Sunday morning

Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Genre: gen
Characters/Pairing: James Lester, William Lester (OC)
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none, but set after 2.06
Disclaimer: Primeval (unfortunately) is not mine, it belongs to Impossible Pictures. I don't intend violate any copyrigth, it's just for fun.

What more wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning than a visit to Natural History Museum with three little imps among six and twelve?

But despite the annoying situation, he isn't really complaining to be there. He spends too little time with his kids, the least he can do is to do everything possible to let them enjoy themselves.

"Daddy!" William's voice distracts him from his thoughts.

"Daddy, come here! Look! Isn't it awesome? It's my favourite, without any doubt!"

"Yes, really awesome." Lester smiles to his boy: "It's my favourite too" said then, looking at the woolly mammoth model.