Chapter One


Jaenelle Angelline turned away from the table containing one of her tangled webs. She sighed not fully understanding what she just saw in the vision. Even being one of the greatest Black Widows in the realms she did not know what to make of this vision. She saw darkness in all three realms, the heart of the kindred gone, and a hood covered skull laughing at her. She saw their world being destroyed. Yet one piece of the vision puzzled her the most. Brightness shown from two swords. Two swords that where identical in every way except one contained a Summer-sky jewel set in it.

Though a vision can show Black Widows what was maybe they can be elusive and a jumble of pictures that can be interpreted in many ways. Looking at the web she was ready to destroy it but hesitated. There was another Black Widow she wanted to see this vision. To help her understand what it could mean.

Eternia (Light Hemisphere)

Deep in the heart of the Evergreen Forest Prince Adam stood at the foot of Castle Greyskull. Holding out his sword he waited for the castle to recognize him and the drawbridge to open for him. As the drawbridge lowered he saw the Sorceress of the castle stand there ready to meet him.

"Welcome Prince Adam. What may I do for you this great morning?"

"Well it's been months since Skeletor has attacked so wanted to make a trip to Etheria for a short visit."

"I would be happy to open the portal. Come let us go to the throne room." He followed her into the castle. Like most time she was not a talkative woman as they walked through the many corridors that could confuse anyone that did not belong within the castle walls. As they reached the throne room she suddenly stopped. Placing a hand to the side of her head she bent over.

Looking concerned he went to her side. "What's wrong?"

"A vision. Destruction of another world. One that must somehow be linked with us for that is the only way I would know what may happen. I fear I will have to delay your travel Prince."

"What can I do to help? Where is this world?"

"This I cannot say but I fear without your help they may see the end of their world. Return home Prince I will search for this world and contact you when I have found it."

"Let me know if there is any help I can give."

"Actually you can help. Please send Duncan. I can use his engineering help."

"I will" With that he left the castle and headed back to the palace.

Eternia (Dark Hemisphere)

Setting on his throne made of bones Skeletor sat angary as the sounds of Beastman and Trap-Jaw arguing could be heard throughout Snake Mountain.



Not able to take it anymore. "EVERYONE SHUT UP!" Skeletor growled as loud as he could. Within seconds all sounds and arguing stopped. "I am surrounded by imbecilic morons. He-man has stopped me at every turn with little effort. I need a new plan, something that he will not see coming. But what?" He began to pace back and forth getting more irritated with each pass. "Evil-Lyn can you foresee anything that could help."

Looking into the crystal on top of her staff she stared into it. For a moment she did not speak. "I see a fertile land ripe for the taking. It's a place untouched by the Horde. I see a great magic that can be used and shaped to give you strength even He-man cannot comprehend. Find the portal leading to that land. There you will find what you seek."

"What is this land called?"

"I see three names as if the land is split. Terreille, Kaeleer, and Hell. Take those lands and you will have the power to defeat He-man, once and for all."

Grinning he looked at her. "Let's go find the portal to enter." Turning he made his way to the darkest corner of the throne room. Pressing the lever on the wall a hidden door opened up. Behind the door was a staircase that spiraled down into darkness. Slowly Skeletor made his way down the stairs as Evil-Lyn, Beastman, Trap-jaw and Panthor followed. Torches flamed to life as they moved down the staircase.

Reaching the bottom of the staircase they entered a large chamber lit by several torches. Within the middle of the chamber stood an ornate archway. "Though tuning a portal to a specific world can be done it is difficult as there are many variances that can affect them. I wish we knew exactly were this land was or had something from it."

"There is only one race that has the knowledge of the Ancients…the dragons of Darksmoke." Evil-Lyn said with a smile.

Skeletor began to laugh. "Well now let's pay them a visit.


There was a light tap on the door interrupting him from his thoughts. Just as Saetan was about to explain to whomever interrupted him that it was unwise to do so he looked up to see Jaenelle standing there. "Ah witch child. What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to see my papa." She said tartly. As she walked over to the blackwood desk that was now part of Saetan's office at the Keep he stood up and held out his arms. Her psychic scent filled him as she walked into his embrace. Though she no longer wore the Ebony he could still feel the power that dwelt within her.

"Now witch child would you like to tell me why you are really here? I know Daemon can be a pain in the ass sometimes but when he contacted me telling me you left without telling him where you were going I assumed you went to your country house."

"I love him papa with all my heart but…" She began to shy away.

"He's not me." He said with too much understanding. Daemon Sadi was one of his sons who was his mirror in almost every aspect was still walking glass as far as Jaenelle was concerned. "I know his training in the Hourglass is still a long way to match you or I he can still help you."

"Not with this." A wooden frame hold a tangled web appeared on his desk as they both began to sit down. Most webs were destroyed once the vision was done, keeping it only to show him that whatever she saw scared her, which in turn scared him. "What did you see witch child?"

Signing she was silent for a minute before speaking. "I saw darkness in all three realms. The kindred were gone, their heart was gone. The lands burning." She stopped for a moment before continuing. "I saw a hooded skull laughing at me. Showing me he had more power than I could ever have imagined from an unknown enemy. Papa what does this all mean?"

"It means witch child that you better worn Daemon and Lucivar."


Worry now crossed his brow. "Because we are in for a war with an enemy with power that makes Hekatah and Dorothea look like playful kittens.

"Papa, I saw something else." He raise an eyebrow. "Within the darkness shown a light. Hope coming from two identical swords. Only one contains a Summer-sky jewel"

"Then there is hope to stop this war."

"Or help to win it."

Saetan sighed. "I'll ask Geoffrey to assist me. He knows more than I do about these things. Meanwhile you will stay long enough for us to get something to eat than get back home before Daemon tares apart this realm looking for you. I want you to talk to Daemon and Lucivar about what you saw. You know Lucivar will yell at you if you don't tell him."

She sign. That she did know.