Chapter 1: Discovery

Sheppard's team had been on the usual mission of discovering what was out there. When they flew through the space gate they had no idea that they would find such a remarkable relic. It was just located on the other side of the moon from the planet the Gate was orbiting. Rodney had been in love at first sight at the prospect of uncovering its primary function and hopefully studying it in great detail.

The place had obviously been abandoned by thousands of years. Which made sense considering it was an Ancient outpost. It was just smaller than the Aurora class vessels they had come across, but its design was more of a station than a star ship. Very similar in design to the satellite that had been used and lost in the siege during the end of the expeditions first year in the Pegasus galaxy.

They had been able to dock with little issues and was pleasantly surprised to find that it had back up power that was just enough to bring back life support and turn on the lights. They navigated the shallow corridors and eventually made it to the main control room. The four of them had a quick look around but without more power they couldn't access any more of the station's functionality.

Sheppard agreed with Rodney that they should head back to Atlantis and convince Elizabeth to allow them to bring back a Naquada generator and hopefully find out what the station was capable of. Everything went according to plan and John was thoroughly thrilled with the look on her face when they informed her of their discovery.

Which led him to asking her."Hey want to get out of here for a bit and come take a look with us?" His grin was in place as he sat on the edge of her desk. He knew damn well she was just as eager and curious about this new station as the rest of them. It had been too long since Elizabeth had been off-world from Atlantis and the solar system they found the station in was uninhabited so there little chance of hostile forces turning up.

"Alright I'm in." She replied with a smile on her face and shut her laptop down. She inwardly agreed that she needed to get out a little more from her office and being in an Ancient complex was the perfect getaway.

So Sheppard's team along with Elizabeth and Zalenka and the Naquada generator returned to the Ancient space station outpost and managed to restore more power to the systems.

They were all standing in the main control room with most of the power back they could finally access the main computer. Rodney and Zalenka were at opposite ends of the central console and data screen leaving the rest of them to look around.

Elizabeth was taking in the sights of the other consoles that decorated the other two walls of the control room. That's when she noticed a piece that looked out of place then the rest of the Ancient technology that they had previously come across in their travels. It was a single button but its colouring wasn't the usual light blue of the others on the console. It looked like it had been burned with heat or perhaps even weapons fire.

Letting her curiosity get the better of her she lightly brushed her fingers over the burned button. That's when an energy surge shot up through her hand and engulfed her entire body before she knew what was happening. She let out f groan of pain as the thick blackness of unconsciousness took a hold of her and she slumped to the floor in a heap of limbs.

"Elizabeth!" John cried out as he only just managed to reach her in time before her head hit the floor. He gently lowered the rest of the way and checked for a pulse and sighed with relief when he felt it beat rapidly beneath his fingertips.

"What happened?" Teyla asked as she and Ronan came over to assist Sheppard.

"Looks like a power discharge hit her. I'm disconnecting our generator until we know more." Rodney informed them as he powered down the station.

"We got to get her back to Atlantis immediately." John ordered as he went to lift Elizabeth up into his arms to carry her back to the Puddle Jumper.

"Let me." Ronan offered as he knelt down next to him and scooped Elizabeth up in his enormous arms before John could protest. "We need you to fly the ship, remember?"

"Right." He reluctantly agreed, he didn't know why he didn't like the idea of Ronan carrying her back to the Jumper. It just felt like something he should have done, after all he took Elizabeth's safety and well being very seriously.

Thankfully it didn't take them long to hustle it back to Atlantis and place Elizabeth in the infirmary under the care of Carson Beckett. Sheppard didn't like waiting while the doctor and his team did all their scans because even though it was probably minutes it always felt like days to him.

Carson finally ushered them over to the isolation room that they had decided to place Elizabeth in. John and the rest of them instantly recognised this as a bad sign.

"So how is she?" John asked as soon as they got close enough that he didn't have to yell across the room.

Carson sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, an obvious sign of his distress. "As far as we can tell she's fine physically speaking. The energy surge didn't harm her." He paused to allow his friends the time to process the information. "Unfortunately we picked up something rather alarming in her MRI. We're detecting two consciousnesses."

"Oh come on! Not again!" Rodney protested rather too loudly and Ronan smacked his arm lightly to shut him up for the time being.

"Surely not the same design that we found Thalin and Phoebus?" Teyla asked worried that they would a repeat of that specific day's events. Once was more than enough for her lifetime.

"Aye no it's not. Thankfully, however it does resemble that of an Ancient signature. I can't say for sure but it does have similarities to the ones we encountered when they briefly reclaimed the city." Carson explained and was about to go into further detail when one of the nurses came out of the isolation room looking rather uncomfortable.

"Doctor? She's awake."

They all bundled into the room to find that Elizabeth Weir was sitting up in the infirmary bed with all the wires attached to her. She was looking around the room rather confused at all the Earth equipment and then down at her clothes.

"Elizabeth?" John called out her having a horrible sense of déjà vu from over a year ago. They all stalked around her bed so she couldn't suddenly jump off and start running for it.

She snapped her eyes towards him them and even though they were the same eyes they appeared different somehow. The familiar warmth and kindness in them was gone and only empty confusion was left in their wake.

"I don't know this Elizabeth. My name is Neria. Now tell me what exactly are you doing in my home?"

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