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Koji decided to tour the school alone, since his guide needed to get to rehearsal. He wandered the school hallways, asking anyone of his brother's friends about his so-called talent. The only thing he found out was that Koichi supposedly inherited it from his mother.

He searched his brain, he didn't exactly know what kind of talents his mother had. After all, he still didn't know much about his brother's side of the family, after being kept separate from them for most of his life. It frustrated him that Koichi would keep something like this from him, even if it was just something as simple as a talent he really wanted to be closer to his twin. As he tried to rake his mind for answers, he heard a melodious sound fill the air. It was such a sweet song, Koji was never much of a music person, but he'd never heard anything so soothing.

He ventured closer towards the sound, wondering who this wondrous musician performing was. The music was emanating from an open door. He peeked inside and found his own twin on the piano.

Koichi touched each key with tactile precision, every movement seemed natural to him and yet his expression suggestion that he was exploring each key as though it was a new experience to him. The music filled every inch of the room, its echoes were peaceful and serene, he could have listened to him play all day. But the time came to snap his big brother from his musical trance.

When Koichi's performance ended, he heard a slight clapping sound. He turned his head to find his twin brother putting his hands together with a bit of a smug smile on his face.

"So," said Koji, "this is the special talent everyone's been talking about."

Koichi looked at him embarrassed. "When did you get here?"

"Everyone was talking about how much they think you should be in the talent show. Now I know why." He walked closer towards him. "Where did you learn to play like that?"

"Before our apartment, mom and I used to live with grandma. She had a piano in the house. Apparently mom had a knack for music, and then she taught me how to play." His expression shifted from happy to sad. "But after that grandma started having health problems and she had to sell her piano."

"So why don't you play in the show?" Koji asked carefully. "I'm sure mom would be very happy to hear you play."

Koichi looked down at the keyboard. "Mom and I have always talked about getting another piano, but we've never got around to it." He looked to his brother and smiled. "Besides, you know me well enough to figure out that I don't do well with spotlights."

It was true that Koichi was never the type of person to enjoy getting attention, he had so many talents that would deem him a prodigy, and yet he never bothered to show it off even a little. Koji really wanted his twin to show the world the kind of person he was, but he also knew that Koichi wanted to preserve his reserved nature. He didn't want to pressure his brother into doing things he didn't want to do, but such talents should not be left unnoticed either.

On the night of the show, everyone was invited, including the gang that the twins befriended in the Digital World and their families. All of the performances were as great as they would've imagined, and everyone had a lot of fun. Everyone praised Koichi for his work on the sets, and his face was flushed from embarrassment. Koji watched his twin with pride, maybe he would never show his talents in the spotlight, but at least he had enough talent for the world to notice beyond the light.

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