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Arc 0: Zoro's Training

Prologue- The Last Straw:

Team 7 was walking down The Great Naruto Bridge, a name that nobody knew about. Tazuna and Tsunami had both known they were going to name the bridge this beforehand after Zabuza's last stand. But they decided to keep this quiet until they were out of earshot.

Tazuna decided to do this as he knew there would be several objections. Sasuke would say he should have the title due his Uchiha name and not "the dobe". Sakura would agree saying that "her Sasuke-kun" was much more deserving of it than a worthless orphan like Naruto. While Kakashi would ask him to "consider" changing the name to pay tribute to Sasuke, his favorite student.

"Hey Sasuke-kun, now that we're teammates and all, you wanna go out with me" asked who do you think( it's not Naruto or Kakashi. This is not and will never be a yaoi.).

"No Sakura." the rookie of the year replied very bluntly. He felt he shouldn't trouble himself with fan girl trash like her. He wanted strong kunoichi to restore his clan with.

This brought the bubble gum haired girl into a brief depression. This depression was quickly replaced with anger when a scratchy yet friendly voice rang out.

"I'll go out with you Sakura-chan" Naruto tried to console his crush after she had once again been rejected by the emo pre-teen. It didn't get him very far. In fact the most it had gotten him was a painful punch to the head.

"I would rather date the kyuubi than you, you freak of nature. Why would any sane woman ever want to go out with you. You're own parents didn't even want you!" Sakura screamed what she thought was the honest truth to the blonde.

However this was nothing more than a hurtful insult that was embedded into her by civilian Naruto hating lifestyle.

This brought the blonde into a much deeper depression. He was used to such things after getting thrown out of the orphanage at the age of two, for starting a fight that was merely him standing up for himself to some ten year old children of shop owners.

However the pain never got any better. In fact it only got worse and this point he only had three straws left in the cup of his patience. And Sakura had just removed one leaving only two.

After about 5 hours if walking they had it to the mainland. Unfortunately for them it was getting dark.

"Alright team, it's getting dark so we should probably camp here for the night." Kakashi told his students. That term was used very lightly as he only really taught Sasuke.

The mentioned then spoke out in an egotistical manner "I think all three of us should divide responsibilities".

This got 2 responses. One was Sakura saying how "her Sasuke-kun" always came up with the best ideas. The other came from Naruto.

"Sasuke-teme, your so stupid! There are four of us counting Kakashi-sensei, not three!" Naruto quickly attempted to correct his rival.

The response he got only removed another straw.

"Nope dobe. There are only 3 of us. Did you forget or something? You're worthless." Those words rang in Naruto's mind pulling out another straw leaving only one.

He quickly tried to disagree in order to get it back, but he was stopped by hammering blow to the head by Sakura who told him not to disagree with "her Sasuke-kun" and that compared to him he'll always be a worthless piece of trash.

Once his team disbanded to get supplies the depressed jinchuriki crawled into his sleeping bag. He silently wished that Haku and Zabuza were still alive so he could someone to understand him and be his friend, as he silently drifted off into sleep.

The orange clad gennin awoke a dark and damp area which appeared to be a sewer. He didn't where he was or why he was here, all he knew is that he felt compelled to continue down the hallway.

Eventually he reached the end of the passage only to find an extremely large prison in front of him. He wondered just what kind of beast this thing would be made contain. A few seconds later.

"At long last, I meet the warden of this cage I've called home for over a decade now" a a loud and grisly voice echoed around the room. A voice that came from inside the prison.

Naruto jerked his head around, to the direction of the cage. He saw a large fox shaped figure which kept getting closer and closer until it was revealed to be the dreaded Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"I never imagined my jailor would be so pathetic... Umm you awake kid?" The demon asked taking note that the young boy was frozen in place by the sight of the intimidating creature.

"Oh right! I've been alone so long I'd forgotten that this form scares the shit outta people. I guess I should change."

A great deal yokai chakra the began swarming around him getting smaller and smaller until it revealed a man ( Not a girl this time around.)

He was a very slim and tall man who appeared to be about 25 years old. He had pure white spiky hair, much like his container, except his was slinked more to the right. He two rows of canine teeth and blood red irises. He wore a light black business suit with thin white stripes running down vertically with a crimson undershirt.

"So kid. There's something I've gotta ask you." Kyuubi asked in a much smoother and calmer voice than before.

"ooOk, shoot!"

"Why don't you leave Konoha. I've seen the world through your eyes for 12 years now. And from what I've seen the yondaime shoulda let me finish the job. I mean only a small percentage of the population treats you like we're the same people, and the rest either ignore you, insult you, or try to outright murder you. That, and besides Sarutobi the government is corrupt as all hell. Even your team treats you like shit. So why don't you beat it find something else out there?"

Naruto looked like he had an epiphany for a few seconds before replying zealously.

"No way, I can't leave Konoha, it's my home! What I need to do is use my awesome ninja skills to become Hokage. Then everybody will have to look up to me and acknowledge me!"

"Huh. Well I can see there's no changin' you're mind. Just get the hell outta here. About 8 hours have past in your world." he whispered while letting down his head and turning around before sitting down as if depressed by a past memory listening to the gennin's footsteps as he walked away.

"I guess he'll have learn his lesson the hard way... Just like me." Kyuubi growled while looking down on a tattered old bent up leaf headband.

Naruto awoke to a splitting sun in his eyes. He stretched and yawned for a few moments before standing up out of his sleeping bag. When he did a small scroll fell out which he was quick to open up and read.

Members of Team 7. Meet for training at 7:00 am

From Kakashi

He looked up at the sun and saw that it was about 6:30 from its position. He didn't know many book smarts from the academy. But he remembered this from when he actually tried to learn, instead of goofing off for attention.

It took him about 15 minutes to get ready, before heading to a nearby clearing where his teammates were waiting. However it took much longer for their teacher to arrive. Two hours to be precise.

But by this point in time, it really didn't surprise them at all. This had been the 5th time and counting he'd been this late. But as mentioned previously, after two long hours he arrived.

"I'm sorry I'm late but I had calm to calm down an angry grizzly bear who was about to eat a hiker"

Because of the ridiculous and outlandish excuse, he got the typical response from two of his students.


With a quick chuckle of amusement, the Jounin then began briefing his team on their training.

"Sakura you need to work on your strength and endurance, Naruto you need to work your chakra control, and Sasuke you're coming with me. I'm going to teach you water walking."

"Wait a minute how come Sasuke gets to learn a new jutsu when all I'm stuck with is chakra control" Naruto quickly objected.

"Because out of all of you Sasuke has made the most progress. He came up with the plan to beat Zabuza while he trapped me, and he was the one who beat Haku. While all you've is screw things up and goof off. When you're up to his level if that day ever comes, then I'll teach water walking"

The team then disbanded with only Naruto frozen in place thinking to himself.

'He gave everything I did and everything I fought for on this mission away to Sasuke. Just to make an excuse to train him... He really doesn't care about me. Maybe Kyuubi's right.

As soon as that idea crept into his mind Naruto rushed to his tent and beganpacking his things. He moved fast with the fear that someone might see him. With a few minutes their was nothing their and Naruto was jumping through the trees with tear rolling down his face. As his sensei had just removed another straw from the cup of his patience...

The last straw.

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Naruto vs Sasuke the Aftermath:

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