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Fiona POV

I watched as my crush, Percy Jackson, entered the cafeteria with his group of friends laughing and talking. I sighed at his windswept black hair and dreamy sea green eyes. Percy barely knew me yet, but Percy and I were participating in the Romeo and Juliet play; me as Juliet and Percy as Romeo. He only knew me from practice. Our understudies Sean and Maria practiced with us. Percy and I decided to not practice the "kissing" part and save it for the stage. I was excited because once Percy and I kissed, he would feel a spark with me and ask me to be his girlfriend! I suddenly snapped out of my dreams when Percy casually walked to my table and said, "Hey Fiona. Do you want to practice one more time today before school ends? The play is tonight, you know."

I tried to answer without squealing saying, "Sure! Library as usual? Same time?"

Percy replied, "Ok. Sure."

He smiled at me and left. My stomach did jumping jacks. He smiled at me! He smiled at me! One sign he likes me! OMG! Can't wait for the play!

Time skip to play

I dressed in my Juliet costume and I walked out. I saw Percy in his costume. He looked HOT! Now, I was really excited!

Time skip to after the play(AN: I don't know what the words are to the play; I was too lazy to look up)

The play was a HIT! We did so well! The only thing is that Percy never asked me to be his girlfriend. I ran to go find him. i found him near the food table hugging a... who was THAT?! A girl. He was hugging a GIRL! She was pretty, a blonde with princess curls. Her eyes were a stormy gray. She had a slim, athletic body and a perfect tan. Her face had absolutely no makeup. Blonde girl looked like a goddess!

I casually strolled up to Percy and Blondie and said, "Hey Perce. Who's this?"

I secretly hoped it was a stepsister or something. Percy opened his mouth to answer, but the girl beat him to it.

"I'm Annabeth Chase. Percy's girlfriend." I felt like I was going to cry. Girlfriend? I wanted to be his girlfriend.

"Excuse me. I...have to go." I took off to the bathrooms to cry and find a new crush.

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