The train rocked beneath us, making me feel sleepy. As it went round a bend I wondered where I was going, where the end of the line would be. I closed my eyes not wanting this to end.

"Rachel? Rachel, we have to get off soon," I opened my eyes, Kurt was sitting beside me. I smiled and secretly wished it was Finn who was waking me from my haze. The train drew to a stop and we all clambered off.

"Hello and welcome to the city!" A clear but bored voice sounded. I looked over Kurt's shoulder, a dark haired male with deep muscles and a tattoo peeking out of the top of his black shirt was standing before us, "The eight of you were chosen to join us in the city for different reasons; your aptitude tests will begin shortly, then you will be able to know where you belong." I glanced at the others, why were we chosen? Standing around me I see Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Finn, Puck, Kurt, Mr Schuester and Mercedes, I smile lightly when the male catches my eye.

"For now you can sit around over there," The male points to a patch of land near a very tall building, "I will meet you in a minute, there is something I have to do quickly first." He turns and walks away. We slowly walk to the patch of land he gestured to.

"That guy was so hot!" Mercedes was the first to speak, Quinn nodded in reply. The others begin conversation as I look around at where we are. How are none of the others freaking out? Did they see the fence we came in through?

"Rachel, you okay?" Finn says in my ear.

"Fine, thank you," I say coldly, not looking at him.

"Rach, please listen to me, me and Santana it didn't mean anything…"

"Finn! Save it I don't want to know," I glare at him and move away to join Mercedes and Kurt.

The male returns with someone by his side, she had blonde hair and was wearing an all-black outfit just like him.

"Hello," She said, making us all fall silent, "My name is Tris and this is Four," She gestured to the male. Santana snorted.

"Something funny?" Four asked.

"Four? You call that a name?" Santana mocked.

"I like it, I think it's unique," I pipe up.

"Thanks," Four replies with a small smile.

"Anyway, we will be taking you up to the aptitude tests now," Tris says.

We were taken up to a waiting room where we sat on benches while one by one we got called into another room. Then it was my turn. One wall in the room was covered in mirrors also there was a chair in the centre with a machine next to it.

"Take a seat." In another chair sat Four. I smiled towards him as I sat down.

"I'm just going to inject this in your neck," Four says. I nod and wince as the needle plunges into my neck. Whatever it was it makes my eyelids feel heavy and then everything goes black.

I wake up in the room I walked into but there are mirrors everywhere, not on just one wall. Then two tables appear one with a hunk of meat on it, the other with a knife on it.

"Choose," says a female voice.

"What?" I reply.

"Choose." I reach forward and grab the knife. The tables disappear and a dog springs from nowhere. The dog seems to be angry; it bears its teeth and growls menacingly. I stab into the dog sending it cowering away. Next a small girl appears, she wears a worn grey dress, her hair is pulled back tightly.

"Puppy!" She yells. The dog leaps up and starts towards her growling. I stand between the dog and the girl and jump on it, I land hardly on the ground, it seems the dog had disappeared. I wake back up in the chair.

"Are you okay?" Four asks.

"Yes, I think so. What was that?" I reply.

"A simulation to test what faction you belong in."


"Group of society. You're put in a group depending on your main qualities."

"Oh right, okay. So which am I in?" I ask.

"There are five factions; Erudite for the intelligent, Abnegation for the selfless, Amity for the kind, Candor for the honest, Dauntless for the brave," Four answers, "Your results show that you are in Dauntless."


"Tomorrow is the Choosing Ceremony, you can choose which faction you want to belong in but your results show where you would fit in most."

I smile, "Thank you for explaining this."

"That's what I am here for."