A Bed of Stars

Epilogue, Distant Memories

By: SilverRose82


            Ren stood on the shores of the Grey Havens, her silver eyes studied the grey ship that was ready to set sail for Valinor. She turned to watch as Legolas and Gimli made their way slowly towards the shore line. The wind began to pick up causing the once still waters to stir and pale silver locks to dance around her as the tilling waves of a gentle stream. Her cape shone in the morning light as she smiled softly at the two life long friends.

            "Tis time for the last of the fellowship to cross, friends await you." She whispered as she gazed at the two of them for one last time, there had been little physical change in Legolas while Gimli's once brick red locks had turned to a light grey. Legolas gazed up at his mother and saw the sadness within her silver eyes, but he realized that nothing would ever draw her back to Middle Earth.

            Once he had finally met the woman who had given him life, she had stayed in Middle Earth for many years; seeing Frodo off to Valinor, accompanying Sam to his last trip to the sea, standing at the foot of both Merry and Pippin's tombs as they were laid to rest in Gondor, and both she and Fëa were present when King Elessar was laid to rest, Fëa leaving to comfort her great-granddaughter as Ren wove a Lunarian prayer of protection and safe passage to Otherworld over the tomb of Elessar. While she had been there for many important events as well as the wedding of Lantaranar, she had distanced herself from Thranduil and never again spent a day in the hall of the Wood Elf King.

            "Will you not come with us?" Legolas asked as watched his mother shake her head, her hands clasped around the Star Staff as she stepped back. Her eyes glistened with unshead tears, tears that had not fallen when she had seen Frodo off, tears that would not fall as she stood at the foot of both Merry and Pippin's tombs even with her great love for the two hobbits.

            "This is your journey, mine is to continue on forever more, I will be allowed no peace for there will always be someplace that needs my assistance." She spoke softly her words range true as Legolas nodded, knowing that nothing would change her mind, turning to Gimli he nodded to his dwarven friend before they both turned to make their way towards the boat.

            Cosmos watched as the last of the fellowship sailed towards Valinor, her hand raised in farewell as she watched the grey ship meld into the horizon. Her silver eyes watched as the morning sun rose further into the sky with each passing moment, turning to gaze at the landscape behind her she nodded softly to herself before gazing over at Helios. The white haired guardian smiled softly to her as he offered her his hand, smiling Ren knew that the chapter of the Ring was finally over and another chapter could begin to be written in the Book of Cosmos.

            Her elven husband still lived and ruled Greenwood the Great, but the once passionate relationship the two had held for so many years had faded with every year she had been gone. She had watched her eldest marry 'the maiden of his dreams' as he would say when speaking to Haldir and the twins Rúmil and Orophin. And she had been there when her hobbit friends had passed on to new lands or to Otherworld.

            Her life on Middle Earth was no more, the once forest covered lands were being over run with man as the last of the elves left, dwarves and hobbits were never heard about again, and the last of the Eagle Lords flew to Valinor where they would live out the remainder of their years. Only the Ents still remained as the last of the mythical creatures of Arda, but even they stayed hidden when man was near. Gazing around one last time Cosmos nodded to herself before she and Helios disappeared in a cloud of garnet smoke. As is the last tale of the story of Cosmos.


Yes so I put in a final "chapter," put together in a grand half and hour or so. But as I was reading some chapters I decided that the last chapter wasn't really the LAST chapter but this one is.

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