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It was a miracle, beyond his wildest dreams. Before him stood the women who gave him life, the one person he loved but thought he would never meet. His mother. She was so much like the picture he would stare at, and she was everything he'd hoped she'd be. Kind-hearted, sweet-tempered and caring. Everything his brother said she'd be, everything Koichi was.

The moment she touched him, Koji was overwhelmed. For years he had believed her to be dead, and yet he could feel the pressure from her hands and the warmth of her body. It was both a blessing and a condemnation. Her skin was at an unnatural temperature and her hands shook somewhat violently, and Koji knew that it was not simply due to the aftereffects of shock.

Koichi had told him that his mother worked herself sick, but didn't know how ill she was. From the look of her, it wasn't anything too serious but she didn't look well enough to work. Koji now understood why his brother worried about her so much, which made him disgusted with himself. For as long as he could remember, all he ever thought about was his birth mother, and yet, even then, he didn't know too much about her. He had never even asked his father, who seemed too preoccupied with his new wife to ever tell tales of his old one. He didn't know how hard-working or selfless she was, all he knew was that she was his mother.

It had hurt even more when he was invited over by his birth mother and brother. Koji had seen his brother's apartment beforehand, so what he saw was no surprise to him, but, as the twins were trying to make up for lost time, their mother had received a phone call from work.

"Hello, Kimura residence…Yes…of course but…I see…I'll be there shortly." She hung up the phone.

Koichi watched her with a worried look. "Is everything all right, mom?"

She nodded, maintaining her cheerful smile. "I just have to get back to work."

He tried not to show his shock. "I thought you said you had the day off."

"Something's come up, and I'm needed." She kissed Koichi on the forehead, gave Koji a pat on the head and made her way to the door as her two sons watched. Halfway at the door, she almost collapsed from a dizzy spell, but she staged it to make it look like she had tripped. The twins, however, saw through her act. Koichi caught just before she hit the floor, acting as though everything was fine.

When the dizziness wore off, she continued to walk out the door with her head held high. It was a painful sight for both of the twins, but it was especially painful for the elder of the two, who had to endure similar scenes his whole life.

Koji looked at his brother, eyes filled with grief. It was the first time he had seen Koichi in such pain, since the time he found out that he was just a soul wandering the Digital World. And even then he tried to hide his pain.

Koji had failed to sense that pain the first time, he wouldn't do so again.

He approached his elder twin and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "Koichi," he called softly, "Let's help her together." Koji knew he could never fully lift the darkness that shrouded his brother, but he hoped to thin the shadows enough to keep him from being buried.

Koichi, stunned, turned to meet his brother's gaze. It was the first time someone noticed the pain he tried so hard to hide. It was hard for him to accept that kind of help, considering that it was such a private matter for him, but Koji was part of his family now, and from now on they were going to work as one.

It was the first time Koichi had a shoulder to cry on.

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