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Anzu placed her schoolbag on the table, settling down on the adjacent chair. The surrounding tables were vacant. Good. Because of the isolation and minimum distraction that it brought, the farthest corner of the school library was indeed the right choice for her to study with Yugi, who had some academic matters to attend to right now. But he would come right after, he had said.

She glanced at her watch. Two forty-five.

Yugi was supposed to arrive in fifteen minutes before they could begin their study session for their long exam tomorrow. Anzu had just happened to come earlier, just to take a breather from all the academic stress the school had been heaping on them lately. Jounouchi and Honda would have been with her, if they weren't on cleaning duty today—or if they were willing to join her and Yugi. Well, if Jounouchi was, at least.

Five minutes of idle time.

Deciding to warm up her mind in the meantime, she took out her textbook from her bag and automatically groaned at the sight.


She may be one of the best students in the school but that didn't mean she excelled in everything. Now she had come face-to-face with her Math textbook. She loathed Math. Everyone loathed Math. It was every student's worst nightmare come true.

Well, maybe except for a few gifted souls. Too bad Anzu must have tripped on her feet when the heavens decided to shower mankind with the gift for numbers.

Not only that, her teacher had assigned an extra chapter to read that would be included in the test. Although it was only a minor one and would serve as bonus points for the exam, Anzu knew she would need those extra points to save herself from the possible doom of failing.

She opened her textbook, trying her best to read and absorb the new information of that chapter. But her mind wouldn't pick up anything no matter how hard she tried.

She stifled a yawn. Maybe it would be better if I just wait for Yugi first, she thought groggily. Five minutes to go, her watch informed her. So she nudged the book out of the way and folded her arms on top of the table. Nesting her head there, she closed her eyes. Just five minutes of rest, she decided absentmindedly. Five minutes...

Later, her eyes slowly opened as she felt someone's gaze on her. Along her peripheral sight, she caught sight of a blue school jacket, black shirt and chain. Yugi's here already...

"Finally you're awake."

That low timbre. Her eyes snapped fully open. The other Yugi? Her heart raced. Quickly she raised her head, her vision clearing enough. Indeed, it was Dark Yugi who was sitting right across her.

But as startled as she was, his words nagged her. "Finally"? Wasn't Yugi―or Dark Yugi, in this case―just late? "When did you come? What time is it anyway?" She glanced at her watch.

Four o'clock.

What! Horrified, she was temporarily roused. "I've been sleeping for an hour?" she asked in disbelief, straightening up.

He nodded.

"And you were here on time?"

Another nod.

Her mouth dropped open, her words as hushed as possible. "You should have woken me up the moment you arrived!"

"I didn't want to disturb you. You looked so sound asleep."

"But still..."

"And besides that," he continued, "in your current state, you won't get any studying done until you rest."

"But I've kept you waiting." Still, she knew he had a point. "So... what have you been doing while I was sleeping?"

"Nothing. Just waiting for you to wake up."

The way she felt someone's gaze on her as she woke up resurfaced on her mind. Then...

He had been watching her in her sleep for an hour?

Anzu felt her cheeks so warm that she looked away. "Well, what about you?" she asked while fixing her appearance, hoping he didn't notice her blood rush. "Why are you here instead of Yugi? Is something wrong with him?"

"Partner's been... burned out by that English make-up exam," he answered slowly, pronouncing burned out as though it were a euphemism for something much worse. "His mind needs to rest, but he didn't want to leave you studying alone. So I asked him to let me take his place in the meantime. I'll help him catch up with the studying when he's better."

"Ah, the perks of having another soul inside you. I wish I have my own that could help me from time to time." Anzu turned wistful for a while. "Anyway, it was kind of you to be concerned about Yugi like that."

His voice turned low. "He's not the only one I'm concerned about."

Surprised, Anzu looked up at him and found him gazing at her seriously. He couldn't possibly be referring to... her, could he? She shoved the thought away before she could dare hope, now picking up her textbook. "What do you mean?"

He leaned forward, his arm and elbow on the table, the serious look still brewing in his amethyst eyes. "Anzu, have you been getting enough sleep lately?"

No doubt he already noticed the large, dark circles around her eyes.

"I'm okay, really, Yugi." The brunette began focusing her attention on her book.


She looked up. "Hm?"

"Your book."

She blinked, then found herself holding the book upside down. Rotating it in its right position, she groaned inwardly, feeling quite foolish in front of him.


"All right, all right. Not really..." she admitted finally. Just his question was enough to remind her body and mind how badly she needed some shut-eye right now. "Besides this test, the caf—" She dropped her voice to a whisper so she wouldn't get caught. "The café's been understaffed lately. They needed me a lot of times. And I needed the money..." Her eyes were growing heavy again and she struggled to keep them open.

Dark Yugi frowned. "Let me modify my earlier question: Have you been getting any sleep at all?"

"I can't. There's really no time for that." She covered her yawn with the back of her hand. "There are just too many requirements to pass lately." She groaned, digging her clasped hands into her forehead. "I haven't even finished that lab report yet. And then there's that essay..."

"It can't be helped, I suppose..."

"Yeah. But I have to prioritize; that's why I'm dealing with this Math. The exam's tomorrow." At first she read the first two sentences of the text. But by the time she reached the formulas, she got drowsy again, enough that her head leaned forward with a start.

"Anzu." Concern laced Dark Yugi's tone.

"Huh? Oh, I'm fine. I'm awake." The chocolate-haired girl positioned the book upright this time so that she had to sit up straight and her new position would force her to remain alert. She tried to concentrate on reading.

But after just a few seconds, her fingers began loosening their hold on the book. Her body felt like drifting. Her eyes growing heavy, she swayed to the right.

"Anzu!" Dark Yugi had already stood up and caught her by her shoulders before she collapsed. Steadying her back to the chair, he shook her gently. But Anzu's head bowed instead. "Anzu, wake up."

She could hear his voice but it sounded quite distant. It was like she was suspended somewhere between the realm of sleep and that of consciousness. Maybe she was dreaming already. Why else would she vaguely feel Dark Yugi's hands around her shoulders?

"Anzu," he tried again as Anzu didn't realize that her hands had already settled themselves on the table and that her head had cradled itself there. He inclined his head to meet her face. "Anzu!"

His voice was now clearer, nearer. Anzu's eyes slowly opened groggily. "Y-Yugi...?"

He studied her for a while. Then he moved closer to her until he was near her ear. "Anzu, let's have coffee."

Anzu's mind, still fuzzy, tried to process what he was saying. "Hm...?"

"Have coffee. With me."

Her blurry eyes strained to see him better. "Coffee?"

"You really need it."

She must have slipped back to the state of dreaming again, her eyes closing. "Coffee with the other Yugi... that sounds great," she murmured, not realizing what she was saying out loud. It sounded more like he was asking her out. Usually, it was she who initiated an activity or idea, not him.

Dark Yugi didn't seem to mind, though. "Domino Coffee. Are you okay with that?"

She raised her head.

He remembered the name of that café where they had held their first date. It surprised her, considering how bored he had seemed at first back then. And it wasn't like it was the only café he and Yugi had seen, if not gone to.

But it didn't matter. He did remember.

He picked it.

Suddenly Anzu felt herself very wide awake. And smiled.

"I'd love that."

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