Chapter 3

Aly awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon frying on the grill. She rolled over to see Oliver's side of the bed was empty. She smiled as she spotted a little folded up piece of paper sitting on his pillow. Her name was scrawled on it.

She reached for it and read it.

Hey Beautiful,

Last night was amazing. You're amazing. Come and join me in the kitchen for breakfast as soon as you're ready.



P.S. Clothing is optional.

Aly blushed reading the last part. How could she still feel shy though after all she had done to Oliver last night and after all he had done to her? She swore she could still taste him on her lips.

She sat up and swung her slender legs over the edge of the mattress. She still felt a little sore but her body ached in the best way. She was still nude – she'd fallen to sleep in Oliver's arms that way – and debated a long moment before bravely padding down the hall to the kitchen.

She spotted him at the stove. His back was to her as he flipped pancakes on the griddle. He was bare-chested and his hair was wet which meant he had either showered or took a morning dip down at the beach while she was asleep. She was sort of disappointed that he was already clean. She wanted to know what it felt like to make love in water.

He turned around and smiled at her. She tried covering her body with her hands instinctively upon seeing that he had a towel slung low on his hips. "Wait, Aly, don't," Oliver said. "Let me look at you."

Aly slowly peeled her hands from her skin and dropped her arms to her side, shifting nervously on her feet. Oliver seemed to drink in the sight of her as he approached. There was a stormy, hungry look in his eyes and her heart slammed painfully against her ribcage. All he had to do was look at her and she felt wet between her legs all over again.

"Ollie," she whispered as he closed the distance between them and pulled her against his hard chest. She sucked in a shaky breath as he reached behind her and squeezed her ass cheeks like they were ripe melons.

"Mmmm, you're beautiful," Oliver said and kissed her nose before moving to take possession of her lips. His fingers molded the taut globes of her ass as their tongues intertwined.

The need for oxygen caused them to pull apart soon enough. Oliver grinned at her. "Last night was great. How was it for you though? Are you okay?"

Aly nodded. "Yes. It was perfect. Better than I ever could have dreamed. But I'd be more okay if… If you were as naked as me. I shouldn't be the only one strutting around in their birthday suit."

Oliver smiled and whipped off his towel, letting it dangle between his fingers before he dropped it to the floor where it puddled at his feet. "Done."

Now it was time for Aly to drink in the sight of him. What an amazingly perfect specimen of man he was. Even his dick was beautiful, she decided, and before she knew what she was doing, she was reaching out and touching it, lightly running a finger down the thick shaft.

Oliver growled. "Oh, Aly, you're driving me crazy here."

"Am I?" Aly said cheekily. "Because I'm just getting started." Her hand shook for a moment but she forced it to steady as she began to pump his member, wrapping her tiny fist around the length and massaging it up and down. She felt it getting harder and more engorged in her hand.

"Aly," Oliver moaned out. "You gotta help me here."

She cocked her head to the side. "How?"

"I need you to –" he nodded towards his penis –"take me in your mouth right now. I can't hold on much longer. You've awakened a beast, Aly, truly." He gave her puppy dog eyes. "Please. I am going to explode."

"You want me to … put my mouth on that? You want me to suck on you?"

Oliver nodded. "Please. It would mean so much to me."

Aly thought it over for a moment and then nodded. "Okay. I want to give you back some of the pleasure you gave me last night." She held out her hands to Oliver and he took them, gently lowering her to her knobby knees on the tile.

"Aly, take me now. Take me into your mouth," Oliver pleaded. She watched the storm raging in the depths of his eyes and she leaned forward. She slowly kissed the tip of his dick, not sure what to expect. It didn't taste bad though she could feel the tip was already moist and slick. She began to take more of his length into her mouth. She felt his hands come to squeeze her shoulders almost painfully as he pressed more of himself between her lips.

"Alyyyyy," he panted. "I'm cumming. I'm cumming, Aly. Oh god!" He cried out as he erupted like a geyser on her tongue. There was an extreme amount of semen in her mouth and at first she didn't know what to do. Finally, she decided there was but one recourse.

She swallowed.

Oliver smiled like the Cheshire cat before pulling her up into his arms. "How was that, Miss F?" he asked.

"Salty," Aly said honestly. Oliver burst out laughing and she laughed with him as he hugged her naked body to his."It wasn't so bad," Aly admitted. "There sure was a lot though."

Oliver grinned and went to kiss her. Aly melted into his embrace as their kisses grew hotter and hotter. Aly wanted to beg him to take her right then and there but she didn't get the chance. The fire alarm suddenly started going off.

"What the -?" Oliver broke away and raced to the stove. There was smoke in the air now and Aly's eyes burned as he fanned at it.

"Save the bacon," Oliver said to her.

"I'm sorry to inform you that it's already gone to the great butcher shop in the sky," Aly said with a goofy grin.

Oliver laughed as he reached for a small extinguisher by the stove and sprayed everything until most of the smoke had dissipated. "You don't suppose the fire department will come?" Aly asked, nibbling her plump bottom lip.

"If they do, they will definitely get an eyeful."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Aly said. "I don't want anyone but you to ever see me like this."

"I don't want anyone looking at you either," Oliver said. He put down the extinguisher and tugged her over to him, resting his hands on the slight curves of her hips. "No one gets to see my girl naked but me."

Aly smiled. "I'm your girl?"

"Absolutely. If you want to be."

"Oh I do."

"Good because I meant it, Aly. I meant it when I said that I loved you last night. You're everything to me."

"I feel the same way!" Aly threw her arms around his shoulders and hugged him tightly. He kissed her neck and she smiled.

"Breakfast is ruined," Oliver said. "What do you say we shower and go to Dayzee's for muffins and coffee afterwards?"

"I say… Yes!" Aly said. He grasped her hand in his, threading their fingers. They walked towards the bathroom. Oliver stopped at his dresser where the last two condoms sat. Aly couldn't believe they had used three others last night.

Oliver tugged her to the bathroom. He pulled open the shower door and turned on the faucet. Aly danced around on her toes as Oliver tested the temperature and pronounced the water "hot, but not too hot". He winked at her, "We'll make our own steam, just like we did in the kitchen."

Aly smiled and climbed into the shower. Oliver set the condoms packets on the rim of the tub and then shut the shower door after them. Aly moved under the spray and he came up behind her. Her long red locks were already sopping wet. Aly shivered as she saw Oliver, from the corner of her eye, pick up a shampoo bottle and uncap it. The shampoo had a musky scent and she giggled at the thought of walking into Forrester later smelling just like her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend. She had never had one before but she loved it. She prayed that she and Oliver would always be this close and this happy.

"What's so funny, Miss F?" Oliver asked as he began working the shampoo into her scalp. His fingers felt so good. He really knew how to use them. She had figured that out last night; that he was an expert with his hands.

"Nothing," she replied and turned to smirk at him. He smirked back and kept massaging her scalp with the shampoo. He worked the liquid through the long strands of her thick hair and then whispered, "Close your eyes", as he nudged her under the spray.

She stood under the spray as he rinsed her hair. She felt him pressing his wet naked body to hers and she felt a pool of heat down below. How could he do things like that to her? He was very gifted, that much was obvious. She never wanted to leave this beach house, ever. Nor this shower either, though she hated the thought of getting all wrinkly and pruny. The thought made her laugh though and when she opened her eyes, Oliver was watching her with a grin.

"Is it a private joke or can anyone get in on this one?" Oliver asked.

"Well I was thinking how I'd like to stay in here forever but then I'd get all wrinkly and whatnot and I wouldn't be very appealing to you."

"Are you kidding? You will always be appealing to me, Aly, wrinkly or not. You're amazingly beautiful. If only you could see what I see..."

Aly's eyes moistened. "You're so good to me, Oliver."

"You make it so easy," Oliver said. He pulled her into a kiss and she felt his member bump against her lower belly. He was hard again already.

She smiled mischievously as she reached for one of the condom packets and shredded it to pieces. Oliver murmured something unintelligible as she grasped him with one hand and slid the sheath over him with the other. "Make love to me, Oliver," she said in a husky voice.

"You don't ever have to ask me twice."

He backed her up against the shower wall. He reached out and tweaked her nipples which were immediately arching to his touch. He then grasped either of her thighs and drew them up around his lean hips. She smiled as he drove into her. It didn't hurt anymore. Now there was nothing but intense, mind-blowing pleasure.


"Aly, we've got to hurry," Oliver said half an hour later as they were shrugging on their clothes. Aly had brought a black and white stripped dress with her in her overnight bag.

"We've only got twenty minutes to get to work," Oliver said. "I don't want to give your uncle a reason to fire me."

"Oh Uncle Ridge surely realizes now what an asset you are to the company."

"You like my assets?" Oliver teased. She laughed as she yanked the dress down her hips where it flirted with her kneecaps.

"I do," Aly said, not the least bit sheepishly this time. With Oliver, the anxiety and nervousness of girlhood was quickly dissipating. With him, she felt every bit a woman.

"I like yours too," Oliver said. He slipped his feet into his black boots and tied them. Aly put on her three-inch chunky heels and then they made a dash for the door.

"Aly," she heard a voice whisper to her. "ALY!" The voice got still louder and she turned to see her mother appear in the corner of the room. She blushed, wondering if her mom knew what she had been doing all night long with Oliver.

Oliver noticed her expression. "It's your Mom, huh? She wants to talk?"

Aly nodded. "Yeah. I just need a few minutes."

"Okay," Oliver said. "Tell her 'hey' for me. Oh and ask her not to haunt me for what we did in the shower. Or the bed. Or the kitchen."

Aly just smiled as Oliver walked down the hall.

Aly looked up at the spirit of her mother, framed in that familiar, ethereal white and purple light. "Mom, hi," Aly said.

"Hey, my sweet girl," Darla said. "Not that you're a girl anymore exactly..."

Aly blushed furiously. "You know! Wait – you didn't see…?"

"No," Darla said with a firm shake of her blond head. "But I can see in your eyes that you had a 'special' evening. And you did summon me for a reason, right?"

"Yes," Aly admitted. "Mom, please don't be angry. I'm so happy and –"

"I'm not angry, Aly. I am very happy for you actually. I just want you to protect yourself."

"We did-"

"Not just that way. Though that's important too, of course. I meant protect your heart. There are some people out there who don't have the best of intentions where you're concerned."

"What does that mean?" Aly asked, genuinely confused.

"Just be strong, honey, and remember you are loved. Now, sweetheart, get to work. You know how your grandfather hates tardiness."

"Mom, is there something … Well, are you trying to tell me something?"

"Just be strong and remember that I love you," Darla said. Her ghostly image soon melded into the ether.

Aly peered at the spot where her mother had just been and she sighed, perplexed. Her mom had seemed to be warning her that something bad was going to happen but Aly didn't – couldn't –believe it. Things were so perfect right now. They had never been better actually. What could possibly go wrong?

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