Well you're not. I'm sure Yasu feels the same."

"Right back at you Bou-san, but back to the point. I suggest you go out and find somewhere to live or collect some materials to build your shelters. This is going to get dangerous but we have to do it if you don't want to stay here with that old crone. It will be better for us all that way."

"I agree Yasu, right everyone let's move out." Monk yelled triumphantly, raising his hand into the air.

"Goodbye house," Ayako mumbled as she was pushed out of the door and into the wild. She looked back once more time, she had started to regret her choice of leaving. Sure Masako – the old crone – was super difficult to deal with and she was such a snob, but her home had been their home for the best of five years and Aayko suddenly felt a bit of reluctance as she was pushed further away. She would miss the place an awful lot.

The three pigs wandered off until they came across a pretty deserted town that was accompanied beside a lake, a forest and a field. They could have jumped for joy! This place is exactly what they were looking for. "You know what!" Ayako suddenly said. "I will go and build my house out of straw. It is light and easy to find in that field over there. My house is going to be great!"

"Well I am going to build my house out of sticks. They are stronger than straw and are easy to find in the forest." Monk said. "They are well better than something as stupid as straw. How is straw going to protect you from the weather never mind him of all people!?"

"I don't know, do I? And how, do you suppose, are sticks going to protect you from the weather as well as him? I don't see it." Aayko yelled in annoyance. Monk was certainly grating on her nerves.

"You know, I think I will build my house out of bricks instead of buying one." Yasu said before the other two could begin to fight. "I can see a lot of spare bricks over there all piled up."

"Bricks?" Monk and Ayako asked in unison. They were unsure of whether Yasuhara could build a house out of sticks himself, never mind the bricks. Where was he going to get everything else from anyways? "They're heavy too. How is someone as scrawny as you going to manage?"

"I'll be fine. I want to build a strong house anyway, one that will help bring me great shelter from the weather and him." Yasu said after a short pause.

And so, they got to work. It took a while but they were finally coming to an end in their works. "Oww, I've cracked one of my nails! I have finally finished my house of straw though. That's a plus."

"Stop complaining, Ol' Pig!" Monk exclaimed as he finished his house of sticks. "At least we have got our houses built. Yasu is nowhere near finished. Why did he even wish to make his home out of bricks?"

"I'm not sure. Why don't you ask the man yourself? He's right over there after all," Ayako said. She was too upset about her cracked nail.

"Yasu!" Monk called out. "Do you need any help?"

"No thanks Bou-San, I am perfectly capable of building a house by myself."

"Okay, okay! Whatever you say, pal."

"I've finished my house at long last!" Yasuhara yelled with excitement. He had only spent half the day working on it some more, buy he had finally finished. "Now he can't get to me through this layer of bricks!"

"I'm sure he could get to you despite a layer of bricks being in his way," Ayako huffed as she looked at Yasu's new house. To say that she was jealous would be the understatement of the century.

"You scared that he will come get you first because you only have measly straws to protect you?"

"No! I'm not scared!" She stuttered, looking away to hide the raging blush on her face.

"I've found them," He said into his phone before clamping it shut and walking to the house made from straws. He frowned at it's odd materials. Who would use straw?! "Let me, Ol' Pig, let me in."

"No way in hell. Get lost!"

"If you don't open up then I guess that I will have to resort to other measures. I just so happen to have a gun latched onto my belt. I wonder what would happen if it was to shoot at your… house." He called out louder.

Ayako ran out of the door, not sparing him a glance as she ran to the next house. Monk let her in and locked the door – or tried his best to at least; it was a house made from sticks for goodness sake!

"Let me in, Bou-san, let me in." He said calmly.

"Not by the hairs on Ayako's chinny chin chin!" Monk yelled desperately, doing his very best to ignore the Ol' Pig's intense glare. If it was nay other day, he was sure that she would hit him.

"Then I guess I will have to use my gun that I just so happen to be holding," He said while firing two warning shots. Monk and Ayako ran out of the house and to Yasu's. "Let us in!"

"What's the matter with you?" Yasuhara asked after he had opened his door. His friends were acting strange. Maybe something had happened.

"He's here! He's chasing us!"

"Oh my! You had best come in then."

"We're in danger," Ayako said in a hushed tone. "If we don't hand over the money then I reckon he will shoot us down until we are bloody dead!"

"Calm down already. He can't get us in here." And that is when they noticed him standing outside of the window, his gun in his right hand. Looking mighty dangerous.

"Let me in, Yasuhara, let me in."

"Not by the hairs on Ayako's chinny chin chin!" Monk answered for him, moving out of Ayako's kicking reach. He would end up in the hospital at this rate.

"Then I will have to use my gun." He said as he shot at the window. When nothing happened and all they heard was a noise, he grew confused. "What was that!?"

"Bullet proof glass!" Yasu answered smugly. He was enjoying the moment that little bit too much.

"Then I will have to climb through the chimney," He murmured to himself as he reached the roof of the house. He lowered himself into the chimney and started climbing down. This was far too easy for him!

He dropped into the house and came face to face with his three targets. He almost smirked, "Hand over the money at once or pay the consequences."

The three friends did not move an inch, whether that be in courage or terror, they remained unmoving. He took out his gun, moving towards them. He was sure that they would fail whatever they were trying to pull. After all, he had never lost and he never will.

He pulled back the trigger, aiming for the one in the middle. Osamu Yasuhara. He was the one that grated on his nerves. He was going to be the first to die. The shot rang loudly in their ears as one of them fell to the floor, the blood pooling up around them.

"My house of straw was too weak," Ayako mumbled as she removed her hands from her eyes.

"Yeah, my house of sticks was too weak," Monk mumbled as he stared at the bloody mess on the floor. Why did things have to end like this? Death wasn't pretty.

"Yeah, just be glad my house of bricks was strong enough to save you this time," Yasu said as he dropped the gun on the floor and turned to the debt collector on the floor. "It was nice knowing you, debt collector…"

"Yeah, have a great time in the after life; you won't be seeing us for a long long time." Ayako added.

"One last goodbye." Monk said quietly. "Farewell Naru."

Character list

Ayako as a pig (straw)

Monk as a pig (sticks)

Yasu as a pig (bricks)

Naru as the wolf (or dept collector in this story)

Masako as old crone (not official charcter)