Finally got around to doing another one of these. Thanks for all the reviews so far, hope this one is enjoyable even though it's short. Bit of Esther and Jack fun with a touch of Marion. :)


I didn't know what to say so I just sent him a chicken emoji

(Esther and Jack)

Esther stared at the phone for at least a minute straight. She and Jack had been having a very enjoyable text conversation at first, but it had dwindled until his last reply had been incredibly unhelpful for prompting a reply of her own.

"Boring or intense enough to require thought?"

Esther whipped her head to see Marion watching her, obviously having caught her eyeing the phone in her hands with a huge frown. But the urge to not be under minded by Marion was so strong that Esther immediately hit one of the emoji icons before hitting send.

"Don't know what you're talking about, Marion." The blonde held up the phone to show the brunette the 'sent message' alert.

It was Marion's turn to frown this time, and a quick retort seemed to have for once escaped her. She just turned her heel and returned to her desk.

Esther, chest brimming with the triumph over her challenging coworker, flicked to her sent folder. The grin slipped from her face when she saw that the emoji she had sent was in fact a chicken emoji.

Oh god, he's going to think I'm the biggest idiot, she thought with a mental groan, but it didn't bother her like it would have when she had still been crushing on her boss.

As opposed to embarrassment, she just felt amusement at the thought of his reaction to her chicken emoji. Oh yes, it was a lot better just being friends with Captain Jack Harkness, no matter how gorgeous and lovely he was.

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