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Chapter 1 – A warrior in the wait

The sky was a bright pale blue, miles and miles of flawless clean canvas stretched above the land of Goryeo. Not very long ago, that very same sky was stained with red. Thousands were slain in a war against Yuan's army, and among that thousands, were his men. In the heat of a battle, swords and spears collided, shower of arrows found their marks as lifes fled like kites cut off from the strings. Wavering through the wind, and then no more. Gone. Years of surviving through laughters and tears, were ripped in an instant as if they were nothing but an echo of prayers went unanswered.

Choi Young sighed at the sky, the wind nuzzled at his hair and he breathed a long-cool breeze of spring, his sword rested beside him. That very same sword had taken most in a bloodbath, wield by none but his own hand for the last thirteen years after the passing of his late master. He had slain so many that he lost count, but death remained indifferent. Blood is blood, he thought bitterly. Whether they were the Yuan's soldiers or the Woodalchi, they bled red.

"The wind is sweet," he said to no one in particular, "you would like it here". His hand found its way under his robe, pulling out a clear aspirin bottle he had always kept near his heart. A reminder of an oath to someone he cherished above all. Someone who fought at the other side, a world apart, in a distance he couldn't find a way across. He smiled despite his agony, the flower in the bottle had long whitered and started to dust, but the memory remained the same.

Five years. He had been waiting for a long painful five years and in each day that passed he prayed for her protection, for no harm will come to her wherever she was now. He prayed. As he often did, he scoffed at himself. Who would have thought someone like him could pray? Someone who knew only to fight and serve, someone with blood on his hands. But she changed him. She did. Effortlessly.

"Imja..." the word escaped his lips and he slid from the huge root he'd been sitting on. He lied on his back, one hand behind his head. How was it possible for her scent to linger on his memory until now, he couldn't decipher it. She had always been hard to understand, that heavenly lady of his. It was her message that kept him alive, her silent promise to return- tucked in the new aspirin bottle she had buried in the field for him to find. She had never given up. He was still amazed at how someone with her charm that seemed so fragile could be that strong. He had never met someone with such persintence in this world. But of course, she had not come from there.

Choi Young closed his eyes, the shadows of the tree played across his face. That tree he never missed to visit every time he came for patrol near the new border of Goryeo, as they had taken the north and south land from the grasp of Yuan Dinasty. "You may be surprised to find how things have changed here," he spoke again, as if she was listening. Somewhere at the other end. "But again, you will be able to adapt fast enough, as you always have."

The one-sided conversation went on as he described the new arrangements in court. How the Queen and the King himself had sometimes brought her up in their talk in front of him, out of concern, or probably pity, as he thought of it. A warrior, a hero, Goryeo people had called him, but the King might know him as a lonely man who would rather be left alone in a party of victory achieved. There were times hen Choi Young felt at ease, the tension on his shoulders lifted, his rage subsided. This was one of those times, when he visited that tree, as he was able to spoke to her through the wind after days and months of silence at his post, at the court and the war.

As if she could hear him wherever she was at the very moment, he would smile as a peaceful slumber finally took him in.

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