I'm currently rewriting my whole fanfiction to improve the overall quality. Therefore, the flow of chapters might be weird at some points. I'll try to rewrite everything as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding, and I hope you like my story!

The fire was everywhere she looked. There was no way to escape, but the young girl didn't think about getting away. She just stood in the middle of the fire, and enjoyed it. Giant red flames touched her arms and legs, but she didn't get burnt. Somehow, the fire felt natural to her, as if she was part of it. A man and a woman were sitting in front of her, on their knees. Their expressions made the girl realize that something terrible was going on, and she had something to do with it. They looked like they had just lost all hope, which scared her a bit.

"Mom? Dad? Where am I? What is going on? I'm scared!" The young girl's voice was shaking, as she was trying to hold back her tears. She suddenly couldn't enjoy the fire anymore, because she was too worried about her parents.

The woman put her hand on her shoulder. Her long, blonde hair reflected the light of the fire, making her look even more beautiful as she already was. The man looked at her with his bright blue eyes. She could see fear and worry in his eyes, but also a tiny bit of confidence and hope. "I'm sorry, Destiny. This is all our mistake. We both wished it didn't have to be this way, but the fate of the universe now depends on you. We are counting on you, Destiny, and we will always stand by your side. Now go, and save everyone's life."

The sound of the gentle waves brought Destiny back to her senses. Her whole body was screaming in pain, and her head was spinning. She listened to her surroundings, to the calming water and the trees in the distance, moved by the light breeze. With her right hand, she felt that she was laying in the sand.

She wanted to fall back asleep, to avoid all of the pain she was experiencing, when she suddenly heard a loud voice right next to her: "Do you think she's going to be fine?"

A second voice joined the conversation: "How should I know, Havis? I'm a Turtwig, not a doctor. But she is still breathing, which is a good sign."

Destiny opened her eyes, and saw two strange creatures right in front of her. It was night, but a bright full moon provided her of enough light to see everything. She tried to stand up, but she was too tired. She opened her mouth, but couldn't say a word, as her throat was too dry. The weird animal on the left jumped up: "Sabio, look! I told you she'd be fine!"

Destiny looked at the creature, who was apparently called Sabio, and he looked back at her. She noticed that her long, dark blue hair was almost completely covered in sand. She must've been laying here for a long time, which made her wonder for how long these two had been watching her. Thinking of that made her feel uncomfortable.

"She's so beautiful!" Sabio kicked the other creature, who kind of looked like a beaver with two teeth sticking out of his mouth. "Don't say that out loud, she can still hear you! Do you really have to make a fool out of yourself all the time?"

Destiny cleared her throat, and she finally managed to managed to bring a few words out: "W-Where... Am I? And you guys?" She was too dizzy to form correct sentences, which annoyed her, but the animals seemed to understand it.

"Excuse us, you must be disoriented." Sabio, who looked like a strange turtle with a single leaf growing from his head, appeared to be the smarter of the two. "I am Sabio, a Turtwig, and this is my friend Havis, he is a Bidoof. We were strolling through the forest when we saw you laying here in the sand, so we don't know how you came here either. We came here to check if you were doing all right, but you seemed to be unconscious. Right when we were about to leave, you woke up."

His words, along with the already severe headache, confused Destiny so much that she dropped her head on the ground again. "I have never seen... Anything like you?"

She wanted to punch herself in the face for the stupid things she said, but couldn't even raise her arms. Even the two animals seemed to be confused: "We are Pokémon, but we assumed you already knew that. Are you not from this world or something?"

Again, Destiny lifted her head, and looked around. She saw the lake with the calm waves, the beach she was laying on, and the edge of a forest behind her, but none of it was only slightly familiar to her. She tried to remember how she ended up here, but it was like her entire memory had been wiped. She was unable to recall anything from before she woke up here.

The Pokémon whispered something to each other, before turning back to Destiny: "A guy of about your age was found here a week ago, and he also didn't know anything about our world. You two have similar treats, so maybe you're connected somehow. We should visit him, maybe you know each other."

Destiny didn't hear what he was saying, as she was still too confused to think logically. She was trying to comprehend the situation, but that was almost impossible to do. "So you guys... Are like talking animals? And you live here? That's normal in this world or what?"

Sabio nodded. Destiny's explanation pretty much covered all there was to say. She finally managed to get up, which immediately caused her head to spin even more. She had trouble standing up, but didn't fall back on the sand. When she looked at the lake, she noticed a faint red light coming from the distance, but she didn't pay much attention to it. "So where exactly are we going now?"

The beaver-like Pokémon ran ahead: "He should be in a small town called Twinleaf. It's right around the corner, so we should be there in a minute!" Sabio shook his head, and Destiny assumed that meant it was going to be a slightly longer walk.

Walking was difficult for Destiny, and she really felt stupid about it. It was almost as if she was just a little child that had to learn how to walk. After a while, they left the beach, and went to the forest entrance. When she looked back, she could see where she had been laying in the sand. The few meters from the beach to the forest had taken at least five minutes.

Suddenly, a small bird landed in front of Destiny's feet. It was grey, with a white area around its head, resembling a mask. A little black star was marked on its forehead. "Havis, Sabio, good to see you two again. Tell me, who's this lady?"

The Turtwig wanted to reply, but Havis was slightly faster: "Hey Varlon, what's up? We found this beautiful girl on the beach, just like that! It kind of reminded us of that other guy, what's his name again?"

Destiny was confused about what was going on, but she followed every word that was being said. The little bird's eyes shot wide open. "You mean Faith? He should be in Twinleaf Town, if I remember correctly. I haven't checked the place in a while. I'll fly ahead; you two can guide her there, right?"

Sabio nodded, and the bird flew off. He looked at Destiny, and noticed her confusion: "That was Varlon, a good friend of us. He's a Starly who also lives in the forest. I'll explain everything while we're walking."

Destiny agreed, although she could barely keep track of everything that was going on anymore. This strange world, with weird talking animals… Why was she even here? Together, they walked to Twinleaf Town, where they would meet up with Faith.