Her teen years, the flickering of first love and the giddiness about life, were defined by dark corners and blue hair.

They were a passionate couple, infamous really around Hogwarts. His hair was perpetually mussed, like her fingers had just raked through it. In most occasions, she had. Anything she put on her lips would be smeared off nearly immediately. Teddy smelled like her chapstick most of the time. They were constantly close to trouble. Perpetually caught in broom cupboards. She was found in his room more often than her own. A million unused classrooms found purpose.

But they'd never had a space that was theirs, before now.

"We should move in together," he murmured against her hipbone, a few months before, a rare moment in her bedroom while her family was at the beach. She'd feigned a cold; he'd feigned an errand and came to see her. She never forgot the day he was old enough to apparate into her room whenever they wanted.

She'd wiggled against his lips, distracted, as he peeled her jeans off.

"I mean it. My flat as plenty of room for all your things, you seemed at home that one night you stayed."

The night was a blessing, and just the thought of it brought a flood of warmth to her arousal.

"Honestly everything you say sounds good right now," she whispered breathily, combing his hair out of his eyes.

They glittered at her with such beloved mischief.

"Does it sound good when I tell you how much I want fuck you on every surface of our flat?"

They'd moved in together the summer after her graduation, giving her mother one more season to fuss over her before confirming Bill's worst fears. Bill liked Teddy enough, but he was a father and of course tabloid mentions of their infamous lustiness was never something a father wanted confirmed.

She was scared, stepping into their shared space, hugely private compared to every other place they'd made theirs.

But this was their bed, their home: a bright and spacious thing that she wasn't sure they could fill.

Teddy pulled the last of her bags out of her hands, tossing them aside to the floor before gathering her up in his arms.

She didn't even bother to tell him they should unpack first, because that would go unheard, she knew what came first, knew it from the way he'd gripped her thigh during breakfast before they left. His eyes on her for the past week were unbearably hungry, yet whenever she tried to draw him aside for the usual darkened-corner snog he'd back. He was waiting for this.

He was slower than she expected. He carried her across the living room and down the hall with a practiced ease, but he the fact he hadn't already launched her onto the bed and stripped her bare yet meant he was planning something.

"I thought you'd be racing to get my clothes off," she mused, mussing his hair as they finally reached his bedroom.

He beamed down at her, and despite his blue hair, dark brows, and every little quirk that led to his "Wild Boy" reputation, he was just her impossible sweet, tender boyfriend. His tabloid persona was true, he was gruff and a loner in all social circles, but he had the smile of a little boy when Victoire made him laugh. Like a muggle child watched a magic trick; with wonder, awe, and absolute faith.

"We have all the time in the world for that. Toire, I've been rushing sex with you since we started."

"So that's your excuse?" she teased, but he surged past the teasing with a gentle kiss.

"Don't you think I'm going to savor not having anyone within earshot?"

"You're over-estimating your skill," she said flatly with a quirked eyebrow.

He ignored the second jab as he had the first.

"I mean, the neighbors will still hear you, for sure. But that's less of a challenge than you attempting to suppress those accursed noises."

He dropped her onto the bed, falling to his knees to pull her boots off.

"I'm quiet!" she protested, pushing her upper body up to she was sitting up on the bed.

"I'm going to get to listen to you," he murmured gleefully. "I don't ever get to hear you cum full-volume. Merlin, I've been dying to hear you make those sounds."

She wanted to protest. She didn't want to be distracted by his touch. But he was nipping at her ankles, sliding his hands up her calves. He grinned at her when she "ahh"-ed in mock-pain, kissing the hurt away. She resumed her pleased writhing against the mattress as his lips moved up the inside of her legs, his hands now clutching her thighs.

They had time, and privacy. There were no siblings the floor below them, no parents trying to wedge between them, no reporters trying to find them in the midst of an exhibitionist snog.

Where to begin, when they could go anywhere? She never considered what they'd do with these liberties.

Teddy clearly had this planned out. He kissed the inside of her knee for the first time; gripping the ankle of her other leg as her bare foot brushed his chest. His thumb ran along the arch of her foot. It was like he was trying to touch every inch of her body. Her skin had always been there, he'd just never had the time with it he'd wanted. Whether a lack of privacy or patience, the christening of their bed seemed to have an overwhelming theme of appreciation.

"You're not showering alone for a long time. Not when I've been waiting to see you like this for years," he growled against her skin.

She shuddered against the caresses of untouched skin. They hadn't had a chance to lie down together in months, family packing the house in the summers and the woods outside the house stuffed with nosy cousins. They'd made do, but were restricted to quick romps in closets.

Her heart felt too big for her chest, her body too big for the bed, her mind too big for this flat.

They made do with what they were given, they made dark corners and train station platforms their own.

Imagine what they'd do with this.

He pulled her skirt up to her waist, a rumble sounding in his chest over the white lace knickers she'd picked out for this occasion. Sunlight and freckles stained the perfect skin. She looked like a dessert, tasting of sugar and fruit, and the delicacy of Victoire made him savor, not devour. Not now. Not like this.

A wet stain was already forming between her legs, and when he raised her skirts to do nothing more than look, she writhed uncomfortably without his touch.

She calmed when his hands found her hips, pulling her knickers down her hips. She sat up; trying to help him fumbled them off her legs. He stopped her.

"I've got it," he said with a gentle kind of smile and a kiss pressed to her swollen mouth.

His hand on her shoulder gently pushed her onto her back. She lay there, watching his eyes on her with a tight belly, somehow nervous at this new layer of intimacy between them. No rush, just touch. No worry, just pleasure.

Teddy kissed her inner thighs, reveling the warm skin and how whichever leg didn't have his lips' touch rubbed against his cheek, his rough stubble, and how that prompted shivers through her prone body. His thumb reached for her, running along the soaking slit that ached for him.

"That's my girl," he whispered, "So wet and perfect."

She moaned loudly when his lips found her.

Her head fell back and a choked moan stuck in her throat at his tongue dragging up and down. She held fast to his hair, trying to move her hips against him. His big hands gripped her pelvis, holding her down in a way that didn't hurt, but made her feel so small and helpless. Teddy had a dark side, this wild boy, but now it was a calm control, and insistence against her, that she would earn her pleasure on his terms, at his set pace.

He was going for slow.

The few times they'd had the chance to do something as baring and intimate as this, it was rushed and it was more her fucking his face then him fucking her with his mouth.

She was only now learning the difference between those two things.

"Please Teddy, oh Circe, I can't take much more."

He hummed against her, his tongue thrusting into her tight cunt. She seized up in pleasure, hands gripping the sheets with a desperate attempt to ground herself.

His tongue stroked her insides, his metamorphmagus abilities lengthening his tongue just enough to reach at that spot that had her desperately try to buck against him, without her noticing what he was doing. She stared down at him, and they locked eyes, and when in her frantic eyes he saw she could clearly take no more, he gave her a nod, and she fell apart under his tongue.

She was loud, and that's what he was going for. All their encounters were controlled, careful, restrained. But now she was crying out his name, spread out and flailing. She'd lost all control surrendered to him completely with no paranoid thoughts of onlookers or witnesses. They just had each other.

"Beautiful girl," he whispered against her as she rippled and trembled against his mouth.

When her tremors subsided, he resumed his ministrations with his tongue.

She tried to wriggle away. Her skin looked so pink and perfect to him, the flush on her freckled cheeks a sure sign of her desperation.

"Oh, no more. Please Teddy."

She felt too raw and sensitive after the intensity of her orgasm, but Teddy stared at her unsympathetically.

"You can give me one more."

"It's too much, I can't-

"I still think you've got one more in you, try for me, alright love?"

She surrendered when he slid his lips around her clit, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked. His eyes never left hers. She felt pinned by his gaze, helpless in his arms, his hands kneading her bum and stroking down her thighs. Her previous orgasm left her boneless, and she could only lie there as he pleasured her with the same tortuously slow pace.

"Oh please don't tease me, please Teddy," she whined hopelessly.

"Anxious, are we? I thought you couldn't do it again."

"Gloat after I cum," she growled, and her Veela ferocity returned in the wicked gleam in her eye.

"That's my girl," he said again, and she almost smiled at it, because she loved to hear him say such things.

He hummed again, returning his mouth to her swollen clit. Teddy spared her with less teasing, more steady intensity, and before no time her sensitive sex was trembling once again. She fell for him a second time, as she'd done a thousand times, but so much more intensely than she ever had before. He kissed her belly, shucking her dress off her sweaty body and lying beside her, joining her on their bed the first time.

Limply, she pulled him close with weak arms. He chuckled at her incoherence, snuggling up against her body.

"Too much, love?"

She shook her head, tucking her head under his chin. "A little. This wasn't a quickie, I suppose."

"Who said we were done," he growled, more like a housecat than the wolf side of him, but the baring of his teeth and the lick of his tongue across his left canine indicated that yes, Teddy, her perfect, wild boy, was going to live up to his reputation for the rest of the evening.

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