There has been an addition to A Father's Son; Life As A Skywalker, a series of one-shots that will depict the Skywalker family after Luke's intervention taking place both before The Past Meets the Future and after The Past Meets the Future. Also, it will do a few one-shots of Luke's time in the past; for example there might be one where Anakin and Obi-Wan are bonding more during A Father's Son, something we didn't see in the story though it was just mentioned. There might also be a Son and Mother bonding moment in these one-shots that wasn't seen in A Father's Son.

AKA, It's kind of like Extended/Deleted Scenes. Or Directors Cut.

At least in that sense. The rest are, as I said, shorts about the Skywalker family after Luke changed the future. I suggest you check it out before I just end up confusing everyone further hahaha. It'll be awesome haha. I look forward to it!

Life As A Skywalker

Go check it out haha.