I paced in the cage Magneto placed me in away from Rogue. I could easily use his own powers to get out, but I hoped that by behaving to his requirements he'd leave the girl alone.

"Pacing will only wear you out," I turned to see Mystique staring at me through the bars.

"Are you planning on killing us now?" I asked her, standing tall. She moved closer to the bars and placed her hands on them. I was out of reach of anyone reaching in, but with her ability, I didn't know how far her reach could extend.

"Magneto doesn't plan on killing you, Echo." I stared at her.

"He plans on using Rogue. Why?" I asked her. "She's just a kid who can't control her powers yet."

"She won't need to control them for what we have planned." I moved to the bars and she quickly backed away before I could hit her.

"Leave her alone!"

"If we can't use her we'll have to use you," she told me. "You'll die."

"Then use me, Mystique. Please," I nearly begged. "Let her live her life."

"It's not up to me."

"Talk to him. Erik will listen to you, Raven."

"Don't call us that," she warned moving closer to the bars. This time I didn't move away from her. "We don't use slave names here, Echo."

"We weren't slaves. They're names given to us by people who love us. Our parents." She scoffed at me before turning and leaving and I stared at her confused through my bars.

My next visitor was Erik himself. I crossed my arms and stared at him.

"What do you want?" I asked him angrily.

"You always did have a temper," he chuckled while staring at me. "Mystique tells me you want us to use you in our plan."

"Rogue is just a kid. She hasn't even begun to live a full life yet," I said. What smile he'd had on his face fell as I spoke, trying to save Rogue's life.

"No." He moved to leave and I rushed to the bars to watch him go.

"Why not?" I called out. "She can live out her life in whatever world you're trying to create."

"I didn't watch her grow into the woman she became." I stared at him shocked.

"That's never mattered to you when you attacked before, why should it now?" I asked him curiously.

"I will not be the instrument of your death, Echo," he told me. "Your gifts are far too valuable to lose."

That night, I was cuffed and taken into a large room where our transportation was waiting for us to get on.

"Where are you taking us?" I turned to see Rogue being dragged towards me. I elbowed Toad in the face before braking Sabertooth's grip on me. I sped to her with Quicksilver's ability and got between her and Mystique.

"Leave her alone," I ordered in a deadly calm.

"Echo." I turned to look at Erik. "Neither of you will be harmed here. I assure you."

"Not until you need one of us dead, right?" I asked him and he just stared at us.

"Why are you so willing to die for this girl?" he asked me. "You don't even know her."

"She's family and my friend," I told him. "That's not something I expect you to understand. Seems as though you've never truly understood that."

"I once had someone who was that close to me, Echo. You know this as well as I do." Sabertooth took my arm and I tried jerking my arm away, but he held on tighter this time. They drug us onto a boat and sat us down next to each other but out of sight of anyone else.