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Planet Cronaga. 200 years later.

"Ok students please open access you inforpad and move to page 300 Chapter 17 Zim the Irken slayer!" said a human millepede alien teacher.

"My great grand father told me about Zim!" said a Student.

"Really what did he say?" asked the teacher.

"He was a kid when Zim first came, he remembers that when Zim arrived he did so by using the monitors to announce his presence and what he came for, he informed the Irkens hiding on our world that they had 3 earth days to leave or he would kill them" said the Student.

"He did that to every planet he went to, some Irkens joined him as they believed he was the Alpha tallest, a legendary godlike being" said the Teacher.

"What's earth?" asked a student.

"Earth is the adopted home world of Zim and is located in the sector now known as Oh my god I'm fucking lost!, Earth is chapter 18 as thy become very useful in taking out the Irken empire" explained the teacher.

"Is Earth in the Galactic Senate?" asked another student.

"No, they are...to hostile and untrusting" said the teacher

"Why?" asked the same student.

"Because they don't even like their own kind, now Oglemesh begin reading please" said the teacher.

"Zim was born April 18 1989 Earth time, Zim was a natural born Irken, Due to his many failures he was banished from his home world under the guise of it being a mission, he was informed a year later that he was in fact banished never to return" read Oglemesh.

"Makiniki your turn" said the teacher.

"Zim distraught by the truth ended his mission and reveled himself to one of the controlling governments on Earth, He reemerged some time later going to high school only to leave and make a life for himself until Gaz Membrane came back into his life, togehter they created the first recorded Hybrideon, who later went on take over the Galactic Senate with only 3 words" read Makiniki.

"Opendor your turn" said the Teacher.

"Zim unable to convince the Almighty Tallest's to surrender left them with the belief they had won when in fact Zim had set their planet to blow, it is unknown what happened to Zim but he never returned to earth, never got to see Maxi Gim grow up, or her eventual departure from earth, Zim had a malfunctioned SIR bot called GIR who helped spread the word that Zim was the alpha tallest, GIR did not survive the war as the other SIR bots destroyed him but not before uploading a super virus that would make them turn against their masters" read Opendor.