First Taste of Love

My first Oliver and Aly story! It's rated M for future content. I hope you like it. I love these two so much!

Please note: This follows canon except Oliver has no idea as of yet that Maya taped him saying all those things about "The Redheaded Forrester". It will come into play soon though.

Chapter 1

Aly shivered as Oliver nibbled on her collarbone and his large hands came to settle on her tiny waist. As she arched up into his mouth, greedy for more, more and more of the sensations his lips on her throat were evoking in her, her blouse rode up and his fingers grazed the skin of her back. She tingled. Yes, she tingled all over. What would it be like if he took her – took her right then and there?

She giggled at the thought. Oliver paused what he was doing and cocked his head, eyes twinkling as they searched hers. "Wait, if you're laughing … I'm not doing something right here."

"Oliver," she said with another giggle. She covered her mouth for a moment. "Sorry. It's just here we are, in your office, and I'm thinking –" She broke off as her face flamed with heat. She sat on his lap and he felt so good underneath her. What would it be like to see him completely naked? Her cheeks burned still more at the thought.

"What is it, Miss F? What are you thinking?" He asked. He lightly trailed one hand along the sensitive, goose-fleshed skin of her left arm. She shivered and looked away.


"No come on, be real with me here," Oliver said. "I want to know what's going on in that sexy brain of yours."

"My brain is sexy?" Aly shook her head. "No, brains aren't sexy."

"Yours is. You're so sexy in every way. Not to mention smart and brave. It's a major turn on."

"Oliver-" Aly shoved him lightly in the chest. He caught her little fists in his hands and squeezed them gently.

"Talk to me, Aly. What's on your mind?"

"It's stupid."

"Nothing you say is stupid. So come on, level with me here."

"Uh, well –" She broke off as Oliver hooked a thumb under her chin and brought her eyes up to his.

"Look at me."

"I'm –" God it was so incredibly nerve-wracking to verbalize this. She knew Oliver wouldn't judge her but it was still hard to say out loud. She finally just decided to blurt it out. It came out in a rush. "I was thinking how funny it would be if we had sex right here in the photo lab!"

She gasped once the words were out. She couldn't believe she admitted that. "Wait. Just forget I said that."

Oliver wriggled an eyebrow. "I don't want to. You're thinking about having sex with me?"

"Well… Yeah. Do you – do you ever think about me that way?"

"All the time," Oliver admitted and his gaze was unwavering. She felt her whole body tremor under his heated gaze.


"Aly, do you want me to make love to you?"

"Not here. I mean-"

"No, not here. It would have to be somewhere special."

"It would be special with you wherever it happened. I just wouldn't want it to happen in a place where just anyone could walk in. Can you imagine if my Grandfather -"

Oliver leaned over and pressed his lips to hers, silencing her for a moment. His tongue darted at the seam of her lips and she parted them to allow him to kiss her deeply. His tongue raked over hers and she clung to him as waves of pleasure coursed through her. If Oliver could make her feel like this with their clothes on… What would it be like with absolutely no barriers between them?

They finally came up for air and Oliver rested his forehead against hers. "Aly, tell me what you're thinking right now."

"I was just wondering I guess. If you really think about being with me all the time."

Oliver nodded. "Absolutely. I adore you, Aly. I'm crazy about you actually. I want you so much. How could I not? You're perfect."

"Oh come on. I am not."

"Then darn close." He kissed her lightly and her arms came to knot around his neck as if by their own volition.

They kissed and kissed until they were both breathless and panting. "Wow," Aly murmured. She always enjoyed Oliver's kisses but they were driving her absolutely crazy today. She wanted so much more than just hot kisses though. She realized she wanted him to make love to her, to make her a true woman.

He must have seen the look percolating in her eyes because he smiled. "Ask me, Aly."

"Oliver, would you-"

"Would I what?"

"Don't make me ask," Aly said, twisting a bit in his lap. She felt his hardness bump into the back of her leg and she quaked. God, what would it feel like to have that inside of her? Would it feel as amazing as she thought it would?

"Ask me," Oliver said, a little commandingly. "Please. I will never judge you for anything. And I have a feeling we both want the same thing."

"Then why-"

"Why do I want you to ask? Because I want you to tell me what you want and how I can make everything perfect for you."

"Everything is already perfect when we're together, my Knight in Shining Armor," Aly said.

"I love that you think of me that way, Milady."

Aly giggled and then sobered a bit. "Okay, I'll ask. Oliver, would you – I mean, tonight could we go to your place and maybe – Could you-" she broke off for a moment. "Oliver, will you make love to me tonight?"

Oliver's gray-blue eyes darkened and hooded. "Is that what you want?"

"Yes!" Aly said, almost too loudly. She blushed. "Oliver, please make love to me. If that's what you want too."

"That's exactly what I want. But are you sure that you're ready for this?"

Aly nodded. "Yes. I want – I want you so much."

Oliver nodded. "I want you so much too, Aly." He then kissed her senseless again and suddenly she couldn't remember her life before him. She didn't want to.

"Tonight, Aly," Oliver said, stroking her cheek gently. "Tonight we will be together just like we both want."

"I can't wait," Aly whispered. She tucked her face into the crook of his neck then and held on tight. She wanted him so much. She loved him so much.

Aly was so ready for tonight. Her body, mind and soul belonged to Oliver Jones. Forever.