The date

Part I

John Diggle thought of himself as a perceptive man. He was the first one to notice Oliver's bullshit stories, he was the first one to notice how he seemed lighter after some time with the IT-girl and he was the first one to notice, after Felicity entered the team, just how much they cared for each other. It was no surprise if anyone looked at him while Oliver and Felicity were talking to find a smirk playing on his lips.

So, when that morning he descended the stairs of their new lair and found Felicity singing out loud "Something good can work", it tipped him off that something happened. She was normally a very happy, very bubbly woman, but the glow in her cheeks was something else altogether.

Unfortunately, the only person beside Felicity in the room was Roy and he knew the younger man was the worst person to give him any intake in Felicity's new found happiness. But, since he was ready to interrogate first a probably witness and only then the person in cause, he choose to walk towards Roy, after smiling openly at the blonde, who responded with a bigger grin.

"Roy…" Diggle called and the man stopped his punches to turn around.

"Hey Dig… How is Lyla?" Roy asked and Diggle smiled. It was a surprise how much the boy cared about his unborn son, but a welcome one nonetheless.

"She is great, a bit tired of all that hunger, but really amazing…" Diggle said and the younger man smiled, seeing the awed expression that still appeared in his friend's face every time he talked about his wife and baby.

"But I need to ask you something… about Felicity…" Diggle said and Roy looked over his shoulder, which had to make him jump a little, to observe the said blonde typing in her computer while singing.

"I wanted to ask about that too… When I arrived she was already like… that…" Roy said, his hand waving around trying to come up with a word to describe Felicity's state.

"So, you have no idea what happened?" Diggle asked and Roy shook his head.

"You can always ask Oliver… He was here before…" Roy replied and then, an illuminated expression appeared in his face and the two men looked at each other with sudden understanding.

"Holy shit!" they said at the same time and turned to look at Felicity, her voice echoing now the first notes of "Come on Eileen".

"Did he asked her out?" Roy asked softly, afraid of saying the words too loudly.

"There is only one way to find out…" Diggle said and with a smirk he grabbed his cellphone and after putting in practice some of the tricks Felicity taught them, he put it against his ear.

"Who are you calling?" Roy asked and Diggle put a finger in front of his lips to tell to be quiet.

"Now spill it! I'm sure Felicity told you everything!" Dig said, not giving Roy any clue on who was on the other side.

Approaching the other man, Roy could hear a laugh and then a familiar voice.

"Who says I know anything?" Sara's voice answered.

"Because you didn't ask why I was calling through a secure line…" Dig answered and he hear voices on the back.

"Nyssa says you are being nosy and should just give up… not in these exact words…" Sara said and Diggle huffed.

"Seriously, you told Nyssa Oliver asked Felicity out and couldn't tell us? Worst, why didn't she tell me first?" Digg asked, his voice a bit annoyed.

The blonde on the other side laughed again.

"Actually, it was Oliver who called me… I think I used the words "blondes over brothers' code" or something similar when I made him promise I would be the first one he would call…" Sara replied, the voices around her rising. "I'm sorry, but I really have to go now… Don't drill Oliver too much… Bye!"

When Sara disconnected the call, Digg sighed, and looked at Felicity. She was so happy… He just hoped everything goes well in that date or else her heart would be crushed…

They deserved it after the former months, after all the suffering, the fights, the need to rebuild, the changes… those two deserved to be happy…

"Let's train…" Diggle proposed, turning around to face Roy once again.

"You won't talk to her about the date?" Roy asked and Diggle shook his head.

"Let her keep that to herself… the girl needs a private life too!" Diggle said and it was obvious through his tone that Roy shouldn't say anything about it either.

When, after the date day and all that surrounded it, Diggle knocked on her door to find Felicity with red rimmed eyes and a pint of cookie ice-cream in her hands, it was no surprise.

"I'm not doing the pity party!" the woman said immediately. "It's that time of the month and I'm more sensible…" she walked into her living room and Diggle followed her, closing the front door behind him.

"I'm not here to pity you…" Diggle said, sitting beside Felicity on the couch. "I'm here to let you vent if you want or just to sit silently with you…"

Felicity turned her face towards him and sighed sadly. He could still remember how she called him one hour before going on her date with Oliver to gush all about it, how she apologized for not telling him and how nervous and stupid she felt.

"Felicity, he could have asked any woman in this town to go on a date and he choose the one that could say no… Don't you think it counts?" he had said and Felicity's nervous laugh echoed from the other side.

"It's just so stupid! He just doesn't let himself be loved or feel love! He can't see there's light in his path! He took all the choice from me!" Felicity yelled, the pint of ice cream moving dangerously through the air. "I tried and tried, but he didn't listen to me! He just went and left me! Which is funny since we were not officially together… so I'm the girl who suffered a breakup without being in a relationship!" Felicity finished, putting the ice cream down with more force than it needed.

Dig let her talk and vent all she wanted and in the end smiled sadly at her.

"He is a pain in the ass, a moron… but I know he cares about you…" Diggle said and Felicity rolled her eyes. "And that's why I'm going to say what I have to say…" Felicity looked at him with more attention and Diggle measured every word he said. "Move on, Felicity…" her eyes widen at his words. "Move on and be happy… Oliver can't give you what you need right now, he is not ready… You need to go out and meet people… Be free! Be you… and then, if you are really meant to be, you will find each other in the right path with no more demons tarnishing your relationship…" Diggle whispered, in his deep voice, grabbing her hand and squeezing her fingers. "You will mature into what each other needs or don't… I can't really see the future… but I will keep my hopes of being the godfather of a little Smoak-Queen…" Felicity gasped and blushed.

"John…" she whispered and with a squeal, she attacked him, with her arms surrounding his neck and her nose involved by his familiar scent of leather and family.

"I love you, Felicity Smoak, and I will always be on your side…" he whispered and Felicity felt a few errant tears escape her eyes.

I will put the date in the next chapter, don't worry! This one was brought my the spoilers of 03X01, which I woke up this morning and made my day brighter immediately!

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