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A Smasher's World
a SSB Fanfiction

Disclaimer: I don't own SSB in any way or form, but I lay claim to Reevee!


"Just hold on, sir. We're almost ready, sir. Yes, sir, the last one is being placed right now."

The being made an unearthly rumbling noise that vibrated the screen in front of him.

The minion it was talking to, a humanoid creature with black, grimy skin under its green vest and feathered cap, shuddered with it.

The area the two were in was a near-infinite black room with a gigantic screen mounted on the wall. The door out was behind the two, the minion glancing to it every now and then like it would run off and leave him. Anyone else would; it was hard to face the actual, main boss. Jesh, when could he get out of here?!

The screen itself was showing a slightly static video feed of five other minions placing an odd statue onto a small, slightly raised platform. The room around them was a technical wizard's lab, wires hanging around and weaving along the walls like a giant spider's web. If it had been possessed, drunk, and half conscious.

Various red wires lead from the platform to a huge, circular container going from the ceiling to the floor. It was made of thick glass and reinforced to the ground and ceiling with iron rivets.

The room was circular, with rows and rows of the platforms-all connected to the base, all with a statue of something or other on them.

When it had been placed, the henchmen ran out the door like a child running from a lit firecracker and shut it tight. A control room separated from the other room by a wall of glass had many of the controls, and one of the minions hit a button.

All the platforms lit up, the glow slowly engulfing the statues as well. Sparks started to generate in the container, then shocks, then bolts, and finally it seemed like a LIGHTNINGSTORM was going on, so much electricity was passing. It finally gathered into one collective ball, and slowly formed into a small humanoid figure.

The boss growled, hinting excitement.

It continued to form, fuelled by the statues' energy, until it was the size of an actual human.

Then calamity struck.

All at once, the bases frizzed out from the intense power, the glass cracked at last from electricity, and the glow from the statues started to fade. The glass broke first, which sent a shockwave powerful enough to break the walls and kill every minion within a ten feet radius—including those in the control room. The bases were destroyed as well, letting loose more shockwaves that actually broke the floor of the room. The statues' light stopped entirely, yet they were not in the least changed from the whole scenario...minus the fact they were plummeting to the ground.

A minute of silence passed between the boss and his minion, the only sound coming from the purr-like screams of the minions near the control rooms.

The boss snapped, whipping around and slamming the minion next to it into the black wall. His immense mass followed next as the worker struggled and gagged against his strength.

"I-I-id-I didn't know!" he managed. "w-w-we-we d-I-didn't' know-o-w the p-po-power they he-dl-ld-held!"

The boss let out a misbelieving rumble.

"Pl-p-pleas-se du-do-no-don't kill me!" he managed as his air was cut off.

The boss didn't make a sound and instead lifted his minion up…

and slammed him, hard, into the concrete ground.

Instead of the bloody murder scene that comes with slamming a guy into the floor, the being simply shivered and dissolved into small, black flakes with purple fuzz surrounding them. They, too, dispersed into the air until nothing was there at all.

The boss turned back to the screen, not giving any care that one of his soldiers were dead. The device fizzed even more now, a huge crack splitting the picture in two; one side was entirely static, the other a very faint video of the surviving workers sneaking around the edge of the once-existent floor.

He said a series of rumblings and mutterings that would ordinarily sound like "ol aiet uj yussr ie". If they were translated, it would sound more like:

"I hate you, Master Hand."

The statues were plummeting to the ground below quick. If they kept at their pace, they would be obliterated by the force of smashing into the ground.

Luckily, the two beings waiting for them were expecting this.

The duo were levitating in a cavern close to the floating base, ready for their move. Both were very large, about three times as large as the biggest statue. Both had five appendages and both were clad in white.

The difference in the two was that the right had an 'aurora of leading', as one would put it. He was very relaxed even in this situation, limbs slowly bobbing in a wave-like maneuver.

The other, however, was as twitchy as a kid on sugar high. He kept shaking in unpredictable ways, held back only by his will to keep hidden.

They faced each other and 'nodded' (a mostly composed swoop down), then turned back to the falling statues. Both made a posture somewhat like a gun one would make with their fingers. The tips of their points began to emit a white light that grew in size, then finally fired at the ground below the falling items.

It created a white and gray vortex that sucked several items in, most of which were the statues. It closed as the last went in and the right being sighed in relief.

"Good," it spoke in a deep, somewhat menacing voice, "now they cannot reach them. Nice work, Crazy."

"Thanks!" the second replied in a jittery tone. "...Where were they going again?"

"The mansion, you dolt," the first moaned. "Why?"


"What did you do…?"

"I—uh…I thought they were going to that one place—"

"what one place?" the first flipped to the other in a quick movement, tone of leadership nearly gone.

"The one world?" the second answered. "The one where it's all plain and boring—"

"You teleported thirty-eight smashers to earth?!"

"I thought that's where you wanted them!" the second shrieked, lowering and curling into a fist-like posture in defense. "It's good and safe there!"

"But the humans will be terrified!" the second argued, rising higher.


"What if you never saw a dragon, sorcerer, or a space man with plant minions in your entire life, then suddenly they show up in your yard?!"

"…this isn't' going to end well, isn't it?"

"No, Crazy," the second sighed, "it isn't."

Well, that ended well—story wise, that is.
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