So here it is the sequel! I stole the title off of a Brandi Carlile album because I love what it means.

Lauren relaxed in her seat thankful that Hale had a private jet sent for their return trip home. She wasn't sure how this version of Tamsin would have handled a regular flight filled with other people. She was aware that she wouldn't come into her powers until adolescence, but she wasn't willing to take that chance of a growth spurt on a flight with unsuspecting humans. Currently though the young fae was on the floor realigning her action figures for yet another battle.

The blonde looked over to her right as Kenzi reclined comfortably gazing out the window; taking her hand in hers she admired how the ring looked on the goth's hand.

"Having second thoughts there?" Kenzi teased with a smile as she turned her head to meet the blonde's gaze.

Rolling her eyes ever so slightly, "Never. I was just admiring how it looks on you." Bringing her hand up to lightly kiss it she maintained her eye contact. "It's a perfect fit."

Blushing slightly, "Why, Doctor, you keep that up and I might just have to have my way with you before we land."

"Is that right? that case..."

"Are you two going to take a nap again?" Tamsin asked dismayed at their behavior. This normally meant that they would take a really long nap with strict instructions not to be bothered, or take really long time in the shower. She really did not understand humans.

", Tamsin, we were just talking." Lauren bit the inside of her cheek as she heard Kenzi mumble something in Russian.

"No, you weren't." The blonde girl stood up with her hands on her hips. "I know that look and how your voices change and you never sound tired either." She finished casting them an accusing glare.

"Do not!" Kenzi stated back with a huff embarrassed that Tamsin could read them so well. Hell, if she could read them this well then she could only imagine what Bo might see."Shit!" She needed to tell her soon and in private. Kenzi was aware that Bo still loved Lauren, but had stepped aside for them. At first she thought it was because her best friend knew how she felt after their memories returned. It was only after a late night conversation when Lauren revealed to her all that she had told to Bo when she had shown up at her loft. She realized at that moment the only reason her friend gave her the go ahead was because the doctor did not want to get back with the succubus. She was hurt at first, but soothed by Lauren's words that she considered what she had with Kenzi more than she ever had with anyone. For the sake of her friendship with Bo and not wanting to lose her, she decided to put that aside for now. More so since she had found something with Tamsin.

"How come she gets to say bad words but I got in trouble for the mirror?"

"Tamsin," Lauren warned with a pointed look, "we already went over this and what you said went far beyond a simple swear word." She watched as Tamsin pouted for a moment before returning to her playing. Turning her attention back to her fiancée, "What is it, babe?"



"Yeah, Bo." Kenzi said as she raised her left hand and wiggled her fingers.

"Oh, Bo. Shit."

"Not fair." Tamsin mumbled.

"Look," Lauren said as she reclaimed Kenzi's hand, "we'll give her a call and have her come over."

"I don't know how she will react, Lauren, and that's what worries me. Based on what you told me..." Frustrated that she had to be concerned about Bo's reaction and a little pissed that they were in a situation that she had to approach this wonderful news with caution.

"I know and it's okay. We'll get through this just like we always do. She might need some space but in no time at all when a certain someone gets their memories back. Why don't you send her a text when we land? We'll get there early enough and I still don't have to be at work for a few more days."

Unbeknownst to them, their worry about this Bo did not escape Tamsin's attention. She had only been with them for a little over a week and aside from the language rule and well just rules in general, she felt really happy and safe. She was excited to see her own room and Lauren had promised to do a few neat science experiments with her too. As long as she got to blow stuff up it sounded like fun.

*This is your pilot speaking. Please return to your seats and fasten your belts. We'll be landing shortly.*

Quickly putting her toys away, Tamsin moved to sit next to Lauren buckling her belt without any help this time. They encountered a bit of air turbulence that found Lauren reaching out to hold her hand. Even though she was frightened a little bit she didn't want to admit it. "I'm not scared."

"I know," the doctor said as she smiled down at her "but I am so is it okay if I hold your hand?"

"I guess that's okay." She replied gripping her hand a little tighter.

"Are you ready, Kenz?" Lauren asked softly as concern etched on her features.

She was aware that the question being asked was a loaded one, but after everything they had been through this would be easy right? "As ready as I'll ever be."

"What do you mean you won't let this happen?" Hale asked as his eyes narrowed in Bo's direction.

"She means she can't let this happen without a proper party." Trick said as he tried to placate the Ash. "Bo, why do we discuss the case you had questions on in my study?"

Hale nodded but wasn't entirely convinced either as he was well aware that Bo behaved unbalanced at times.

"What are you thinking?!" Trick demanded once they were safely out of earshot.

Flopping down on his couch she handed him a folder. "This is what I'm thinking. Plus, Hale is only being touchy because Tamsin compelled him to protect Lauren and Kenzi at all costs."

"What?" Shaking his head "Well, that certainly explains a lot." He paused a moment before he looked at her with a serious stare. "Bo, there's no way to undo Tamsin's act so I urge you to proceed with caution." Opening the folder his eyes recognized Lauren's image but not the name. "Karen Beattie?"

"Exactly!" Bo shouted as she jumped up and began pacing the room. "I mean I never knew her. Hell, not even her name! What if she never even loved me and this was all a lie?"

Trick studied her for a moment fully aware that there was more to her reaction. While he wasn't a fan of human/fae relationships, he held no doubt how the doctor felt towards his granddaughter. "Is it really this or the fact that your best friend is engaged to a woman you still love?" His eyes softening as he met her eyes.

"You mean my claimed human?" She sneered at him.

"Bo!" He gasped in surprise at her attitude, but somewhat fearful as he knew the territorial nature of succubi.

"You're right, I know." Bo groaned as she returned to the couch. "I see that picture of them upstairs and I want to be the one saying yes. I want Lauren...Karen...whatever the hell her name is to be looking at me like open and full of love...not heartbroken exchanges and disappointment. I miss Kenzi being mine first. I lost them both and to each other, and now I'm all alone. I mean the least Kenzi could have done is tell me instead of me finding out this way."

Moving to sit beside Bo, Trick reached out to place his hand on top of hers. "I know this is hard for you but you need to realize that you and Lauren did not work out for a reason, Bo. I know it doesn't make it hurt any less but whether you believe it or not this is for the best. Maybe you shouldn't be here when they arrive."

"I appreciate your concern, Trick, but I'll be fine. Still though, this whole Karen thing...what am I supposed to make of that?"

"We all have our secrets and a reason for them. Maybe after some time you can talk to her about it, but if not you need to respect that too." He was surprised that she was wanted in the human world, but knew that she had done a lot to help the Fae so she would continue to be safe with them.

"I forgot that the cold even existed after being at the beach for two weeks." Kenzi moaned as they settled into the thankfully already heated limo.

"I checked with Hale and he said that he would make sure that our house was ready for us." She smiled warmly excited at seeing their home now that it would be filled with their belongings, and even more so the surprise that awaited Kenzi.

"I really like the sound of that." Kenzi murmured as she cuddled into Lauren. She was slightly exhausted from their trip and wanted to relax, but knowing the Bo issue had to be dealt with she quickly sent her a text.

"Are we there yet?" Tamsin groaned not content at having to sit still again.

"Let's ask, shall we? Here press this button."

"Yes ma'am?"

"How long is this going to take?" The young fae asked in an annoyed manner.

"Tamsin! Sorry what she meant to ask is how long will it take before we arrive home?" Lauren asked as she gave the girl a pointed look.

"We should arrive at the Dal in the next twenty minutes or so, and I'm not at liberty to discuss the reason behind it."

After Lauren thanked him and had brief discussion on manners with Tamsin, she turned to give an apologetic look to Kenzi.

"It's okay. I wouldn't mind a drink. Maybe I can score some top shelf shi..stuff."

"Maybe we can bring a bottle home and celebrate later?" Lauren whispered in her ear.

Kenzi didn't answer her but the look in her eyes told her that would definitely be okay.

"You're doing it again." Tamsin huffed as she stared at them leaning closer.

"Please tell me our bedroom door has a massive lock." Kenzi groaned as she laid her head the blonde's shoulder.

Cheers of "surprise" and "congratulations" greeted the couple as they entered the Dal. They turned to each other in shock as this was the last thing they expected upon their arrival home.

"Dr. Lewis, it is so wonderful to have you back and you too of course." Hale said as he walked up to them and escorted them further into the Dal.

"Uh, Hale, what is this?" Lauren asked as she looked around then her eyes caught the photo above the fireplace.

"A surprise engagement party. Hope you like the photo, Doc. I thought it would be a nice touch in your own home. I only invited a few people." He motioned around and she recognized a few people from the lab as well as Dyson. "Kenzi, I would have invited your family but seeing as this is an establishment for fae and humans in the know only..." He trailed off as he watched the goth pale slightly.

"No, no that's good. I'd uh rather tell them myself. On that note, I'm going to get a drink." She leaned up to kiss Lauren before heading to survey the food arrangement and to grab a glass of champagne. "Come on, T, we'll see if Trickster can make you a root beer float or something. Yo D-Man!"

"Kenzi." Dyson greeted with a nod of his head. "And this must be Tamsin." He said as he knelt eye level with her.

"Yeah, whatever." The young fae replied with a shrug of her shoulders as she climbed on the stool.

Chuckling lightly, "I don't know why I expected her to be any different. I hear congratulations are in order, my friend." He smiled as he wrapped on arm around her shoulders.

"I know. Look!" She said excitedly as she held out her hand for him to see.

Making a show of viewing it for her benefit, "Very nice. It does an old wolf good to see his dear friend so happy."

"Thank you, Dyson, I am happy. It was perfect."

Bo watched the scene unfold from the entrance to Trick's lair. Her grandfather had headed up a few minutes ago and was now putting a straw and spoon into a large glass for a young Tamsin. She smiled as she looked at her and it amused her to see the attitude that the fae held even as a child. Her good moment soon began to falter as she took in the scene before her. Lauren was talking to a few fae that she recognized from the lab with Kenzi now at her side excitedly showing off her ring, and discussing their lavish vacation. The more she watched the more afflicted she felt. She wanted to be happy for them but felt knew that if it wasn't for her that there would be no Kenzi and Lauren. She decided to make her move after the goth took a bouncing Tamsin to the restroom.

"I hear congratulations are in order, Doctor." Bo said in a cool manner as she walked up to her former girlfriend. Feeling uncomfortable and knowing Bo's past history with her, the fae around Lauren dispersed towards the bar for refills.

Noticeably swallowing due to the change, Lauren nodded her thanks. "I appreciate that, Bo. Sorry for not calling to tell you earlier, we just were swept up in being away and then Tamsin..."

"No, that's okay. I mean it would have taken all of five minutes to tell me, right? Hell, I'm the reason you two met but whatever. Maybe I could be a maid of honor? So no, Lauren..wait...or is it Karen?" She growled as she stepped closer to her backing her into a wooden column with no chance of escape.