TITLE: Twists Of fate.

AUTHOR: Kelly Rowe

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DISCLAIMER: Buffy, Angel and all other characters (except those I make up) are the absolute property of Joss Whedon, Fox, Mutant Enemy, UPN and Warner Bros (If I owned them, do you think that they would be acting this ridiculous right now).

SUMMARY: AU Fiction. Buffy is the one sent to the Hellmouth to watch over the PTB's newest warrior.

SPOILERS: Minor (if any).

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PAIRING: Buffy/Angel, Oz/Willow, Spike/Dru, Giles/Jenny, Xander/Cordelia, Cordelia/Doyle.

CATEGORY: AU, Action and Romance.

Part One

'Some Invitations You Just Don't Accept'

London, England - 1802

Lady Elizabeth Anne Summers was bored to death, not that it was an atypical occasion. She was constantly bored stiff at societal events and this ball that her mother and father had obligated her to grace with her presence was basically the same old thing, with the same erstwhile people. She would've preferred to be out on patrol with her perpetually dependable watcher right at that split second, but she had been ordered by the council to maintain her old tedious schedule. If simply she had been called or found at an earlier time, her fate might have been so much unlike what it was. She might never have had to suppress her true nature, to pretend to be someone she was simply not and never would she have had to put up with proposals from characterless men who had ruined her assurance in men - that there was one solitary man out there worth having and holding onto.

Elizabeth forced herself to move about from group to group, engaging the well-bred and monotonous conversations, until she was unexpectedly inundated by a presence in the room. She tilted her head a little towards the entrance to acquire a glimpse and saw Lord and Lady De Lyon - the most recent members of the societal clique - cross the threshold into the luxurious ballroom. Elizabeth had on no account met the duo, but had been privy to the whisperings regarding them and their bizarre behaviors. She began to deduce that the only factor bizarre about them and their behaviors was that - if her slayer senses were accurate - they were vampires.

To trial her fledgling presumption, she sought out an introduction to them. However it was problematical to do so, since barely a small amount of people knew them, unless it was through the rumors, even though countless numbers of both the men and woman she talked to did seem enthralled/seduced by the eye-catching pair - he with his blond hair and trenchant eyes and she with her tantalizing blond curls. Persevering she did ultimately find a couple who knew the twosome and were agreeable to introducing her to them, if only for the reason that they wished to partner their son Riley to her and her well connected, wealthy family.

The Finns, with Elizabeth in tow, approached their recent connections cautiously and as soon as they had made the faltering initiation they scampered away - whether to locate their son or in apprehension she was in doubt. She rapidly realised her imprudent faux pas, when she noticed the swift eruption of fear in her foe's eyes. In spite of this, as soon as it became evident that she would not or could not formulate a move against them in these surroundings, the guise of fear was replaced with one of elation. Hastily excusing herself with a insubstantial pretext she wandered away from them and over to her parent's side, where she remained for the rest of the evening, fully perceptive of the gaze of the vampires aimed at her.

Upon arriving back at her parent's domicile in the wee small hours of the morning and even despite the fact that she could only just stand, feeling limp with fatigue; Buffy made her way surreptitiously to the servant's quarter to talk to her watcher, Giles. Gregory Giles was a gentle, honorable man whom - contrary to council's decree - felt a fatherly affection towards his most recent charge, specially given that her own father seemed to be deficient in those skills. Even though he was a well educated and comfortably well-off man, he had been forced into a position as the Summers' head butler by the council - their way of keeping control and track of their latest slayer.

He was furthermore generally distressed by what Elizabeth told him about the ball and the two newest social butterflies. From the descriptions she had given him he assumed that these pair of vampires were Spike and Darla, two of the most sadistic vampires to roam Europe. In view of the fact that no one had actually seen nor heard of them in over a decade, he had thoughtlessly decided against instructing Elizabeth about them, their feeding and killing patterns.

Promising to instruct her on all she would must know the subsequent morning, he hastily sent her back to her suite of rooms and left for his home, where he knew his wife would await him. As he departed the Summers' dwelling, a sinister intuition overcame him and he had the compulsion to return to the residence and lecture Elizabeth about her most recent opponents. Shrugging the short-lived suspicion off, he turned and ambled away towards his place of residence.

The subsequent morning when Elizabeth came down the stairs, she found her mother bustling from room to room with anticipation. She held in her hand an invitation from Lady De Lyon to have tea at their manor, the first of their social contacts to obtain such an distinction. Elizabeth felt ensnared by this unanticipated news. She did not intend to cross the threshold into the sphere of influence of these vampires without instruction, but she could also not permit her mother to go there unaided. It was of course a deliberate ambush set for her by these malicious demons, but she could not figure a way out of it without costing her mother her very life.

That is how she found herself a small amount of hours later on in the family carriage approaching the De Lyon estate. As they pulled up outside of the elegant manor, a awareness of trepidation and peril settled upon her and she wished she had, had the time to advise Giles of her and her mother's little exploit. However he ever dependable watcher had been postponed by her father and would not have arrived at her residence until well after they had of course gone.

Her mother's coachman rapped upon the cumbersome oak door for them and then rushed back to the carriage. They had not long to linger before the door was opened by a human maid, who not only let them inside and took their jackets, but also directed them into the parlor where they were to expect their hostess. Elizabeth took a deep lungful of air and sighed, she could feel her body coil with apprehension as each split second passed and she anticipated the first act of violence from their hosts, whom had prepared this inventive ambush.

It was more or less a half hour later when the so-called lady of the house made her appearance. She ambled in and sat down precisely crosswise from them with a supernatural poise. Elizabeth's slayer sense went into overdrive from the energy radiating from this vampire, perceptibly greatly older than any she had encountered in her restricted slaying experience. Elizabeth scrutinized her as she request that the servants bring in the tea for her and the guests and wonder what she had intended for later on.

"Lady Summers, I am so flattered that you could consent to my late coming invitation," Lady De Lyon said politely.

"Please Lady De Lyon," Joyce Summers replied. "The pleasure was all mine."

The tea quickly arrived and Elizabeth tuned her mother's well-bred gossip out as she circumspectly sipped at her tea. A few moments later she become conscious that something was not right, when her mother stopped talking and there was purely an unnatural silence that settled over the area. Turning towards her mother she found her slumped over in unconsciousness and then looking over at Lady De Lyon, she found a ominous smirk spreading across her face.

"Don't worry little slayer. It's you we want, not mommy dearest. William now!"

Lord De Lyon crossed the threshold into the parlor and fleetingly distracted his mate, Elizabeth used this disturbance to her gain pouncing at Lady De Lyon with a stake she had hidden in the oversized dress she wore. She knocked the arrogant vampiress to the floor and they rolled around in a intolerably unladylike manner, with Lady De Lyon ending up on top of Elizabeth. However she also ended up on top of the stake and exploded into a cloud of dust seconds later. Elizabeth scrambled to her feet - not an easy thing to do in the dress she wore - and found herself grasped from the rear, struggling did no good as the fangs bared down upon her neck and pierced the delicate flesh of her throat. As she slipped into nothingness, her final thought was that she failed everyone - her family, her watcher and the world.

When she finally regained consciousness, she found herself alone in a extravagant bedroom. Rubbing her hands over her neck, she felt the wound that had been inflicted was starting to heal and was calmed. She then tried to arise only to fall back onto the bed, as a surge of lightheadedness overtook her and she realised that she felt bizarre. Had something been put in the tea earlier, or was this simply an after effect of being bitten?

The door opened and in walked Lord De Lyon carrying a tray of something that made her mouth water. "Ah, you're conscious. I had anticipated being here when you rose, but I was detained by business."

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't worry it's relatively frequent to be bewildered right now. I recollect that I was," he told her soothingly, instead raising the panic within her.

"What did you do to me?" she all of a sudden asked, as a sinister feeling spread throughout her body.

Lord De Lyon sat down on the bed next to her, "Since you found it crucial to annihilate my mate, my sire... I decided to make myself a fresh cohort. How does it feel to be a creature you were born to despise, to hunt, to kill? Or don't you care anymore?"

"Get away from me y-you monster," Elizabeth shrieked as he endeavored to lay a hand on her. She didn't want to believe him and she definitely didn't want to feel his freezing hand laid upon her flesh.

He leaned in nearer to her and heaved a sigh in repulsion, he could still sense the soul within her. "So the folklore was correct. A sired slayer does maintain her soul."

Elizabeth couldn't respire or move about, all she sought after was to awaken from this and have it be all a nightmarish dream. Nonetheless she had the nagging wariness that it was unfortunately all very real.

"What am I to do with you my fair little childe?" he pondered reaching out to fondle her hair, impervious to when she pulled away from him. "You really are no use to me the way you are."

"Then let me go," she implored.

"Yes, I'll let you go. My ultimate revenge upon you for killing my sire. You're an outcast, a freak - not one of them nor one of us. You are and will be eternally alone."

To her surprise he picked her and carried out of the bedroom and down the stairs, pausing at the front door. Stroking her hair once more, "It really is a pity you aren't evil... you would've been the perfect consort." Then he unexpectedly had a servant unbolt the door and he cast her off out onto the cold, wet ground.

It took her a small amount of minutes, but she finally got her barings and began the lengthy journey home, only to realise halfway there that she could on no account go home. Instead, not knowing where else to turn she headed to Giles' home to beseech him to be of assistance to her.

She rapped upon his door and waited for him to answer, praying that he was home and not delayed by her father just the once more. When he finally answered and saw her standing there relief flashed across his face.

"Elizabeth, you're okay," he said.

"Not quite," she responded. "I couldn't stop him."

Giles' face scrunched up in confusion, "Couldn't stop him doing what?"

"Turning me," she whispered ashamed to have to admit this to the man she so admired as a father.

Giles just stood there in astonishment, of course his slayer was not telling him that she was at the moment one of those evil creatures. If something like that were to have happened then the council surely would have informed him of that fact.

"Elizabeth that it not funny," he told her, "I thought that you were too old for pranks."

"It is not a joke. I wish it was one, but it is not," she told him.

When he realised that she was not kidding, he pulled out a cross. "Be gone evil creature," he said holding it out towards her.


"Be gone."

In fear of her watcher for the very first time she rushed away from his home and out into the darkness of the night, unsure of what to do or where to go.

Elizabeth ran and ran until she was convinced that she could run no more and then, indifferent to her former station in life, she sat down in the gutter and wept. She had been like that for some time when she felt someone come within reach of her, but she no longer was concerned about who this stranger was - in fact she began to pray that he would kill her, rather than live this torment.

"It's about time you arrived, Miss Elizabeth," the stranger said.

She looked up to see the shortest, most horribly dressed man she had ever laid eyes upon, standing beside her. "Who are you? How do you know my name?"

"Name's Whistler and I've been sent here to help you," he told her.

"Who sent you? Was it Giles?" Elizabeth asked hopefully.

The man called Whistler shook his head, "Better forget about your watcher, kid. He's one of them. I was sent to help you by the Powers That Be."

"The who?"

"The Powers That Be," he said. "They control our destiny's. They need your help to prevent the world from falling into the realm of darkness. Are you up for the job?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Sure your do. You can sit here in the gutter for all eternity instead," Whistler offered helpfully.

Sighing, she took the hand he offered her. She would of course prefer to help the world rather than sit in a filthy gutter feeling sorry for herself for eternity. "When do I start?"

"Follow me, kid. I'll get you started," he replied.

They walked off into the darkness together and Elizabeth wondered what her future would now entail. After all she was still a lady and there were just some things she would never do.