Stargates and Relays

Prologue: Lost Tau'ri

"We're Leaving, Now!"

Emrys glanced at the Colonel over his shoulder, then fired on a Jaffa as he headed backed down a side corridor.

"Emrys!" O'Neill bellowed, "Get the Hell over here, We're Leavin'!"

"No!" Emrys corrected, "You're leaving! I'll draw them off, buy you time to get out!"

Emrys glanced over and saw the Colonel about to argue, "Shut up and Go! There's No Time! I'll catch a ride from the hangar!"

"Everybody Move!" O'Neill shouted, "Emrys, Good Luck!"

The revived Ancient just nodded and fired at the approaching Jaffa, ducking back as a volley of plasma passed close to his head, he held his L1a1 in one hand and fired while trying to pull a grenade off his vest, pulling the pin and tossing it round the corner.

He looked back after the explosion to see a dozen Jaffa dead and another patrol coming from behind, staring at the bodies then shouting and aiming at him.

"Wyatt, time to get out of Tombstone,' he thought, breaking into a run, heading in the opposite direction to everyone else, dropping another grenade as he went.

The Prime arrived just in time to see the second grenade claim several of his men.

"Jaffa! Kree!"

"Daniel! Dial Home, Fast!"

Daniel didn't need telling twice, as SG-1 and SG-7 took position around him, he tapped in the coordinates for Cimmeria after making sure someone put a smoke grenade between him and the Jaffa.

The Stargate roared into life, just as the Jaffa got close enough to fire, Captain Cousland sent his team through first.

Daniel came up to Jack, "What about Emrys?"

"He's a big boy, Daniel," Jack snarked, though not quite successful in hiding his own concern, "He can look after himself!" Jack looked round to Carter and Teal'c, "Let's move!"

Carter was the first into the Gate, followed by Daniel. Teal'c stayed to one side until Jack started running, then stepped through, followed by Jack.

The Halls were surprisingly empty, I silently thanked whatever God was listening, and SG-1 hadn't yet killed, for that fact.

In fact, it looked like I'd be able to reach the Hangar unchallenged.

I arrived a few minutes later to discover that Apophis designed his Summer Palace's differently to other Goa'uld, who modelled theirs after the architectural style of Apophis' rival Ra, I was in his private Hangar, not one of the Military ones.

I glanced around then started running for a mid-sized craft with a flat wedge shaped hull with a small pyramid point at the rear, there was also a spherical bulge underneath, slightly aft of a recessed ring, that resembled a B-17 or B-24's ball turret when retracted, I got to the ramp unhindered and made it inside long before the Jaffa reached the Hangar, as I reached the top the Ramp retracted.

Lights turned on as the ramp locked in place, at first showing bare gunmetal walls but giving way to gold and platinum panelling, Teal'c had told me there ought to be small barracks were a rather decadent Egyptian style bedroom and a small medical bay, the hold was loaded with cargo crates of food, water, Naquadah of two different grades, gold, silver, platinum, weapons and several Goa'uld hand devices and bracers, one of each I snapped up, then continued my search, finding the ship empty except for what looked suspiciously like Tollan clothes in the wardrobe, both male and female.

I stepped onto the bridge and sat behind the controls, noting the Jaffa searching the Hangar but avoiding this craft, I run over the instructions Teal'c gave in an orientation class in my head, checking off each system I could recognise as stealthily as I could, noting at least three systems that didn't match Teal'c's detailed descriptions.

I waited until most of the Jaffa had left before starting the engines.

The Prime was about to leave with all but two sentries when the engines of his Master's Personal Al'kesh roared into life and the craft began to lift off.

"Jaffa Krenol!"

The Jaffa levelled their staffs and fired, the infantry grade weapons making little impact on the armoured hull as the large craft reach the hangar door a larger, emplaced cannon fired from below, striking the hull once just forward of the engines before the shields snapped into place and the belly turret deployed and fired, destroying the manned emplacement and the other unmanned guns.

The Prime grit is teeth in anger as the craft escaped, then composed himself stoically and went to report his failure.

His God would not be pleased.

"Shields… structural integrity… Hyperdrive," I tapped the console as a warning light flashed on and off three times, then stayed off after I tapped it, "…check," I finished uncertainly, then I turned to inputting a destination in the Nav computer, interestingly the Goa'uld used a simple, two level six-point system like the Stargates, the first set of coordinates seemed to be the same as those used on the Stargate, the second set seemed to be defined by points within the previous 3-D 'box', I input the coordinates for a planet coreward of Earth but uninhabited that had a Stargate and waited.

Once I reached orbit, I checked the coordinates, orientated the ship, then activated the Hyperdrive.

All hell broke loose.

The Warning light came up, an alarm sounding and the ship shook as the Hyperspace window opened, energy coursed through the console in front of me as the ship accelerated, arcing up my arms as the nose passed the threshold, the last thing I was aware of was my back hitting the deck, then darkness.

I don't know how long it was before I woke, but I was immediately glad for the medical bay as both my arms, my chest and my right cheek screamed in pain.

I forced myself upright and examined the cockpit.

The port consoles were trashed either outright destroyed or badly burned, with the chair I previously occupied badly scorched. The starboard consoles however were very much intact. I dragged myself into the starboard pilot's seat and checked the console, the blood left my cheeks.

If I was reading this right, and I really needed to become fluent in Goa'uld soon, then the cannon shot that hit the hull had damaged one of the power relays, making the Hyperdrive effectively short circuit and over charging it. The coordinates had been reset to a planet on the far side of the galactic core and I couldn't abort as the port console was the master control and had basically locked out the starboard console, if I wanted to be able to fly the ship I needed to completely rebuild the port console, and considering it would take five months to reach my destination, assuming nothing else went wrong, I'd have plenty of time. And I'd be able to study Goa'uld until I was fluent.

But first, I really needed to reach that med bay.